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"Mosquito Time"
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Season: Two — Episode: 10
Director: Trent Carlson — Writer: Mark Farrell & Paul Mather — Aired: December 14, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.31
Summary: Mosquitoes hit the town hard and only Hank seems unaffected. Lacey finally gets a chance to participate in a genuine Dog River activity by contributing to the town's less than impressive time capsule. Oscar goes back to work at Corner Gas which irritates Wanda, puzzles Emma and sends Brent running to the Ruby.


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We're doing an experiment on Hank.
— Lacey
Brent enters the Leroy's and comments to Emma how bad the mosquitoes are. Due to them, Oscar won't leave the house and is driving Emma crazy. She intimidates Brent into giving Oscar a job at Corner Gas which Brent assigns to Wanda, adding that she has to convince Oscar to work for free. At the Ruby Cafe, as Karen and Davis discuss the rules for what to put in a time capsule, feeling left out, Lacey asks if she can put something in. Agreeing she can, Davis tells her the item has to reflect her personality and suggests a mug that's on the counter. At Corner Gas, Wanda is able to easily convince Oscar to work for free as he wants to get away from Emma.

S02E10-Oscar Brent Wanda.jpg
I could be in for a real dogfight.
Entering the Ruby, Hank is confused by talk of how bad the mosquitoes are. He suggests Lacey put the mug from the counter in the time capsule which she derides. At Corner Gas, Oscar complains about a customer wanting to pay with a credit card which causes Brent to leave for the Ruby. At the Leroy's, Emma looks at a puzzle Oscar was complaining about and realizes he was right to grouse. At the Ruby, Brent complains about the new coffee carafes Lacey's introduced and whines she should go back to the old way. Oscar complains to Wanda that the station should use the old credit card swiper instead of the electronic one. Karen also can't open the new coffee carafes.

S02E10-Lacey Brent carafe.jpg
It's like a Chinese coffee puzzle.
At Corner Gas, Oscar complains about the grocery items in the station which again drives Brent to leave for the Ruby. At the Leroy's, Emma yells for Oscar to be quiet but remembers he's at Corner Gas. On the deck at the Ruby, Hank can't open the coffee carafe and refuses to learn how to from Lacey, wanting to save his brain space for more important data. Lacey notices that the mosquitoes aren't so bad when she serves Hank. Hank tries to tell a knock-knock joke but messes it up. Wanda finds Oscar destroyed the debit machine with a hammer causing Brent to leave for the Ruby again. At the Police station, Davis tells Karen that Hank repels mosquitoes and proposes an experiment.

S02E10-Hanks brain.jpg
Way to go.
A bored Emma calls Karen and reminiscent of Oscar, drones on about the puzzle she's doing. At the Ruby, Brent and Hank smirk as Lacey gathers the coffee carafes and admits her customers can't figure them out. As Hank announces he's going to the Co-op, Lacey asks to come along and privately, tells Brent an experiment is being performed on Hank. At Corner Gas, Wanda and an impatient customer watch as Oscar uses the old credit card machine and pinches his finger with the swiper. Continuing her talk on the puzzle, Emma discovers that Karen isn't listening and has left the police station.

S02E10-Emma puzzle.jpg
All the pieces are blue.
As Hank and Lacey walk back from the Co-op, they're joined by Davis and Karen who find that as long as they stay close to Hank, the mosquitoes avoid them. Hank is unaware he's part of an experiment and mentions that he bought dish soap and uses it to wash himself, causing his companions to believe the soap repels the bugs. Lacey introduces new coffee carafes at the Ruby which Brent opines are worse than the old ones. Hank discovers new popularity as Emma asks him to walk her to the Ruby and Frank invites Hank to a barbeque at his house. Discovering Hank has bought all the Co-op's dish soap, Davis and Karen head to Corner Gas and telling Oscar it repels mosquitoes, he jacks up the price on the soap at the station.

S02E10-Hank experiment.jpg
I don't think of you as washing.
Davis, Karen and Lacey wash with the dish soap while Hank has a bath with it. At the Ruby, Wanda tells Lacey how difficult it is to work with Oscar and even though she's the smartest person in town, she has difficulty with the new carafes. Walking close to Hank, Emma brusquely leaves once they're at the Ruby and Al Goar asks Hank to walk him to the Liquor store. Missing Oscar around the house, Emma asks Wanda to find a way to make Oscar to quit working at Corner Gas. In the back yard at Frank's house, Frank tolerates Hank's lame jokes and uses him to keep the pests away from his guests. Without telling Brent or Wanda, Oscar orders a truckload of dish soap. Wanda tricks Oscar into quitting by making him believe that since Brent isn't paying him to work, he's being taken advantage of.

They're really jacked up about the dish soap.
At the Dog River Hotel, with a large crowd including Wade watching, Hank opens the time capsule that was previously buried. Lacey is mystified to find that everyone put mugs in the capsule and it's a tradition to bury one annually. Later in a small field, while preparing to bury the latest capsule, Lacey insists that something other than mugs be put into it. Lacey's brought one of the carafes and Hank offers to put his baseball hat in it to put in the capsule. However, once the capsule is buried, the mosquitoes attack everyone, sending them scattering. At the Ruby, seeing Hank covered in bites, Davis, Karen and Lacey realize his baseball hat was keeping the mosquitoes away. Hank unearths the capsule but can't get his hat out of the carafe. Emma welcomes Oscar back home. Wanda's relieved Oscar's gone from Corner Gas and Brent opines Oscar didn't cause much harm until a truck with 1,800 boxes of dish soap arrives.

S02E10-Time capsule opening.jpg
It's just last year.


  • Dog River Fun Days is first mentioned which years later, Lacey would save after it was cancelled. ("Cat River Daze")
  • As Davis, Karen and Lacey walk down Main Street close to Hank so the mosquitoes won't attack them, none of the other pedestrians on the street are bothered by the pests.
  • First appearances of Frank and Al Goar.


"Sometimes you have to hurt the ones you love. Other times you get to hurt Oscar."


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