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Oscar Leroy

Oscar Leroy Logo 01.jpg Grouch

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Eric Peterson
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"
Nicknames: Dimples, Hammerhead, Dr. Boom
Family: Emma Leroy (wife), Brent Leroy (son), Carl Vaughn (nephew)
Episode Count: 107
Jackass is my thing!
— Oscar, "Block Party".

S03E09-Oscar gnome.jpg
Oscar Leroy portrayed by Eric Peterson.
Oscar Leroy is Brent's father, the town grouch and habitually wears a green baseball cap. Born in 1941, he founded Corner Gas but retired and left it to Brent. Oscar complains constantly which brings him into conflict with everyone he encounters who he calls "Jackass!" He and Emma squabble frequently and she usually ends up having to deal with the fallout from his actions. Despite this, he truly loves Emma and occasionally, displays affection for her. He's portrayed by Eric Peterson.

Season 1

Dad's cranky. I saw him one time yell at a butterfly. Called it a son of a bitch. Told it to get out of his garden.

–Brent, "Tax Man".

Season Overview

After Brent starts lending videos at Corner Gas, Emma forces Oscar to rent one. Emma can't get Oscar to understand where she put tax receipts for Corner Gas. He decides to build he own coffin but once done, he's freaked out. After Brent leaves Oscar in charge of Corner Gas, Oscar alienates customers and nearly starts a fire.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Ruby Reborn":

"Tax Man":

"Pilates Twist":

"Oh Baby!":

"Grad '68":

"World's Biggest Thing":

"All My Ex's Live in Toronto":

"Cousin Carl":

"Cell Phone":

"Comedy Night":

"Hook, Line and Sinker":

"Face Off":

"I Love Lacey":

Season 2

This is not about revenge. This is about gettin' even.

–Oscar, "Whataphobia".

Season Overview

Emma fights with Oscar after he steals money from her to buy a boat motor from Hank. Oscar and Emma try to hide from Brent that they were married in an embarrassing fashion.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"The Brent Effect":

"Wedding Card":

"Smell of Freedom":


"Lost and Found":

"Poor Brent":

"Hero Sandwich":

"Security Cam"

"Bingo Night":

"Mosquito Time":

"Hurry Hard":

"An American in Saskatchewan":

"Pandora's Wine":

"Doc Small":

"Rock On!":

"Air Show":

"Slow Pitch":

"Harvest Dance":

Season 3

What a stupid, stupid gift from a stupid, stupid person.

–Emma, "Road Worthy".

Season Overview

Oscar grows frustrated when he continually loses to Hank while pretending to invest in stocks.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Dress for Success":

"Key to the Future":

"Dog River Vice":

"Will and Brent":

"The Littlest Yarbo":

"Mail Fraud":

"Fun Run":

"Trees a Crowd":

"Picture Perfect":

"Safety First":

"Hair Loss":

"Ruby Newsday":

"Merry Gasmas":

"Friend of a Friend":

"Block Party":

"Physical Credit":

"Telescope Trouble":

"Bean There":

"Road Worthy":

Season 4

You think I'm going to let you run the budget? By the end of the end of the week we'd own a kangaroo farm.

–Emma, "Kid Stuff".

Season Overview

Davis tries to get Oscar to fix his car's broken muffler but the attention of some teens has Oscar believing the loud noise is cool. Oscar insists he heard Brent on the radio.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Hair Comes the Judge":

"Dog River Dave":

"Two Degrees of Separation":

"Just Brent and His Shadow":


"Jail House":

"I, Witness":

"Blog River":

"Outside Joke":

"One Piano, Four Hands":

"Kid Stuff":

"Mother's Day":

"Census Sensibility":

"The Good Old Table Hockey Game":

"Lacey Borrows":

"Potato Bowl":

"Seeing Things":

"Happy Campers":

"Gopher It":

Season 5

You know, for a guy in his sixties with legs like a chicken, he can really move.

–Wanda, "Spin Cycle".

Season Overview

Oscar's complaining results in Dog River getting a cable access show.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Cable Excess":

"Spin Cycle":

"Whiner Takes All":

"Dark Circles":

"Wash Me":

"The Eight Samurai":

"Buzz Driver":

"Classical Gas":

"Game, Set and Mouse":

"Knit Wit of the Month":

"Top Gum":

"The J-Word":

"Outside the Box":

"Contagious Fortune":

"No Time Like the Presents":

"Coming Distractions":

"The Accidental Cleanist":

"Bed and Brake Fast":

"Final Countdown":

Season 6

I thought this day would come. All you have to do is sign these papers and he'll be committed.

–Davis, "American Resolution".

Season Overview

When Emma becomes distracted listening to an MP3 player, Oscar gets away with too much, which he comes to regret.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Full Load":

"Bend It Like Brent":


"Meat Wave":

"All That and a Bag of Chips":

"Good Tubbin'":

"American Resolution":

"Reader Pride":

"Rock Stars":

"Shirt Disturber":

"Cat River Daze":

"Super Sensitive":

"TV Free Dog River":

"Queasy Rider":

"R2 Bee Too":

"Crab Apple Cooler":

"Happy Career Day to You":

"Get the F Off My Lawn":

"You've Been Great, Goodnight":



"I don't wanna know what I'm talking about!"
―Oscar, "Ruby Reborn".
"The key is keeping them off balance, mentally. They screw with you, you screw with them. The kid pulls a prank, you pull two pranks. The kid gets lippy, you smash one of his toys."
―Oscar, "Oh Baby!".
"I've angered the karma gods and you're my punishment."
―Brent to Oscar, "All My Ex's Live in Toronto".
"It's Oscar and Emma, what's he gonna inherit, a green hat and a ball of yarn?"
―Wanda, "Will and Brent".
"You never let me take responsibility for my own actions. I've always blamed you for that."
―Oscar, "Demolition".
"Why are you listening to Oscar? I mean, it's Oscar, you know, Oscar. Oscar. I can't be anymore clear than that."
―Lacey, "Classical Gas".
"Do you even care about making sense anymore?"
―Brent to Oscar, "The Accidental Cleanist".
"I don't care, Oscar can't keep his hands off me!"
―Emma, "Reader Pride".
"Ladies, ladies, please. There's only so much of Oscar to go around."
―Oscar, "Crab Apple Cooler".
"It's my birthright. You've given me a very special gift, all my funniest stories are about you."
―Brent, "You've Been Great, Goodnight".

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