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"Outside the Box"
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Season: Five — Episode: 13
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Mark Farrell — Aired: February 18, 2008 — Viewers (millions): 1.41
Summary: Hank and Davis fight against the building of a call center in town while Emma promotes it. Wanda starts crashing funerals with Oscar, and a sealed box at Lacey's obsesses Karen and Brent.


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Come on, it'll be fun. Dead people, sandwiches, me.
— Oscar to Wanda
At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda try to explain what a double entendre is to Hank after he says "That's what she said." Davis gives Hank the perfect setup but Hank doesn't understand. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey and Karen talk about their jobs and make Emma feel inadequate as she's been a homemaker her whole life. At Corner Gas, Wanda uses going to a funeral for someone she barely knows as an excuse to get out of work. She offers for Brent to go in her place, knowing he's squeamish about such occasions, and he declines. At the Ruby, Mayor Fitzy gives Davis a button for his campaign to bring a call centre to Dog River and asks for his support. Hank doesn't like call centres, having had a bad experience with one. Wanda runs into Oscar at the funeral and admits she's only there to get out of work.

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Aren't you gonna wear it?
Having called the police, Karen arrives at Lacey's house to find she just wants help moving a dresser. Karen sees an unopened box from Lacey's move to town five years before and can't understand why Lacey hasn't opened it. Emma threatens Fitzy into giving her a job bringing the call centre to Dog River. At the Ruby, Davis tells Hank that Fitzy will deplete the police budget if he brings in a call centre. They agree to team up to stop it from coming. At Corner Gas, Karen tells Brent about Lacey's box. Karen thinks another box is inside it while Brent imagines a cooked turkey. After going door-to-door with little success, Hank proposes shooting people with tranquilizer darts and then faking their signature on their petition but Davis proposes calling people.

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That might be illegal.
At the Leroy's, Oscar is distressed that Emma has a job as she asks him to do more work around the house. He makes an excuse that he's going to a funeral. At Corner Gas, Oscar gets Wanda to accompany him to the funeral in order to get sandwiches. At the Ruby, Emma has difficulty getting Lacey to believe she has a job and can't get Lacey's support bringing the centre to town. Having set up their committee against the call centre in the Police station, Hank calls Lacey at the Ruby and asks to speak with the man of the house. At the funeral reception, Wanda teaches Oscar how to behave and stops him from grabbing food until Helen removes the plastic covering the sandwiches. She shows him how to mourn by staring at his shoes. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Lacey bemoans Karen's nosiness to Brent who can't get her to say what's in the box.

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Try to be less patronizing.
Outside the Ruby, Brent tells Karen of his failure with Lacey but has an idea to find out what's inside the box. They arrive at Lacey's house with a box that's identical to hers. Lacey sees through their ploy and shuffles the two boxes. Davis calls Emma at home and despite her protesting that she's working to bring the call centre, Davis doesn't believe she has a job. He puts her down as against the call centre. At Lacey's house, Karen directs Brent to take a box and at Corner Gas, they find they took the box they brought. At the Ruby, Oscar's distressed that there's no more funerals to crash. Proposing creative thinking to Wanda, he shows up uninvited at the birthday of Tanner, Wanda's son. Wanda indicates that she took the sandwiches for the party from the funeral.

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To the birthday boy!
At Corner Gas, Brent also doesn't believe Emma has a job. As she's about to get his support on her petition, Davis calls Brent's cell phone, asking him to be against the centre. Once Brent hangs up, Hank calls Corner Gas, asking for the same thing. After these annoyances, Brent tells Emma he thinks the call centre is a bad idea. At the Ruby, Wanda tells Helen that Oscar is crashing the funerals and stealing food. At a funeral, Helen searches Oscar's pockets but he doesn't have any food stashed. He warns Wanda that Helen's onto them. Karen and Brent break into Lacey's house and take the box but have to hide when Lacey comes home. Lacey calls the Police station to report a break-in but Hank answers and telling her the number is for call centre business only, he hangs up. At the funeral, Helen finds Wanda's pockets stuffed with sandwiches.

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I taught him that!
Claiming Oscar put them there, Helen doesn't believe her as she thinks Oscar is mourning, seeing him staring at his shoes. At Lacey's, Karen fakes that she chased the thief that took Lacey's box, recovered it for her but the robber got away. Lacey doesn't believe her and after Brent comes out of hiding, she gives in to opening the box. At the Police station, Emma's anger with Davis and Hank is made worse when Fitzy announces he's cancelling plans to bring the centre. Citing that Davis and Hank's constant calls opened his eyes to the dangers of a centre, he recommended it go to Wullerton. Lacey's box contains Christmas decorations which she says aren't hers. Her box is in Scotland, where a woman refuses to open it.

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You two are pathetic.


  • A call centre came to Wullerton in 2004. ("Comedy Night")
  • Wanda has a birthday party for her son, Tanner, but he isn't identified among the kids seen at the party.
  • Brent's line "Peace on Earth is all it said" is from the song One Tin Soldier.


"Give me the job or I'll come in here everyday and make your life a living hell."
―Emma to Fitzy


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