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"Meat Wave"
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Season: Six — Episode: 4
Director: Don McCutcheon — Writer: Dylan Worts — Aired: November 10, 2008 — Viewers (millions): 1.07
Summary: Karen and Davis win a meat market draw, and Emma and Oscar take part in helping store their stash. Hank is put in a sticky situation when the air conditioner is broken at Corner Gas, and Lacey and Wanda take care of a lost electronic pet at the Ruby.


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Well, well, well. If it isn't Sergeant Sausage and Officer Pork Chop.
— Oscar
It's a very hot day in Dog River but at Corner Gas, it's freezing inside due to Brent running the A/C full blast. Wanda wears a parka in the station as Hank arrives and teases Brent about the temperature. To demonstrate how cold it is, Hank slams a juice box on the counter, expecting it to be frozen. However, it sprays juice everywhere. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey and Davis find a virtual pet key fob. Lacey isn't interested in it until it starts to bark. At the Town Hall, Mayor Fitzy holds a charity draw for a six month supply of meat. Emma and Oscar like their chances to win, having bought dozens of tickets. They laugh at Karen and Davis, who've split one ticket. However, the cops win sending Karen into a dance and she exclaims she's never won anything before.

S06E04-Wanda parka
No, I'm good.
At Corner Gas, Hank continues to kid Brent about the temperature by asking if he sells polar bears. A customer and his girlfriend find this funny which encourages Hank to pretend to be frozen until Brent threatens to pull down his pants. Having used all the freezer space at both their houses, Davis and Karen are in a quandary where to store the rest of the meat. At the Ruby, Lacey's named the virtual pet "Darin" and is so consumed with it, she asks Wanda to bring orders to the customers. The cops store the remaining meat at the Leroy's in their large freezer. Emma's annoyed to see Karen has a detailed checklist of every package stored in the freezer and has Davis take a picture of her with the meat. At the Ruby, Lacey asks Wanda to take care of Darin and over time, she grows to love the toy.

S06E04-Karen w meat
I've never won anything before.
Continuing to make fun of Brent, Hank arrives at Corner Gas in a snowmobile suit. However, the station's hot which Brent blames on the A/C being broken. Feeling ridiculous, Hank asks Brent's help getting out of the suit but Brent breaks the zipper. Brent indicates they'll have to cut Hank out of the suit which Hank refuses, since he borrowed it from Fitzy. Davis responds to a false alarm from Mertyl, who lives next door to the Leroys. Seeing Emma and Oscar barbecuing a bunch of meat, he calls Karen to their house. At the Leroy's, Karen demands to see the contents of the freezer. At Corner Gas, Hank lets Brent pour a bottle of cooking oil down the suit, insisting it'll help him slip out. Wanda arrives and puts a heat lamp on Hank and then suggests he do jumping jacks to help him slim down and get the suit off.

S06E04-Mertyl Davis
I had a prowler around here.
Karen counts the meat in the Leroy's freezer and finds it's all there. Oscar's furious at being accused of theft so Davis convinces Karen to give them two pork chops. At the Ruby, Wanda sees that Darin's grown fat and takes the toy to give it some exercise. In front of the Police station, Karen admits she overreacted at the Leroy's but still drags Davis to surveil their house. They're caught watching the house with binoculars so Emma and Oscar get the meat from the freezer and throw it on the front lawn. At Corner Gas, Brent stops his gag with Hank after putting icing sugar down the snowsuit. Desperate to get cool, Hank shoves himself inside the dairy cooler. Brent admits the A/C is just turned off and mentions having it off helps the environment. David Suzuki agrees with Brent and then pokes fun at himself by encouraging people to turn off their TVs during celebrity cameos.

Hey, don't touch that blender!
Brent turns on the A/C but it doesn't function and smoke comes out of it. At the Leroy's, Davis and Karen gather the meat packages and try to apologize for being too suspicious. At the Ruby, Lacey sees Wanda having difficulties with the toy. Wanda admits that she accidentally killed Darin so Lacey tries to revive him, but can't. At Corner Gas, Brent calls an A/C repairman but finds he'll have to wait a week. Complaining about the temperature, he's oblivious that Hank is suffering from heat stroke and tells him to get the tools to fix the A/C. In front of the Ruby, Emma and Oscar sarcastically greet Davis and Karen and ask them if they found a place to store their meat. They indicate they stored it in the police cruiser's trunk.

S06E04-Lacey Wanda toy dies
Oh, come on Darin. Live, dammit, live!
At the Ruby, Wanda's reset the toy but Lacey insists it's not Darin. However, once the toy barks, Lacey takes to it and ignores Wanda's warning to not overfeed it again. Karen opens the cruiser's trunk to find the meat thawed. Pleading for help, Emma and Oscar take the meat to their house and host a huge BBQ. As Davis and Karen watch the guests eat all the meat, Emma makes fun of Karen's meat checklist. Oscar happily stuffs his face with a sausage which angers Karen. Outside Corner Gas at the A/C, Hank is so weakened that he tells Brent that he'll have to fix. The boy who left the virtual pet and his father arrive at the Ruby. Lacey and Wanda deny seeing it until Josh brings it out.

S06E04-Oscar eats
How dare you!
Lacey and Wanda insist the boy take good care of Darin but he tells them to lighten up. Asking to say goodbye, Lacey tosses the toy to Wanda who runs away with it. By the A/C, a woozy Hank mimics a bomb disposal officer and gives Brent simple instructions to replace the fuse. Brent is disappointed how easy the A/C is to fix and once turned on, runs inside and leaves Hank sweltering in the heat. Later, Hank returns the snowmobile suit to Fitzy at his house and he's puzzled why there's dough inside it. At the Ruby, Lacey breaks the fourth wall and mimicking a pet spaying ad, tells the audience to have their virtual pet neutered. Holding the toy, she tells Darin, now the 15th incarnation, that she loves him.

S06E04-Brent Hank AC
It's just a little anti-climatic, is all.



"You mean I put five sticks of butter down my pants for nothing?"


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