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"One Piano, Four Hands"
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Season: Four — Episode: 10
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Rob Sheridan — Aired: November 20, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.39
Summary: Wanda's competitive nature comes out when she and Davis both sign up for piano lessons with Emma. Brent and Oscar do battle over a new air pump at Corner Gas. When Lacey breaks her arm, Hank tries to help her through the recovery process. Everyone in town seems eager to sign Lacey's cast except Karen.


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Brent, you can either eat chili cheese dogs or you can learn to play the piano. You can't do both.
— Emma
At the Ruby Cafe, as Brent, Hank and Davis discuss a "wet floor" sign, Lacey mops the floor and tells them to put the sign back. She then slips and falls heavily. In the basement of the Leroy's, Oscar complains when Emma plays an old piano. She recalls trying to teach Brent to play when he was young, but he opted to eat chili cheese dogs instead. Emma decides to try and teach Brent again. At Corner Gas, Emma asks Brent if he's interested in piano lessons but he passes and bites into a chili cheese dog. At the Ruby, having broken her right forearm in the fall, Hank tells Lacey she's going to go through three stages as she heals. Relating that the first stage is avoidance, Lacey insists no one is going shun her. However, Karen arrives, refuses to sign Lacey's cast and leaves.

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It hurts to be a freak.
At the Corner Gas pumps, Wanda discusses learning piano and asks Brent if Emma would take her on. Brent imagines this means Wanda would wrestle Emma. Oscar complains to Brent that the ding sound on the air pump is broken but Brent points out the pump still works. Oscar smacks the pump and it smashes. At the Ruby, Wanda secures lessons from Emma and brags she comes from a musical family. Davis overhears and also signs up but is humbler than Wanda about his family's roots. Brent gets a new air pump that charges for its use. Oscar grouses it's stupid for pay for air then calls Karen an idiot when she buys a bottle of water. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Lacey's happy as customers sign her cast and Hank announces she's entered the second stage of her recovery, attention. He warns that she'll be depressed when this stage ends.

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Dumber than payin' for water.
At the Leroy's, Emma's impressed with Davis' playing after his first lesson and asks him to return the next day. Wanda arrives and struggles to play a simple scale so she fibs she's playing an advanced lesson. Emma doesn't compliment Wanda as much as she did Davis. At the Corner Gas air pump, Oscar tells Brent to get rid of the new one and promises to fix the old one. Karen doesn't want to pay to fill the police cruiser's tires but Brent is confident the new pump will catch on. Later, a mob led by Davis which includes Ted demands that Brent re-install the old pump that doesn't charge for air. At the Leroy's, Brent asks Oscar to fix the old pump. In front of the Police station, Davis is happy to sign Lacey's cast but Karen makes excuses to avoid doing it.

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No marshmallows?
Oscar fixes the ding sound on the pump but the dial doesn't work. He refutes that he claimed he'd fix everything and when Brent reminds Oscar of his promise, Oscar remembers it with cheerleaders. At the Leroy's, Wanda interrupts Davis' lessons and hears him playing wonderfully, which he has a natural talent for. Wanda can barely play a simple song and wanting to play longer, Emma involves Oscar in an excuse that they have to leave. At the Ruby, Hank tells Lacey she's in the last stage, abandonment. However, customers are still signing her cast and she tells Hank that he can be the first to leave her alone. At Corner Gas, Hank's depressed that Lacey doesn't want his advice and feels directionless. Davis arrives asking for help with the new pump, so Brent sends Hank to help. Davis shows Wanda advanced sheet music Emma gave him which makes her jealous.

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But I tell it better.
At the Ruby, Davis plays a keyboard which the customers enjoy but Wanda doesn't. Karen tells Lacey she won't sign her cast as, when she was a kid, she was teased for what she wrote on a boy's cast. Lacey assures Karen that won't happen with her but Lacey laughs after Karen signs her cast. Lacey encourages Wanda to ignore Davis and do her best at piano but Wanda sends the customers for the exit when she plays the keyboard. At the Leroy's, Wanda tells Emma she wants to increase her lessons so Emma says she's taken on teaching Davis daily and has no time for Wanda. At Corner Gas, Hank fills Oscar's tires with air and Oscar maligns Brent for being concerned the dial doesn't work. Oscar drives a short distance and one of his tires blows. At the Police station, Oscar demands Karen arrest Hank but she refuses, since he insulted her earlier.

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Better back off on the air.
At the Ruby, Wanda tricks Davis into quitting taking lessons from Emma, saying that he's too talented. Wanda tells Emma that she can now be her student full-time, resulting in Emma giving the piano to the Ruby. In front of the Foo Mart, both Davis and Oscar make fun of what Karen wrote on Lacey's cast. At the Ruby, Wanda plays the piano horribly so Lacey gives the piano to Wanda to take home. Having moved the piano into the parking lot, Wanda admires it with Lacey as Hank drives to the Ruby. Having overfilled his tires, one blows and Hank crashes his truck into the piano, destroying it. Wanda is furious and runs to the truck but doesn't beat up Hank as he's broken his wrist. Brent buys a new, no charge, air pump but raises the cost of bottled water, which Karen thinks is a rip-off. Hank asks Brent and Wanda to sign his cast but his injury makes Wanda uncomfortable. Hank comments he hates the avoidance stage.

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The piano's ruined!


  • Davis tells Emma that he doesn't come from a musical family. However weeks later, he tells Lacey that his mother abandoned him to join a rock band. ("Mother's Day")
  • Young Karen signs David Kindersley's cast with her right hand but Karen is left-handed. Kindersely is a town in Saskatchewan.
  • Episode writer Rob Sheridan portrays John, the man who signs Lacey's cast.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it twice, once to Brent when telling him his air pump is broken and once to Hank when complaining that he's filling his tires with air too slowly.


"Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell ya. You're an adjective now."
―Brent to Hank


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