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"Mother's Day"
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Season: Four — Episode: 12
Director: David Storey — Writer: Kevin White — Aired: January 22, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: After Brent forgets to buy a Mother's Day present for Emma but Hank does, he finds himself competing with Hank. Emma's anger allows Oscar to get away with nearly everything. Lacey and Davis see who can embarrass the other more by bringing up each other's inabilities. Karen and Wanda buy a hutch and have problems putting it together.


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There's two ways we can fix this. I can do something nice for my Mom or you can do something crappy. If you're my friend, you'll do something crappy to my Mom.
— Brent to Hank
Beside the Dog River Hotel, Brent and Hank check out a flower stand. Brent considers buying flowers for Emma for Mother's Day but doesn't when he sees how much they cost. At the Police station, Karen is alarmed with the volume of police reports on the floor and that Davis is throwing some away. She plans on buying a hutch to store them in. In front of Corner Gas, as Brent and Hank read comic books, Emma reminds Brent of dinner time on Mother's Day. Brent makes a halfhearted proposal that he make dinner and Hank weasels an invitation, despite Oscar trying to stop him. At the Ruby Cafe as Josh takes plates from Lacey, she learns that Davis' mother left him when he was young and for years, he thought the cleaning lady was his mother.

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Hint wagon?
Lacey can't pronounce "especially" which Davis, Emma and Oscar tease her for. At Corner Gas, Wanda sees Karen looking through a catalogue from the "Swedish Super Store" and shows off her knowledge. Karen invites her to the store where she buys a hutch which Wanda offers to assemble. Later at the Ruby, Karen tells Lacey of her purchase, which Wanda is attempting to put together at the Police station, despite interference from Davis. Karen uses the word "especially" and Lacey thinks Karen is making fun of her and that Davis told Karen. Karen claims innocence and reveals that Lacey can get Davis back as he can't wink. Emma calls Brent at Corner Gas that she moved dinner up an hour. Brent says it won't give him time to pick something up before dinner but Emma doesn't care what Brent brings.

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Say especially again.
At the Ruby, Lacey's attempt to make fun of Davis not being able to wink backfires but everyone laughs when Lacey says she can't snap her fingers. Brent arrives at the Leroy's to find Emma scolding Oscar, who's reading the Howler, for not taking the roast out of the oven in time. Brent confesses he didn't bring a present which severely disappoints Emma, to Oscar's delight. Hank arrives with flowers for Emma which makes Brent's situation worse. The next day at Corner Gas, Brent shows Lacey that he's organizing a photo album as a make-up gift for Emma. He blames Hank for his dilemma but Lacey calls Brent a jerk. At the Leroy's, Oscar runs over Emma's tomato plants with his car. Fearing Emma's reaction, he calls Davis for help but they're both surprised that Emma doesn't notice the damage as she's still grumbling about Brent's rudeness.

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Oh, I'm liking this.
At the Police station, Karen isn't impressed with how long it's taking Wanda to put together the hutch. At Corner Gas, Oscar tells Brent that Emma isn't noticing any of his misdoings as she's preoccupied with Brent messing up and Hank showing thoughtfulness. Joyfully, he recalls several accidents and then overt attempts to get a rise from Emma which she never reacted to. Brent shows Oscar the photo album, which he hopes will win Emma over, but Oscar's determined that Brent won't ruin him being able to avoid Emma's wrath. At the Police station, Wanda's not happy that Karen finished assembling the hutch and unsuccessfully tries to break it. In front of the Ruby, Brent teases Lacey for not being able to snap her fingers and tells her that Davis can't do the Vulcan salute.

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The Swedes are a cagey bunch.
Lacey, who can do the salute, refuses to use it to get back at Davis because everyone thinks she's being mean to him. Brent shows Lacey the photo album, including a baby photo, and Lacey's mild teasing makes Brent wonder if she's calling him fat. At the Leroy's, Emma leaves and Oscar fixes up her garden. Once finished, Oscar grabs Hank and puts him in the garden with a hoe just as Emma comes back home. Emma's grateful to Hank and Oscar maligns Brent which Emma echos. At the Police station, Karen's miffed that Wanda took the hutch apart and broke one of the door hinges. Wanda tries to involve Davis but he doesn't care. At the Ruby, as Lacey helps Brent put the photo album together, Hank tells Brent that Oscar used him to make Emma madder at Brent.

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Yes, I can.
Seeing Emma pull up in the parking lot, Brent gives Hank the album and tells him to hide it. Emma enters and is frosty towards Brent, despite Lacey saying that he's working on something to make things up to her. At the furniture store, the broken hinge is sold out. Karen is angry with Wanda until she suggests getting the hinge from a display model. At the Ruby, Emma and Oscar make fun of Lacey not being able to snap her fingers. To get back at Davis, she does the Vulcan salute, says Davis can't do it but doesn't call the salute by its proper name. Everyone laughs at Lacey so she blurts out that Davis doesn't know where his mother is. A silence falls over the cafe but Davis isn't hurt and critisizes Lacey for making fun of something sad. Lacey apologetically gives details of Davis' mother which everyone finds funny, sending Davis running for the exit.

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Mommy, why are you always cleaning the toilet?
As Hank sleeps in his truck in front of the Foo Mart, Brent wakes him and asks for the photos. Brent is incredulous to hear Hank buried them. Hank reassures Brent he knows where they are but he has to dig several holes in the field before he finds them. At Corner Gas, an exasperated Brent tries cleaning the dirt off the photos and tells Hank to watch out for Emma. Hank opens the door for Oscar and Emma, who discover the ruined photos. Emma doesn't believe Hank's responsible and tears into Brent while Oscar praises Hank. At the store, Karen breaks the door off the display model and is caught by a sales clerk, so Wanda takes off. Brent convinces Hank to do something Emma won't like.

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You might want to dig a bigger hole.
Hank throws garbage all over the Leroy's front yard. Emma and Oscar come home with the ruined photos and ignore Hank and the garbage, despite Hank pointing it out. He then calls Brent to report his failure and Brent tells him to repeat it in fifteen minutes. Hank doesn't tell Brent that he's making the phone call from inside the Leroy's and that Emma and Oscar can tell that Brent is behind the plan. Outside the Police station, having bought a second hutch, Karen and Wanda burn the first one they couldn't get a replacement hinge for. Wanda isn't concerned that Brent may notice that she's not working at Corner Gas as Emma and Oscar are making him clean up the garbage from their front yard while Hank watches.

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The Swedes will not be trifled with.


  • Although Brent replaced the old air pump that Oscar broke, ("One Piano, Four Hands") the old air pump is seen behind Hank as he invites himself to dinner.
  • Weeks before, as he was taking piano lessons from Emma, Davis told her that he didn't come from a musical family. ("One Piano, Four Hands") However, he tells Lacey that his mother abandoned him to join a rock band.
  • Lacey is teased for not being able to pronounce "especially", however, months before when she had to take a driver's license test with Emma, she said "Glad to help, especially with the driver's test coming up" and pronounced "especially" correctly. ("Two Degrees of Separation")
  • The baby picture Brent shows Lacey was found along with a Darryl Sittler rookie card in the Leroy's basement. ("Wedding Card")
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it two times to Hank. Once by the Corner Gas pumps when telling Hank he's not coming for Mother's Day dinner and when he places Hank in front of the garden at the Leroy's to make it look to Emma as if Hank worked on it.


"Well, if you think I'm going to stand around and let you be nice to your mother, think again."
―Oscar to Brent
"You are so self-centred. This isn't about you. It's about me."
―Brent to Oscar


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