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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Kimberly Elek
First Appearance: "Doc Small"
Last Appearance: "TV Free Dog River"
Episode Count: 4
I want my money Leroy.
— Molly, "Kid Stuff".

Molly is a young girl who lives in Dog River. She's a Girl Guide and actively sells cookies.


Season 2

At Corner Gas, not able to make change for a $100 bill, Molly gives Brent a box of cookies and tells him he can owe her for them. Later at the Dog River Hotel, after Dr. Chris Garner breaks Brent's bill, Paul takes money to pay Molly back. ("Doc Small")

S02E14-Girl Guide.jpg
I'll carry you for now.

Season 3

At Corner Gas, having bought at auction an antique lamp that once belonged to Emma, Wanda is made to feel guilty when she won't give Emma the lamp. With an armload of candy, Molly asks Wanda how much it costs and Wanda gives it to her for free. ("Hair Loss")

Take as much as you like.

Season 4

Looking to make some money, Oscar starts selling Girl Guide cookies which Molly supplies him. Oscar is terrible at sales but Karen starts helping him and sells a lot of cookies. Karen demands a big cut of the money, but Oscar keeps offering her a small percentage. He eventually explains fearfully that he has to pay his supplier. Molly catches Oscar on the street and after demanding her money, she chases Oscar. ("Kid Stuff")

S04E11-Oscar Molly.jpg
I have people to answer to.

Season 6

Molly and a group of kids watch Hank do a stunt by riding a tricycle down a slide. After Hank hurts himself, Brent tells the kids not to try this stunt which Molly replies "doy" to. ("TV Free Dog River")

S06E13-Hank slide.jpg
And he hurt himself?
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