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Liquor Store Logo 01 Liquor & Insurance
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Cousin Carl" — Last Appearance: "Final Countdown"

What can I do you for, liquor or insurance?
— Wes to Oscar, "Cousin Carl".

The Liquor & Insurance store is located on Main Street in Dog River and is owned by Wes Humboldt. Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Cousin Carl".


Season 1

Oscar tries to return a case of empty beer bottles but Wes tells Oscar the bottles are extremely old and aren't used anymore. Oscar flies into a rage over being denied $1.20 and yells he'll never return. Wes reminds Oscar he might need insurance in the future. ("Cousin Carl")

S01E08-Wes w empty
Stubby Heidelbergs?

Season 2

After Wes gets an ATM in the store, a large crowd of townsfolk gather there. However, they buy nothing, don't use the ATM and turn the store into a salon of discussion. Fearing the "ATM crowd" are planning to overthrow him, Mayor Fitzy has Davis convince Wes to get rid of the ATM by giving him a pile of lumber. ("An American in Saskatchewan") After Lacey brings a bottle of wine to dinner at the Leroy's, Oscar goes to the liquor store to buy the same bottle and finds it very expensive. ("Pandora's Wine") Oscar maligns Wes' slow pitch team, the "Wild Ones." ("Slow Pitch")

S02E12-ATM Crowd

Season 5

Minutes before midnight of his 40th birthday, with no bottle of rare Scotch to celebrate due to Hank, Brent wakes Wes up. At the Liquor store, Wes has a bottle that costs $450, which Brent declines. Hank offers to pay for it with his truck but Wes jokes that another $400 would be owed. Brent steps in and pays for the bottle. ("Final Countdown")

No, I've always been here.


  • "The "Hoff Insurance" sign is visible behind Brent in the opening scene as he and Hank watch a Dog River Centennial banner being put up. ("Block Party")
  • Brent mentions the store during his stand up comedy act at the Chuckle Barn. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")
  • The Liquor store was inspired by the real liquor and insurance store in Rouleau, Saskatchewan, "Hoff Insurance", run by the former Mayor of Rouleau, Ken Hoff. Besides liquor and insurance, the store has a motor license issuing center and greeting cards.


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