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"Lost and Found"
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Season: Two — Episode: 5
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Paul Mather & Kevin White — Aired: November 2, 2004 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: With some grunt work ahead at his cousin's farm, Hank is desperate to call in a favour from Brent to help him. But Brent doesn't owe him any favours and he's going to make sure it stays that way. Brent enlists Lacey's help, only to find out that in a favour war, you have to choose your allies carefully. Karen drives everybody crazy with her new Hacky-Sack and Oscar is thrilled to collect junk, but Emma isn't.


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Little treasures everywhere, and nobody sees them. People are ignorant.
— Oscar
At Corner Gas, Wanda tells Lacey she got tickets for them to go to a concert by an artist Brent isn't familiar with. Brent teases Wanda about how dirty her car is. Hank arrives and Brent refuses his help stacking wiper fluid bottles and insists Wanda do it. At the Leroy's, Oscar gives Emma a simple bookshelf he built which she asked for years before. Emma complains about the clutter Oscar makes and he leaves for a long walk. After watching Wanda stack the bottles, Hank leaves and Brent explains that Hank needs help building a fence at his cousin's farm. Brent doesn't want Hank to help him with anything or he'll owe him a favour which Hank will use for the fencing. Walking along the roadside muttering to himself, Oscar finds a pair of pants which he likes.

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I could do better.
Standing by the police cruiser, Davis disapproves of Karen playing with a Hacky Sack which she insists on calling a "footbag." Arriving at Corner Gas, Oscar shows a disgusted Brent and Wanda the pants he found. Lacey asks for Brent's help with a floor waxer which he rebuffs. Oscar returns wearing the pants which Lacey thinks are nice until she's told where Oscar found them. At the Ruby Cafe, as Davis reads the Howler, Lacey tells Karen not to play with the footbag and Karen overhears Davis say he hates it. Oscar finds an old mug by the road. Brent takes delivery of a new candy rack which the delivery man won't help him bring into Corner Gas. Over Brent's objections, Hank helps him bring the rack inside and Brent concedes that he owes Hank one. Brent tells Karen not to play with the Hacky Sack in the station.

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I hate that Hacky Sack.
At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Hank tells Lacey about Brent owing him one which he intends to cash in for the fencing work. At Corner Gas, as Brent and Davis admire the rack, Lacey and Wanda plan when to leave for the concert. Karen arrives and repeatedly accuses everyone of stealing her footbag and demands it back. Seeing Hank outside looking at his truck engine, Brent tries to even things up with Hank and they fight over who's going to gas up the truck. Oscar brings home lots of junk which Emma finds him examining on the kitchen table. She warns him nicely to not bring home anymore. Insisting it's not hurting anyone, Mayor Fitzy sees the town's garbageman, Wade, has no trash to pick up and lays him off. Wade tells his children there'll be no presents for Christmas.

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Can't find any damn garbage.
At Corner Gas, Karen continues to harangue Brent and Wanda where her footbag is. Davis arrives and tells Brent that Hank's truck died and he needs a boost. Karen complains about the footbag and Davis begs Brent and Wanda to give it back. Brent finds Lacey giving Hank's truck a boost and is miffed that she stole his chance to even up with Hank. In town, Oscar finds a round rock which he insists was a practice Indian arrowhead. As Emma calls him an idiot, a flashback to 300 years before shows two Cree men arguing and that Oscar was right. At the Ruby, realizing Hank owes her a favour, Lacey tells Brent that if he helps Hank pay off the favour to her, he will have evened things up with Hank. Later, Brent and Hank wax the Ruby's floors while Lacey relaxes and Karen demands her footbag back.

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Some idiot will pick it up, eventually.
In town, Karen runs into Oscar as she's looking on the road side for her footbag. Oscar thinks it's funny that it was taken from her. Having finished waxing, Brent tells Hank that his favour to him was a lot bigger than carrying a candy rack. Wanda makes them realize that Lacey tricked them and they ask Wanda how they can get her back. Finding an antique pop bottle of a brand that Emma used to drink decades before, as Oscar shows it to her, she becomes enthused about his hobby. Asking him to bring the box of things he's found, they leave home in their car. As Brent and Hank wash Wanda's car, Lacey arrives and they smugly explain to her that since Lacey owes Wanda for the tickets, and Wanda owes them for washing her car, Lacey owes them, which she concedes.

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Dance monkey, dance.
Leaning against the police cruiser by a roadside, Davis gives Karen a new Hacky Sack. Appreciating the gesture but accusing him of stealing her old one, she drops it in the grass and finds her old footbag. Not showing Davis she found it, she says she's decided to forgive him. Driving down the road, Emma dumps Oscar's box of junk on the roadside. Oscar exclaims who will benefit by Emma emptying the box. Later, Fitzy finds the trash and rehires Wade, who brings his kids new bikes. At Corner Gas, leaving for the concert, Lacey and Wanda tells Brent and Hank that them washing Wanda's car was Lacey's idea. Since they each owe each other one, no owes anyone a favour. Thanking them for waxing the floor and washing the car, the ladies get in Wanda's car. However, the car won't start until Brent and Hank help them. Owing them a favor, later, the ladies build the fence at Hank's cousin's farm. Kirk Berkley finds the pair of pants by the roadside.

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This is your fault.


  • Jackass!: After Oscar shows Brent and Wanda a pair of pants that he found by the road side, Wanda teases Brent that he's becoming more like Oscar every day. Going along with the kidding, Brent calls her a jackass.


"Wandering around picking up trash isn't a hobby, it's more like a symptom."
―Emma to Oscar
"I want my Hacky Sack back!"


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