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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Gwen Seed
First Appearance: "Whataphobia"
Last Appearance: "Corner Gas: The Movie (Film)"
Nicknames: Morphine Mertyl
Episode Count: 22
You're no drug addicted old broad straight outta hip surgery.
— Wanda to Lacey about Mertyl, "Hurry Hard".

S02E07-Mertyl in truck
Mertyl portrayed by Gwen Seed.
Mertyl Runciman is a retiree and a friend of Helen Jensen and Emma Leroy. She's an avid curler and knitter. By 2008, she's moved next door to the Leroy's. ("Meat Wave")


Season 2

At the Dog River Hotel, Hank practices admitting his lie to Brent that he's not allergic to bees on Mertyl. She begs him to leave her alone. ("Whataphobia") With the town against installation of a traffic light at its only four-way stop, Mertyl, Hank, Oscar and Wanda all arrive at the stop at the same time. Oscar waves Hank through but Mertyl goes instead, causing a minor traffic jam. ("Hero Sandwich")

S02E07-4 way stop
More like a four-day stop.
After Brent forms his own curling team and takes Wanda with him, Emma calls Mertyl to join Oscar's team but discovers she's in the hospital recovering from hip surgery and is addicted to pain killers. At the Memorial Rink, Lacey announces to Emma and Oscar she's joining their team and enjoys feeling wanted. However, after Mertyl hobbles in with a cane, Emma tells Lacey she's off the team and Oscar says her jokes aren't funny. Mertyl wins the Clavet Cup along with Oscar, Emma and Davis. ("Hurry Hard")

S02E11-Mertyl in hospital
That woman is forever gettin' new hips.

Season 3

Angry that Hank's prediction of an electric motor stock rising is coming true, A miffed Oscar has Brent get Hank to call but when the phone rings, it's Mertyl. Oscar yells that he's going to teach Hank about investing and hangs up on a baffled Mertyl. ("Dress for Success") Trying to post a notice on the bulletin board at the Ruby Cafe, Lacey lectures Mertyl on where the notice should go. Mertyl tells Lacey that her bulletin board sucks. ("Will and Brent") Mertyl works in the kitchen at the Town Hall during the potluck. ("Mail Fraud") At the Ruby, Mayor Fitzy asks Emma and Mertyl to led a safety committee which Mertyl sluffs off on Emma. ("Safety First") As Emma and Karen brainstorm charity ideas, Karen believes old people will buy tickets for anything. Mertyl and Brian are enthused to buy tickets to win a jet ski and later, to win a jar of jelly beans. ("Bean There")

S03E01-Mertyl phone

Season 4

As Mertyl buys gas at the Corner Gas pumps, she's bored of listening to Brent talk about his haircut. She pays and tells him to keep the change. ("Hair Comes the Judge") Mertyl's in a group of townsfolk, including Fitzy and Jane, who crowd around the police cruiser, wanting to make a donation to the charity Karen is collecting for. ("Jail House")

Keep the change.

Season 5

Mertyl is part of the committee creating a calendar featuring the ladies of Dog River in the nude. ("Spin Cycle") She's at the Ruby drinking coffee as Brent smells men's aftershave which Lacey and Emma blame Hank for. ("Wash Me") At the Town Hall, Hank finds Emma, Helen, Mertyl and other seniors, knitting. At Helen's invitation, he joins their club, the "Knit Wits", over Emma's objections. Hank catches up with the ladies at the Leroy's as Emma's blabbing about Oscar. Helen and Mertyl leave right away and Emma fakes a cramp to get Hank to go. Helen and Mertyl arrive at Hank's house and while knitting, relate that they weren't trying to get away from him, but from Emma's constant nattering about Oscar. After Emma unexpectedly shows up, the ladies are grateful when Hank gets them to escape out the back door while he lets Emma in. ("Knit Wit of the Month")

S05E10-Mertyl Helen
Is there another way out?
At the Ruby, Lacey and Wanda watch Emma, Mertyl and a group of old women, the "Purple Hats", having fun. Emma asks Lacey to join their club until she sees Karen arrive and act like she's with them. Lacey joins but discovers that Karen's only there to drive Mertyl home. Mertyl country line-dances with Lacey and the Purple Hats at the Hotel bar and is at the Ruby when Lacey wears a yellow hat and quits the club. ("Coming Distractions") At the Ruby, Mertyl helps prepare for Brent's birthday. Hank hands her Brent's card to sign but she thinks its a menu and orders the meatloaf. ("Final Countdown")

S05E16-Karen Mertyl
Yeah, I'm picking up Mertyl.

Season 6

Davis responds to a false alarm from Mertyl, who lives next door to the Leroys. Seeing Emma and Oscar barbecuing a bunch of meat, he calls Karen to their house. ("Meat Wave") Davis tries to sell Meryl a home alarm system until called away by the Leroy's alarm going off next door. ("Shirt Disturber") At the Ruby, Mertyl drinks coffee as Hank talks about an Archie comic book. ("Cat River Daze") Mertyl's at the Ruby as Hank worries that Brent's bad luck will result in an accident with the impending gas truck delivery. ("Super Sensitive") She's also at the Ruby as Oscar tells Lacey he can arrange for her to watch her favourite TV show. ("TV Free Dog River")

S06E04-Mertyl Davis
I did have a prowler around here.
At the Town Hall, Karen judges a jam contest which Mertyl has an entry in. Karen initially pronounces Mertyl the winner but says she's joking and awards the prize to Helen. ("Get the F Off My Lawn") Mertyl attends the party for Brent at the Ruby when everyone thinks he's going away on a national comedy tour. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")

S06E18-Helen wins
Oh, the winner is Fitzy's grandma.


  • While spying on the Leroy's house with binoculars, Karen accidentally looks into Mertyl's house and exclaims that she's hairy. ("Meat Wave")


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