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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Christopher Finn
First Appearance: "Dark Circles"
Episode Count: 1
No, I'm just not interested in guys dressed like porn stars from the 70's, no offense.
— Lacey, "Dark Circles".

Marko is a sleazy bad boy who drives a souped-up car.


Season 5

After Brent gets a black work shirt and starts acting aloof and mysterious, Wanda sees this intrigues Lacey. On the deck of the Ruby Cafe, Wanda introduces Lacey to Marko, a creepy guy who drives a muscle car and also wears a black shirt. Lacey's not interested in Marko and leaves, so he starts hitting on Wanda. At the Corner Gas pumps, Marko continues to try and pick Wanda up until Brent arrives and tells her to fill out the purchase orders. As Marko compliments Brent's shirt and picks his ear with a toothpick, which he then puts in his mouth, Brent realizes what he's become. Later, Marko's at a farm where Karen and Hank are involved in a burned circle in a field. Karen calls Marko "icky" and he points at her. ("Dark Circles")

S05E04-Marko at farm.jpg
He put me off toothpicks for a while.


"But, here's the thing. You kinda creep me out. What I mean to say is, you creep me out. Probably because you're so creepy."
―Wanda to Marko
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