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Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Season 4 DVD"

It's like talking to a Ham radio.
— Brent, Oscar mobisode

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Included in the "Special Features" section of the Corner Gas Season 4 DVD, were seven original vignettes. Each features a different Main Character with Brent and run about two minutes each.


Brent mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Brent and Tim Allen

At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent confuses a customer by talking about a comic book. Brent then thinks the befuddled customer is drunk and demands he breathe on him before gassing his car.

Oscar mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Oscar and Brent

Inside Corner Gas, Oscar asks for Brent's help remembering what a sasquatch is called and loses a bet. Arguing with Brent about the proper acronym for attention deficit disorder, Oscar gets distracted by a large crow outside.

Wanda mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Wanda and Brent

Inside Corner Gas, Wanda vents about an inconsiderate neighbour to Brent and imagines all the crazy ways she could kill him. She eventually calms down and tells a relieved Brent when the milk delivery is coming.

Hank mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Hank and Brent

Inside Corner Gas, Hank contemplates college career training from an ad on a matchbook but ultimately decides he won't take a course until someone from the college visits the gas station.

Emma mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Emma and Brent

At the Ruby Cafe, Brent refuses cough syrup from Emma because of the taste. He learns he was addicted to cough syrup when he was a child but when Emma threatens him, he changes his mind. Surprised at the good taste, he asks for more but Emma refuses, concerned he'll become addicted again and get twitchy.

Lacey mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Lacey and Brent

At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Brent and Lacey get into an argument over the personalized message Lacey wrote on Brent's bill.

Davis and Karen mobisode.jpg
Featuring: Davis, Karen and Brent

At the Ruby, Davis and Karen get Brent's opinion on whose name should come first if they were creating a cop show. They then argue who'd be the bad cop and finally Karen offers to do a show with Brent, who wants to be a robot.

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