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"Mail Fraud"
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Season: Three — Episode: 6
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Brent Butt & Kevin White — Aired: October 24, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Brent's unusual vacation bothers Lacey causing her to interrupt it. Karen goes to great lengths to make sure Davis brings more than just napkins to the annual potluck and Oscar's experiments with email causes everyone problems.


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Brent's got the gift, you know? He pictures himself all over the world, while I'm stuck here not goin' anywhere.
— Hank
At Corner Gas, Lacey finds Wanda helping Brent pack for his vacation and bids him farewell. At the Ruby Cafe, Karen complains to Lacey and Wanda that Davis only brings napkins to Dog River's potluck dinner. She insists this year that he's going to have to cook something for it. At the Leroy's, Oscar's annoyed with the computer Brent brought over while Emma uses it for email. At Corner Gas, as Hank and Wanda discuss Brent's vacation with Lacey, she discovers that he visits several exotic countries and wonders how he affords such trips. Hank and Wanda express their jealousy as they stare out the window. Looking outside, Lacey sees Brent sitting in a lawn chair, sipping a drink and enjoying the sun.

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He sure knows how to vacation.
At the Ruby, seeing the potluck sign-up sheet, Davis signs up even though Karen has already picked napkins. He's non-plussed that he has to bring the main course. After Oscar arrives, Lacey points out Brent's strange vacation habit. Oscar isn't concerned about Brent but is bothered that he's missed out on a funny picture that everyone's shared by email. He vows to get an account and learn how to use it. At home, with the help of teenager Ian, Oscar learns how to send an email. At the Ruby, Hank announces that Brent's sent a postcard from Aruba. Everyone, including Josh, stops to listen as Hank reads it out loud while Lacey notes that Brent's sent a postcard with Dog River crossed out and Aruba written in its place. Emma's impressed with Oscar learning how to use email until she asks about an email Oscar indicated he sent to her.

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You have no idea where you sent it.
Oscar actually sent the email to a woman named Emma who lives in Hong Kong. Lacey confronts Brent about his vacation but Brent responds to Lacey like he's writing her a post card. He ignores her concerns and dismisses her as he states that he's landing in Madrid. At the Police station, Karen's miffed that Davis hasn't made any plans for what he's making for the main course. Davis tells Karen not to underestimate the importance of bringing napkins. Indicating that Hank received a bunch of steaks and wants to trade Davis main course for hot side dish, Karen buys all of Hank's steaks. Hank realizes he'll still have to make the side dish so Karen gives him a sweet potato pie recipe. Davis isn't concerned when Hank tells him he can't trade.

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Some jackass. Is that a penguin driving?
At the Leroy's, Emma and Oscar argue with each other using email. At the Ruby, Lacey opines to Hank that Brent's vacations are delusional. Hank rues that he doesn't have the imagination to have time off like Brent and gets so worked up, he vows to confront to Brent. Oscar arrives and complains his coffee isn't ready, though he emailed for one. In front of the Police station, Helen trades with Davis for jellied salads as her sister has her jelly moulds. Karen nixes the trade by lying she has lots of moulds to lend Helen and then goes to the Foo Mart to buy some. At the Ruby, Wanda asks Oscar to stop sending her emails while he speaks nonsense about how emails work.

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You'll have to stick to main course then.
At Corner Gas, Lacey talks to Wanda about Brent's odd vacation and gets Wanda worked up about how unfair it is that Brent leaves her to do all the work at the station. Lacey can't stop Wanda from bothering Brent, made worse when Hank arrives and insults Brent. Both Wanda and Hank speak to Brent as if they're writing a postcard. Brent realizes Lacey is behind Wanda and Hank's ire and tells her she's ruined a good thing. Lacey apologizes for ruining what Brent calls a "staycation" and unsuccessfully tries to get Brent back into the mood by pretending she's on one herself. At the Ruby, Wanda warns Karen that Jane wants to trade dessert with Davis. As Davis talks with Jane, who can't use her oven, Karen calls and offers the use of her oven to Jane. Jane tells Davis to never mind, which he does happily.

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Dear Brent. You suck out loud!
At the Leroy's, Emma's frustrated that Oscar is always on the computer. At the Ruby, Karen can't believe that Davis doesn't know what he's making for the potluck. As Davis complains about the poor service at the Ruby, Brent points out that Lacey's outside on staycation. Hank ruins it for Lacey by pointing out her lack of imagination and that she doesn't reply to his inquiries like she's writing a postcard. Thinking she's set for the potluck, Karen is beset upon by Jane and Helen as Karen's breadmaker catches fire and the jelly moulds she lent Helen aren't working. Having bought the wrong potatoes, Hank calls needing help with the sweet potato pie recipe, sending Karen into a panic.

S03E06-Karen panic.jpg
I'll be right over.
In order to stop Oscar from using the computer, Emma has Davis fake that Oscar's in trouble with those that run the internet. Oscar blames Ian and Davis indicates that he'll clear up the matter if Oscar promises to not go online again. In gratitude, Emma gives Davis a main course dish of crepes. At the potluck at the Town Hall, while Mertyl works in the kitchen, Lacey compliments Davis on the crepes but he's oblivious to what they are. Having helped Hank, Helen and Jane with their dishes, Karen forgot to bring napkins. Davis bails her out and Lacey announces to everyone that Davis brought the main course and napkins, to which everyone cheers. Later in front of the Ruby, Brent shows Lacey the finer points of going on staycation which she catches onto.

I heard you just brought grapes.


  • The potluck sign-up sheet at the Ruby indicates it's the 8th annual potluck.
  • The word "staycation" coined in this episode was introduced into the 2009 Merriam-Webster dictionary.


"He's delusional. I mean do you ever imagine yourself travelling somewhere you're not? "


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