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"Pandora's Wine"
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Season: Two — Episode: 13
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Paul Mather & Kevin White — Aired: February 7, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Lacey brings an expensive wine to dinner at the Leroy's which moves Oscar and Emma's tastes into a bracket they can't afford. Hank wins a small sum in the lottery but imagines everyone is treating him differently. Despite warnings from Brent and Wanda, Karen makes the mistake of talking Davis into getting new boots.


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Well, count me out. Brunch is a powerful tool. I won't see it used for evil.
— Brent
At Corner Gas, Emma buys a lottery ticket from Brent while Oscar maligns salsa and doesn't help Emma with the groceries. Hank helps Emma for which she gives him the ticket. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey complains to Hank about losing her pens while he tells her about the ticket and worries he won't win. At Corner Gas, Davis tells Brent and Wanda that Karen commented that his boots needed replacing. Both refute this and in private, tell Karen there will be consequences if Davis gets new boots. At the Ruby, Oscar rebukes Emma for giving Hank the ticket and grouses that lotteries help no one until Lacey points out that children's hospitals benefit.

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You're bringin' the whirlwind.
Brent arrives and Emma invites him and Lacey to dinner. Lacey offers to bring wine but Oscar says they're fine and have been buying a cheap brand with a bull on the label for decades. At the Leroy's, Lacey has ignored Oscar and brought a bottle of wine. Leaving the Police station, Davis struggles with his new boots and cries out in pain with each step while Karen watches. The next day at home, Oscar tells Emma he liked the wine Lacey brought and plans to buy a bottle. At Corner Gas, Hank checks the newspaper for the lottery numbers and Brent discovers Hank won $480. Hank is thrilled and acts like he won the jackpot. At the Liquor store, Oscar is shocked to find the wine Lacey brought costs $18.

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It's a good hurt.
Days later at the Ruby, Lacey discovers Hank has been lying low due to his lottery winnings. He's peeved when Lacey asks what his plans are for the money and vows that his luck won't change his personality. He leaves without paying for his coffee. At home, Emma and Oscar can't drink the bull wine anymore and rue that Lacey has bumped them into a new wine bracket. Seeing Davis' new boots are still causing him pain, Karen is unsuccessful getting him to go back to his old boots. Davis insists he can break them in. At Corner Gas, Emma and Oscar tell Brent about their wine problem. They plan to get revenge on Lacey by inviting her for brunch where they will serve very difficult to make biscuits. Once Lacey tries them, she'll never be able to eat cheap biscuits again. Brent refuses to be a part of it.

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Change is bad!
Finding two kids leaning on the police cruiser, Davis is harsh towards them and demands to see receipts for their bikes. Karen realizes the boot consequences Wanda warned her about. After Oscar tells Lacey that Brent didn't want her invited to brunch, Lacey is miffed at Brent. At the Ruby, Brent tries to explain the "revenge brunch" to Lacey but she thinks he's jealous she brought wine. Outside the Ruby, Oscar revels in the mischief he's caused and finding one of Lacey's pens until he learns of Hank's lottery win from Emma. At Corner Gas, Hank believes everyone is after his money which Wanda refutes until Oscar enters the station demanding the lottery winnings since Emma gave him the ticket.

You were a lot nicer at school.
Outside Corner Gas, Emma and Karen watch as Hank and Oscar argue in front of Davis. They're alarmed when Davis begins yelling and pulls out his handcuffs. Inside Corner Gas, Brent and Lacey watch the commotion. Lacey apologies to Brent for the brunch misunderstanding and has brought him a gift basket of marmalade. Initially unenthusiastic about the spread, later at home, Brent finds it delicious and devours the whole basket. Discovering each small jar costs $13, he realizes Lacey has bumped him into a new food bracket. He joins his parent's revenge scheme and he and Oscar invite Lacey to brunch. Having gone back to wearing his old boots, Davis feels like a failure and lets Karen drive the police cruiser.

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Settle down sir, or I'll take ya both in.
At the Leroy's, Brent, Emma and Oscar have bought a lot of expensive food and wait for Lacey to arrive. Sitting in the cruiser, a depressed Davis lets the two kids jump on the car's hood. At Corner Gas, Hank feels his lottery win has distanced himself from everyone. Wanda convinces him to share the winnings by using an analogy from a TV cartoon. Lacey is late for brunch and running out of patience, the Leroys eat all the expensive food, bumping their taste into a new bracket. Lacey finally arrives and is perturbed to find all the food gone and complains she's late because everyone takes her pens at the Ruby so she didn't write down the time of the brunch. Lacey eats leftover meatloaf and loves Emma's recipe. Emma comments it's the cheapest food she makes and Brent leaves to order marmalade.

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I'm hooked.
At the Police station, Karen convinces Davis to put the new boots back on and affirms that she'll back his cranky actions. Later, she helps Davis arrest an old couple, Brian and his wife, who are having a picnic. At the Ruby as Josh looks at an order, the Leroys glare at a happy Lacey who is saving money by making meatloaf using Emma's recipe. Hank arrives with premium chocolates for the Leroys which they reject as they're worried it'll put them into a new chocolate bracket. Hank gives Lacey an expensive pen which she's thrilled with. A happy Davis walks around town having broken in his boots until Hank arrives with presents for him and Karen, new boots. Davis refuses to accept them and later, a grumpy Karen walks in her new boots. At the Ruby, Lacey is angry with Hank as the refills for the pen he gave her cost $15 each. However, the pen is so nice she can't go back to using ballpoints which makes Brent happy.

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I'm screwed.


  • Director Robert de Lint portrays Hank's cousin.
  • The Dog River water tower is seen at 18:40 behind Davis and Karen. The "Grad '68" Brent and Hank painted on it is gone. ("Grad '68")


"Our marriage is based on revenge."
"Okay, Davis, time out! Just take off the shoes. Step away from the shoes."


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