Leroy's House

Leroy's House Logo 01.jpg Residence
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"

Well I don't know the damn street address. Your mother knows the number. You know where the house is! You grew up there for the love of mutt.
— Oscar, "Ruby Reborn".

S03E13-Leroy house winter.jpg
Leroy house in winter.
The Leroy's house is the home of Oscar and Emma Leroy and is where Brent grew up. The decor is quite old as is the furniture. Emma has a large garden beside the house. The town's water tower is behind the house, which Brent and Hank Yarbo spray painted in 1986. ("Grad '68") Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Ruby Reborn".


The house has a living room, kitchen, basement and three bedrooms upstairs. Emma temporarily turned Brent's old bedroom into a sewing room in 2006. ("Kid Stuff") Two bedrooms were turned into guest rooms when Oscar lied that the house was a B&B. ("Bed and Brake Fast") There's only one bathroom. The garage is detached and contains a workshop though Oscar's also used the basement for projects. Four games of the Table Hockey Summit Series was held in the basement in 2007. ("The Good Old Table Hockey Game") There's a BBQ in the back yard ("The J-Word") and in 2008, a hot tub was installed. ("Good Tubbin'")

S03E13-Hank Oscar Emma.jpg
Christmas 2005.

S02E18-Leroy kitchen.jpg
Jelly salad time.

S02E06-Oscar bathroom.jpg
Oscar showering.

S04E06-Wanda ruined bathroom.jpg
Modified (and ruined) bathroom.

S04E14-Game 1 crowd.jpg
Table Hockey Summit Series.

S04E11-Emma Hank sewing.jpg
Brent's old bedroom.

S05E03-Emma Oscar bed.jpg
Leroy's bedroom.


  • The house number is "717" on the show. Its actual address is 109 D'Arcy Street in Rouleau, Saskatchewan.
  • The design of the bathroom changes significantly over time with the tub/shower moving from the right ("Poor Brent") to the left, ("Jail House") and then the toilet and sink switching spots. ("Wash Me")
  • In 2006, Hank installed a digital thermostat. ("Two Degrees of Separation") Subsequently, the old thermostat was seen in all episodes.
  • Helen used to live next door ("Picture Perfect") but moved away and Mertyl moved in. ("Meat Wave")
  • In later seasons, a painted backdrop with a railing and flowerpots was sometimes used for scenes at the door. ("Spin Cycle") This is very different than the real background used for most episodes, shot at the house that poses as the Leroy's home in Rouleau. The home interior set was in Regina.
  • Oscar petitions Mayor Fitzy into getting a sidewalk ("Coming Distractions") but, there's always been a sidewalk in front of the house, right back to when it was shown in the first episode. ("Ruby Reborn")


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