Pete Stevens

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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Bill Hugli
First Appearance: "I Love Lacey"
Last Appearance: "All That and a Bag of Chips"
Nicknames: Shy Pete
Episode Count: 5
Smokes don't grow on trees.
— Pete, "Fun Run".

Pete "Travis" Stevens lives in Dog River and for a time, in Regina. He transitioned from farmer (and a member of the Harvesters Club), to crossing guard, became homeless and then landed back in Dog River. He's portrayed by Bill Hugli.


Season 1

After Brent and Lacey run out of gas on the way to the Grey Cup game, they end up at a farm. Discussing their relationship, they almost kiss, but are interrupted by Pete, who works on the farm. Pete then drives them to their car but also runs out of gas. He tries to get a can of gas from his truck bed but Brent already took it and left it at the side of the road. ("I Love Lacey")

Sorry. I thought you were my cow.

Season 2

Pete attends the Harvester meeting at the Ruby Cafe which Lacey takes over and forcefully moves along. Lacey refers to Pete as "Travis" and says he's volunteered to trap the racoon under the Senior Centre. Brian tells Pete that Lacey scares him which Pete agrees with. ("Slow Pitch")

S02E17-Travis Harvester 2.jpg
I would have left hours ago.

Season 3

While watching the crossing guard, Pete, Hank decides he wants to help the community. Hank tells Brent and Karen that he's volunteered to be the new crossing guard as Stevens is retiring. Commenting how good Stevens was to school children, Pete's seen taking an order to buy booze for a group of teens. ("Fun Run")

S03E07-Pete Stevens.jpg
That'll be 80 bucks.

Season 4

Oscar relates that every year when Emma forces him and Brent to go camping, he actually goes into a library in Regina and hangs out with several "intellectuals", including "Shy Pete." Brent refers to the group as hobos. Oscar indicates that Pete gave everyone in the group a nickname and he's called "Dimples." Later, Oscar brings Pete to meet Brent and Davis, who are playing a board game. Pete looks dishevelled and pointing to the game, asks if he can eat an item. Brent points out it's dice. ("Happy Campers")

S04E18-Oscar and Pete.jpg
You gonna eat that?

Season 6

In order to make Karen feel better for accidentally not paying for a muffin from the Ruby, Davis announces at the cafe that Lacey's being arrested for public indecency towards Pete, who Davis calls "Old Man Caruthers." Pete wishes he could remember the incident but it never happened. ("All That and a Bag of Chips")

S06E05-Lacey and Pete.jpg
You flashed Old Man Caruthers.


  • Pete's name is revealed in stages. Hank refers to him as "Mr. Stevens" when Pete was a crossing guard ("Fun Run") while Oscar introduced him as "Shy Pete" at Brent's board game. ("Happy Campers")
  • Although in "Fun Run", Mr. Stevens is credited as Ian Black, he's clearly portrayed by Bill Hugli.
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