Paul Kinistino

Paul Kinistino Logo 01.jpg Hotel/Bar Owner

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Mark Dieter
First Appearance: "Pilates Twist"
Last Appearance: "Physical Credit"
Family: Phil Kinistino (brother)
Episode Count: 16
Yeah, it made me some money. But I saw what it was doing to the community and that's not what Paul Kinistino's about.
— Paul, "Cell Phone".

S01E10-Paul intro.jpg
Paul at Comedy Night.
Paul Kinistino is a Cree man who owned the Dog River Hotel until his brother Phil Kinistino took over for him. He's relaxed and laughs easily.


Season 1

After Lacey holds her first Pilates class and Davis is the only attendee, she heads for the Hotel and asks Paul for a glass of wine. Paul tells Lacey that Wanda is angry at her as she started a class rivalling the one she teaches. ("Pilates Twist") Paul runs bets on sports but discovering that Brent is babysitting Wanda's son Tanner, he takes bets from Davis, Hank, Wes, Wade and Karen that Tanner will injure Brent. ("Oh Baby!") Paul asks Brent about his visit to the doctor and hears about his prostate exam. ("All My Ex's Live in Toronto") He brings a claw machine into the bar which Oscar gets hooked on. Later, seeing the negative effect it has on Oscar, he gets rid of it. ("Cell Phone") Paul approves Hank hosting comedy night at the hotel and later, introduces Hank. ("Comedy Night")

S01E03-Paul Brent Lacey.jpg
Hey Paul, wine me.

Season 2

Paul serves drinks at Oscar's deserted stag party and hears that Hank is mad at Brent over possession of a Darryl Sittler rookie card. ("Wedding Card") As Lacey gets Paul's explanation for Dog River's name, Paul learns Thunderface is back together and proclaims he loves them. At the Hotel, Brent thanks Paul for letting Thunderface perform. As the band starts playing, Lacey learns Paul loves them because he finds them hysterical. ("Rock On!") After Dr. Chris Garner makes change for Brent's $100 bill, Paul takes money for several rounds of drinks and Girl Guide cookies Brent received earlier. ("Doc Small")

These two are mad over that stupid card.
Flush with cash from his corn stand, Hank offers to pay for a round of drinks for Brent and Lacey. Everyone including Paul thinks Hank is joking and Paul winks. ("Air Show") Paul causes trouble between Brent, Hank and Wes so that the losing team in a slow-pitch game will buy beer for the winning team. ("Slow Pitch") Feeling she hasn't made an impression on anyone, Lacey asks Paul for her usual drink but he doesn't know what that is. ("Harvest Dance")

He also called you mambie pambies.

Season 3

After Davis abandons Karen to drive in the police cruiser with Hank, Karen sits in the bar, drinking on duty. Paul tells her he sorta respects her for getting paid to do nothing. Later when off duty, Karen returns to the bar. Paul offers her a beer but she refuses. ("Dog River Vice") Paul tells Davis he's installing a new game at the bar, "Trivia Zone." Later, as Karen tries to teach Davis card gambling, Paul tells Karen to put her gambling stuff away but she refuses. ("Picture Perfect")

S03E09-Paul trivia zone.jpg
You compete against people in other bars.
At the Hotel bar, Paul meets Lacey's friend, Connie, and tells Lacey that he heard she was bragging about going to college. He indicates he has a masters degree in history but Lacey's not interested and asks for two glasses of wine. Having learned from Oscar about the Corner Gas rewards card, Paul bribes Brent with a free drink to get one. Connie approaches the bar and leaves after insulting Paul and Hank. Later, Paul shows Oscar his platinum rewards card and then switches to a points system, which Wanda's led him to believe is a secret. ("Friend of a Friend") Wanda holds a surprise birthday party for herself at the Hotel bar where Paul tells Brent and Lacey that he couldn't get the strawberry cake she ordered. ("Block Party") After Hank maxes out his credit card, Paul cuts it up. ("Physical Credit")

S03E14-Paul college.jpg
You were bragging about going to college.


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