Peter Moore

Peter Moore Logo 01.jpg Comic Book Artist

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Ron Boyd
First Appearance: "Shirt Disturber"
Episode Count: 1
I'm not doing anything for that lunatic. But I'll sign one for you. You just saved my life.
— Moore to Hank about Brent, "Shirt Disturber".

Peter Moore is a comic book artist who created "Dr. Spike and the Doomsday Five."


Season 6

Brent reluctantly takes Hank to a comic book signing in Regina. Afraid Hank will embarrass him, when it's Brent and Hank's turn to meet Moore, Brent acts creepy and weird in front of him and leaves without getting his comic book signed. Having returned to the line-up, Brent sees Moore a second time but freezes when Moore asks his name. Brent accidentally knocks over Moore's coffee onto his lap, ending the autograph session. Leaving the comic book store, Hank rebukes Brent for thinking he'd be the one to act like a boob in front of Moore. Brent's determined to get his book signed and leads Hank to Moore's hotel.

S06E10-Meeting Moore.jpg
It's nice to touch you in person.
At the hotel, the desk clerk won't tell Brent what room Moore is staying in. However, Brent sees Moore in the lobby and chases after him. As Brent continues chasing after Moore at the hotel, Hank pulls Moore into a coat closet so he can escape Brent. Pretending he's Brent, Hank's able to get Moore to sign a comic to Brent "Lerroy", as Hank isn't sure how Brent's last name is spelt. ("Rock Stars")

S06E10-Brent chases.gif
I'm not a stalker, I know your birthday.
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