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"Outside Joke"
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Season: Four — Episode: 9
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Kevin White — Aired: November 13, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.33
Summary: When the police department gets a new global positioning unit, Brent realizes that Corner Gas may not be within Dog River. Soon, Brent's the outsider and Lacey is relishing her new insider status. Hank's new job as the garbage man has Oscar and Emma feeling their privacy is invaded. Karen tries to teach Davis how to pull off a proper practical joke.


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You're the crazy outsider with the hare-brained ideas and I am the trusted local with all the common sense. Huh? In your face! How do you like it? Oh, yeah. Whoo-hoo!
— Lacey to Brent
At Corner Gas, Brent is excited about a shipment of red windshield washer fluid which exasperates Wanda. Outside the station, Karen and Davis show Brent the police cruiser's new GPS system. As Davis brings up a map of their location, he notices that Corner Gas isn't inside the Dog River town line. Behind the Ruby Cafe, Lacey shows Mayor Fitzy a pile of garbage bags that were supposed to have been collected. Fitzy relates that the town's garbage truck is broken so Hank offers to pick-up the garbage. Fitzy talks Hank down to doing it for $25. At the Leroy's, Emma shows Oscar a bank statement in which they've been given a credit of over $300. At the Ruby, Karen tells Lacey that the cafe is in Dog River but Corner Gas isn't.

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Come on in. I'll give you some food.
Davis arrives, saying he played a practical joke on Fitzy, who enters yelling that someone slashed his car tires. Karen is shocked at Davis. At Corner Gas, Brent wonders if the government moved the town border. Wanda tells Brent that she's now classified as a non-regional employee and is entitled to a per diem of $20. Brent thinks this is ridiculous until Wanda mentions backpay, so he caves and gives her $20. At the Ruby, Lacey learns that Hank is going through the garbage he's collecting to learn about the townsfolk. Karen tries to explain what practical jokes are to Davis, who recalls throwing a rock at Emma's car as an April Fools prank. She realizes she's going to have a tough time getting Davis to understand when he hits her with a spit wad. Hearing Hank is going through people's garbage, Emma and Oscar shred their bank statement.

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However, at Corner Gas, Hank tells Brent that his parents are loaded as he found a brand new baseball hat in their garbage. At the Ruby, Karen admires Davis' new binoculars and he asks Lacey to try them out. She refuses, thinking Davis has blackened the lens. Davis calls the Ruby without Lacey seeing him do so and when she answers the phone, the receiver blackens her face. Lacey laughs at the joke which Karen says was all her idea, but Lacey doesn't believe her. As Emma and Oscar leave the Foo Mart with several bags, Hank tries to find out what they've bought. He implies they're wealthy and Oscar spills about the bank credit. Hank assures them he'll keep their secret but Al Goar walks by and sarcastically refers to the Leroys as rich. At the Ruby, Brent credits Davis for the joke played on Lacey and tells Lacey he can't afford lunch, due to the extra money he's paying Wanda.

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Is it something exotic?
Fitzy complains to Brent about the red wiper fluid and lack of dill pickle chips which he says the people of Dog River like. Brent yells back that he's from Dog River and Lacey scolds him for raising his voice, which she says isn't Dog River-like. In the cruiser, Davis suggests to Karen that they play a joke on Phil by putting dog poop on a door handle of the Hotel bar. Karen isn't interested as Davis will get all the credit. At Corner Gas, Oscar's miffed about the red wiper fluid and accuses Brent of recklessness since he learned the gas station is out of town. Wanda arrives with a dessert from the Ruby and claims that Brent has to pay for three of her lunches per week to comply with the Labour Code. At the Ruby, a mob including Fitzy, Oscar and Helen plead with Lacey to convince Brent to get rid of the red wiper fluid.

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I shouldn't have to pay for two desserts.
Citing that Lacey runs a business "in town" and she's the closest to Brent (despite Oscar being his father), Lacey feels acceptance and agrees to talk to Brent. At Corner Gas, Lacey lords her new status as an insider and Brent being an interloper. Brent asks Hank if he'll take the station's garbage but Hank says he can't, as Corner Gas is out of town. In front of the Police station, Emma and Oscar tell Karen that they heard about the joke Davis played on Lacey. Karen tells them she came up with the whole idea but they don't believe her. Karen reminds them that the year before, she put sardines in Wanda's car engine but all they remember is that Davis sprayed Wanda with whipped cream and Wanda chased Davis. At Corner Gas, Brent talks to a tow truck driver from a nearby town and after asking him what per diem he gets, Brent realizes Wanda's duped him.

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You better hope your gun is loaded.
In the cruiser, Karen tells Davis they'll play a joke on Phil by putting cooking oil on one of the Hotel's doorknobs but Davis still wants to use dog poop. At the Leroy's, Emma complains to Fitzy that she wants Hank to stop going through their garbage. Fitzy says he can't do anything until the garbage truck is fixed so Emma demands he get it done. Fitzy sarcastically accuses Emma of being rich and not understanding the town doesn't have the money, which she denies. At the bar, Davis asks Phil to open a door and his hand slips on the oil. Emma and Oscar praise Davis on another good joke but Karen insists it was hers. Phil says his hand is burning and that he's allergic to canola oil. Karen is rebuked for the bad joke which Lacey says isn't how things are done in Dog River.

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It's, it's burning.
Wanda gives Brent a receipt for new speakers for her car, which she claims he has to pay for to meet the code. As Brent give Wanda some resumes, she discovers that he's replacing her as he says the code stipulates that if he has only one employee, they must be from the region. Wanda backpedals and says the code is a guide but Brent reveals he knows that she's lied about all the expenses. Indicating she has to return the speakers, Brent guilts her into buying him lunch. At the Hotel bar, Phil brings change over to the table and Karen sees his hand is fine. Everyone laughs at Karen and, Davis reveals that all the gags he's pulled, with Lacey, Fitzy's tires (which weren't slashed) and Phil was to trick Karen and show her that he can pull off an elaborate practical joke.

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Okay, maybe not elaborate.
Collecting garbage behind the Ruby, Hank tells Lacey that her garbage at home is more interesting. Fitzy arrives and fires Hank but doesn't tell him that Emma and Oscar paid to have the garbage truck fixed, to stop Hank's snooping. Outside the Ruby, Lacey gets a demo of the cruiser's GPS system from Davis. Showing her the Ruby on it, Davis then zooms out. Karen notices that Dog River is outside Dog River on the GPS causing Lacey to peer closely at the display. She and Karen notice a crack on the screen. Lacey tells Brent that Corner Gas is inside Dog River and they gripe about everything they've been through because of Davis' mistake. Brent gets Davis back by throwing a rock at the police cruiser, just like Davis threw at Emma's car on April Fools Day.

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You can't do this.



"Slashing someone's tires is not a practical joke. It's serious, and impractical. You pulled an impractical serious."
―Karen to Davis
"Here in Dog River? I was born in Dog River. I was eatin' dill pickle chips when I was two months old."
"If you're allergic to canola, get outta Saskatchewan."
"What? You can't do this. This is who I am. When people think of trash, they think of me."


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