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"Merry Gasmas"
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Season: Three — Episode: 13
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt, Mark Farrell, Paul Mather, Kevin White — Aired: December 12, 2005 — Viewers (millions): 2.92
Summary: Brent must cope with Emma's plans for a traditional Christmas. Lacey decides to head home to Toronto but the weather forces her to take a route that won't get her there. The holiday spirit moves Hank to organize a gift drive for a needy family who seem oddly unappreciative and, Wanda struggles to buy the season's hottest toy for her son.


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I guess all that strange stuff and weird people reminded me that this is home.
— Lacey
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey and Wanda watch as Brent and Hank indulge in a Christmas tradition. With eyes closed, they flip through a catalogue and randomly point at a page, indicating which gift they'll get from Santa. Telling them to grow up, the guys leave and Lacey and Wanda play the same game, but pointing to male models in the catalogue that they'll marry. Later, Lacey tells Brent and Wanda she's thinking of going to Toronto for Christmas. Telling her she'll miss the festivities in Dog River, they don't give her many good reasons to stay. At the Foo Mart, Hank overhears the son of Mr. Buckle plead for gifts on Christmas morning. Buckle indicates it's too expensive causing Hank to tearfully remember begging a stranger to buy a Christmas gift for him when he was a boy.

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What are you trying to say, Santa?

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Who is this kid? Quit following me.

At the Ruby, having decided to spend Christmas in Toronto, Lacey says goodbye to Josh. Telling Brent, he understands Christmas is a time to spend with family and asks Lacey to take him with her. At the Leroy's, Oscar carries in a real Christmas tree while Emma scolds him for knocking over a number of items. At Corner Gas, Wanda shows Brent she bought a "Chew-Bot", a "Trans-Farmer" toy, for her son Tanner. Sold out everywhere, she tells Brent her analysis of trends allowed her to buy the toy before it became popular. Actually, Wanda managed to wrestle it away from another woman during a brawl at a store.

I should be back in three, four days.

S03E13-Wanda Chew-Bot.jpg
It looks hard and pointy.

On Main Street, Hank asks Karen and Davis to help him collect items for the Buckles so they can celebrate on Christmas morning. They're wary, thinking Hank is trying to get gifts for himself. Hanks mangles several Christmas stories and convinces them to help. At the Leroy's, Brent is distressed to find a real tree instead of the aluminum one that's been used since he was a kid. Reminding Emma that it's Oscar who always ruins Christmas, they remember several past incidents in which Oscar's poor judgement resulted in someone in the family being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Brent indicates that although he'll spend Christmas with them, he'll do so grudgingly.

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We're not lending your family money, Hank.

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Careful. Those knives are sharp.

At the Regina airport, Lacey learns from an airline official that due to snow in Toronto, flights to there from Regina have been cancelled. The official recommends flying to Calgary and catching a flight to Toronto. At Corner Gas, Wanda's taken the Chew-Bot out of its packaging to play with it. Brent catches her and she breaks the toy, popping its head off. At the Calgary airport, an official there says the airport is closed and recommends taking a bus to Edmonton to catch a flight to Toronto. At the Police station, while collecting items for the Buckles, Karen tell Davis she's not buying presents for anyone but instead is donating to the Buckles. Davis lies that he didn't buy a present for Karen.

S03E13-Regina Official.jpg
They make the call, then they call me.

S03E13-Calgary Official.jpg
Get to YYZ via YEG if you left YYC by bus.

At the Leroy's, Hank asks for a donation and is given the aluminum tree. While on a bus to Edmonton, Lacey gets a call from Wanda begging her to buy a new Chew-Bot, figuring she'd have a good chance of getting one in Toronto. Learning Lacey is heading away from Toronto, Wanda hangs up and Lacey starts to bore the passenger next to her. Hank gets Brent's approval to use Corner Gas as a drop-off center for donations for the Buckles. At a shopping mall, Wanda's unsuccessful in getting a Chew-Bot from a clerk as is another shopper. Davis can't get a watch he bought for Karen exchanged as he had it engraved. All plead that their situation is unique.

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The tree, idiot. Take the tree.

S03E13-Lacey on bus.jpg
So you don't want a real robot goat.

At the Leroy's, Brent complains when Emma makes cranberry sauce instead of using the traditional sauce from a can. At the Edmonton airport, Jenny, an official there, recommends Lacey fly to Vancouver to catch a flight to Toronto. At Corner Gas, Hank's enthused about the amount of donations while Wanda and Brent grouse about no Chew-Bot and the non-traditional Christmas at the Leroy's, respectively. Hank rebukes them and pulls out a Chew-Bot from the donations. On the flight, Lacey meets Dr. Henderson, a cat doctor, and is smitten. Brent and Hank stop Wanda from taking the Chew-Bot but when Brent sees his family's aluminum tree in the donations, he and Hank have a tug of war over it.

S03E13-Edmonton Official.jpg
This isn't Calgary. We don't talk like that.

S03E13-Tree struggle.jpg
God bless us, everyone.

On the flight, as Henderson drones on about cats, Lacey becomes much less taken with him. Having lost the battle over the tree, at the Leroy's, Brent complains to his parents for giving it away. Oscar's delighted that he's not the one wrecking Christmas. At the Police station, Hank's pleased with the donation collected there. Karen indicates she put in some food while Davis shows them he's adding the watch he bought for Karen. He doesn't reveal it was for her and Karen admires the watch and says she needs one. At the Leroy's, with Brent having left, Oscar carries on about Brent ruining Christmas until Emma teases him. Lacey's had enough of Henderson's fascination with cats and uses an announcement from the airplane captain that the flight will be landing in Regina to stop Henderson from talking.

S03E13-Brent Emma Oscar.jpg
Don't be such a crabby pants.

Hank, Davis and Karen head to the Buckles' house with a box of the donations but Mr. Buckle protests that they're not poor. He reveals that they wait until Boxing Day to buy all their presents, as they're cheaper then. Karen comments that the Buckles are cheap, not poor and Mr. Buckle closes the door on them. At the Leroy's, Brent continues his complaining while Emma threatens Oscar if he doesn't go buy a turkey. At the Regina airport, learning she can fly to Toronto, Lacey starts to tell the official about her odyssey but stops and decides to go back to Dog River. At the Ruby, Lacey talks about her journey while Hank tells everyone about the Buckles.

We said you were needy.

Well, I'm rationalizing.

Examining the donation items, Hank points out the watch which Davis denies he put in. Emma finds the Chew-Bot that Wanda broke so Wanda tries to distract everyone by suggesting they sing Christmas carols. As Lacey wonders who would give a broken toy to a child, Wanda says if they look hard, there's $20 in the neck hole. As it dawns on everyone that Wanda swapped the broken Chew-Bot for the unbroken one in the donation box, Wanda breaks into song. (♫ Joy to the World ♫) Later, Brent and Lacey take down Christmas decorations at the Ruby. Noticing mistletoe overhead, they have a brief moment but Brent is still miffed at Emma's "untraditional" Christmas and misses the chance to kiss Lacey. Offering to take it down, he climbs a ladder. Hurting himself, an ambulance whisks him away while Emma, Oscar and Lacey watch. Emma comments that their family tradition has been kept.

S03E13-Watching ambulance.jpg
Same damn thing every year.



  • Hank reveals he's a Vancouver Canucks fan. Fred Ewaniuk, who portrays Hank, is a Canucks fan and hails from Port Moody, British Columbia.
  • Brent recalls that Wanda's son, Tanner, threw hard, sharp objects (toy cars) at his head. ("Oh Baby!")
  • This is the only episode filmed outside the show's shooting schedule of May to September. It was shot in November 2005. As a result, the scenes showing the Ruby Cafe, Corner Gas, the Leroy's, the Police station and Dog River are the only ones in the series seen with snow.
  • This episode was viewed by 2.92 million making it the second most watched episode of the show after the series finale, "You've Been Great, Goodnight".
  • The main cast was nominated for the Gemini Award for Best Ensemble Performance in a Comedy Program or Series. The script was nominated for the Gemini for Best Writing in a Comedy or Variety Program or Series. Though the episode won neither award, the series did pick up its second straight Gemini for Best Comedy Program or Series.
  • To help promote the episode, Brent Butt recorded a three-minute audio sketch in which he attempts to record a song with lyrics having to do with the show. He becomes embroiled in a battle with the person in the audio booth, because a lot of his songs are set to the tunes of Christmas classics, such as "Jingle Bells," "The Snowman Song," and "The 12 Days of Christmas." After the producer suggests Brent rock out, Butt sings an original song just for "Merry Gasmas."
  • All the music during the episode has church bells added.
  • Executive producer Virginia Thompson portrays the woman that Wanda fights over the Chew-Bot with.
  • Jackass!: At the Leroy's, Hank comes by to pick up a tree Oscar is throwing out and trying to take their good tree, Oscar calls him a jackass.


"Why are you trying to wreck Christmas? That's Dad's thing."
"It's terrible. Mom's makin' real food, right on the stove. They got a new tree. It's made outta wood. Wood! This could be the worst Christmas ever."


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