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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Shirley Douglas
First Appearance: "Trees a Crowd"
Episode Count: 1
We could make it hot right now.
— Peg to Oscar, "Trees a Crowd".

Peg is an old flame of Oscar's who used to live in Dog River.


Season 3

At the Leroy's, Peg visits Oscar and shows off pictures of her new grandson. She and Oscar are very chummy which puts Emma in a foul mood. Now living out of Dog River, Peg mentions her daughter's water heater is broken which Oscar offers to fix. About to leave to fix Peg's daughter's water heater, Emma picks a fight with Oscar. Accusing him of imminent infidelity, Oscar says Emma's being ridiculous and Peg is a grandmother. Peg and Oscar drive by a tree house Brent and Hank are playing in and Peg comments that Brent hasn't changed since he was little. Oscar fixes the water heater and while waiting for hot water to come out of the kitchen tap, Peg tries to seduce Oscar. Oscar backs away and protests as Peg moves in on him. Emma bursts into the house looking for Oscar but finds he's not there. Instead, a school chum of hers, Marvin, is having a shower. ("Trees a Crowd")

S03E08-Peg and Oscar.jpg
What a great gal.


"I'm not gonna hit on a grandma."
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