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"No Time Like the Presents"
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Season: Five — Episode: 15
Director: David Storey — Writer: Kevin White — Aired: March 17, 2008 — Viewers (millions): 1.16
Summary: Karen and Davis bribe Oscar into telling them what Emma is getting them for Christmas. Lacey thinks that Wanda doesn't consider her a friend. Confusion ensues when Hank set his watch to Daylight Savings Time.


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No, I mean you buying all your gifts in July. Woman, relax.
— Lacey to Emma
At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Hank tells Lacey that he's tired and she wonders why daylight savings time (DST) isn't used in Saskatchewan. As she explains how it works, Davis and Hank both get it wrong and eventually think that Lacey doesn't understand it. At the Corner Gas pumps, having set his watch ahead an hour, Hank calls Brent at 8:00am and wakes him up. Asking why he's not at work yet, Brent says he'll buy Hank breakfast if he never calls him before work again. At the Ruby, Wanda introduces her cousin, Nora, to Karen and Davis and refers to them as her friends. When she introduces Lacey, she doesn't say she's her friend, causing Lacey to wonder if she and Wanda are pals.

S05E15-Nora and Wanda.jpg
I should show Nora the rest of Dog River.
At the Leroy's, Emma's completed her Christmas shopping even though it's July. Oscar thinks she's too proactive but Emma recalls that when she waited until September, she bought socks for everyone. At Corner Gas, Hank admonishes Brent for not meeting him for breakfast and thinks Wanda and Brent don't understand DST. In front of the Police station, Oscar tells Davis and Karen what Emma's giving them for Christmas in exchange for Davis' night stick and Karen's hat. At Corner Gas, Lacey makes a big deal about being Wanda's friend but she's too engrossed in a book to pay attention. Having learned Emma's buying him oven mitts, Davis arrives at the Leroy's holding a casserole with his mitts on. Going on about the mitts, he hints that he needs a TV.

S05E15-Davis casserole.jpg
You were walking around with a casserole.
At the Ruby, Lacey learns that Hank has moved his watch three hours ahead. Wanting lunch, although it's 9:30am, he tries to borrow money from Brent who tells him he won't have any money in three hours. From the Ruby, Lacey calls Wanda at work and tries to engage her in small talk. Wanda hangs up at the first opportunity. In his driveway, pretending to be a cop, Oscar is nearly caught by Emma and learns she's exchanging the oven mitts for a day timer for Davis. At the Corner Gas pumps, Karen guilts Wanda into reassuring Lacey that they are friends. In the station, Hank thinks he can't watch kickboxing with Brent and Davis because he's three hours ahead of the show's time. At the Ruby, Emma tells Lacey that Oscar's blabbing about what she's buying everyone for Christmas. Wanda makes a point of calling Lacey "a" friend but not "her" friend.

S05E15-Oscar cop hat.jpg
License and registration.
On Centennial Street, Davis tells Karen his trick worked and he's getting a day timer. He lent Oscar his badge for the info and at home, Oscar talks to himself in the mirror wearing all the police items. Later on the street, Karen acts disorganized in front of Emma, hints she needs a planner and lies that Davis has a day timer. This causes Emma to grouse about Christmas. The next morning, Hank calls Brent, waking him, and Brent finds that Hank has the time right and he's late for work. At Corner Gas, Hank reveals that he turned his watch twelve hours ahead and acts like it's night. At the Leroy's, Emma intentionally confuses Oscar about who is getting what for Christmas and introduces a new gift, golf balls. At the Ruby, Wanda does her best to convince Lacey that she's her friend but Lacey continually argues about Wanda's usage of "a" friend versus "her" friend.

S05E15-Hank and Brent.jpg
Hey, what are you doing up so late?
In front of the Foo Mart, Davis and Karen both tell Emma they have plenty of golf balls and lie about the other already having a day planner. At the Hotel bar, Lacey pretends she's drunk to get Wanda to prove she's her friend by driving her home. Wanda knows Lacey's been drinking apple juice but Mayor Fitzy went drink-for-drink with Lacey and is drunk. Wanda offers to drive him home, which disappoints Lacey, and Fitzy calls Wanda his best friend. At the Ruby, Hank refuses to pay a parking ticket Karen gave him, arguing that he's twelve hours ahead and parking is free then. Brent convinces Hank to move his watch a day ahead, resulting in him agreeing to pay the fine.

S05E15-Fitzy and Wanda.jpg
C'mon, slugger.
Wanda arrives and introducing a friend, Janice, she calls everyone a friend, particularly Lacey. Lacey is thrilled until Davis enters and Wanda says he's her good friend. Later that year on Christmas, at the Leroy's, everyone starts to open their presents from Emma. All smile knowingly at Oscar and act as if they don't know what they're getting. However, they're all disappointed to find their gift is a pair of socks. Emma asks if they're all surprised and Karen asks Davis to get his night stick to beat Oscar. All then throw their gifts at Oscar.

Lacey, Lacey! We're opening gifts now.



"Too upbeat, a little needy, overly fastidious. Nope, same old Lacey."


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