Lacey Burrows

Lacey Burrows Logo 01.jpg Owner, Ruby Cafe

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Gabrielle Miller
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"
Nicknames: Pork Chop Face
Family: Ruby (aunt), Eli (great, great uncle), Sharon (cousin)
Episode Count: 107
Oh, gee. When will I learn to fit into this town?
— Lacey, "Hero Sandwich".

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Lacey Burrows portrayed by Gabrielle Miller.
Lacey Burrows took over the cafe in Dog River after the death of her Aunt Ruby and renamed it in her honour, calling it The Ruby. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, she is perpetually trying to fit into small-town life, with mixed results. Lacey has a habit of getting involved in other people's business, is a terrible liar and thinks everyone has a crush on her. She's portrayed by Gabrielle Miller.

Season 1

She is easy on the eyes.

–Brent, "World's Biggest Thing".

Season Overview

Lacey arrives in Dog River after inheriting her Aunt Ruby's café. She meets the town's quirky people including her business neighbour, Brent, owner of Corner Gas, and his friend Hank, who takes issue with the changes she makes to the Ruby Cafe. Lacey offends Davis when she overturns her Aunt Ruby's free coffee policy for Dog River's police officers, which places Karen in an awkward position when she offers to pay for coffee. Lacey offers a Pilates class which offends Wanda, who teaches a "mat class." Brent and Lacey have a harrowing time babysitting Wanda's son Tanner until saved by Emma.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Ruby Reborn": Lacey introduces herself to Brent, Hank and Wanda and shows them the Howler, where she's accused of ruining the cafe. Lacey has a grand opening at the cafe in which Josh buses tables. Hank openly complains and announces he's going to put the cafe out of business by boycotting it. Later, after Brent breaks Hank's boycott sign, Hank tells Brent he won't be intimidated and hates how the place is decorated. Lacey shows everyone her last change, installation of a sign naming the cafe "The Ruby" after her deceased aunt. Everyone, even Hank, approves and they go in for a coffee. However, when Brent finds out that Lacey isn't serving Brent's favorite, chili cheese dogs, he heads outside and carries a protest sign.

"Tax Man":

"Pilates Twist":

"Oh Baby!":

"Grad '68":

"World's Biggest Thing":

"All My Ex's Live in Toronto":

"Cousin Carl":

"Cell Phone":

"Comedy Night":

"Hook, Line and Sinker":

"Face Off":

"I Love Lacey":

Season 2

You're a terrible liar. The whole town knows it.

–Oscar, "Whataphobia".

Season Overview

After nearly kissing Brent, Lacey is puzzled that he's not interested in dating her. Lacey believes Oscar can't read and tries to help him. Frustration sets in for Lacey as everyone beats Hank at Scrabble except her. Davis' attempt to help Lacey with her phobia has her thinking he has a crush on her. She loses her cool over a jewelery purchase from Wanda. Lacey's "Ruby Club" sandwich proves to be too popular and she later has a battle of cookies with Brent. Lacey's mystified by the town's time capsule and later, tries to learn curling. She accidentally gets Brent, Emma and Oscar hooked on expensive food and hosts a doctor, Chris Garner, who accuses her of dressing slutty. Lacey learns that one of her ancestors was responsible for giving Dog River its name. To show her enthusiasm for air shows, Lacey lies to the Snowbirds and gets them to perform over Corner Gas and the Ruby. Lacey's no-show at a slow pitch game against Wes' team has a big impact. Her inability to lie or keep a secret inadvertently benefits all her friends and a woman Hank is dating, Heather.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"The Brent Effect":

"Wedding Card":

"Smell of Freedom":


"Lost and Found":

"Poor Brent":

"Hero Sandwich":

"Security Cam"

"Bingo Night":

"Mosquito Time":

"Hurry Hard":

"An American in Saskatchewan":

"Pandora's Wine":

"Doc Small":

"Rock On!":

"Air Show":

"Slow Pitch":

"Harvest Dance":

Season 3

All hail the interloper!

–Lacey, "Ruby Newsday".

Season Overview

Lacey has a set to with Emma over being paid to wash dishes.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Dress for Success":

"Key to the Future":

"Dog River Vice":

"Will and Brent":

"The Littlest Yarbo":

"Mail Fraud":

"Fun Run":

"Trees a Crowd":

"Picture Perfect":

"Safety First":

"Hair Loss":

"Ruby Newsday":

"Merry Gasmas":

"Friend of a Friend":

"Block Party":

"Physical Credit":

"Telescope Trouble":

"Bean There":

"Road Worthy":

Season 4

I'm the Queen of Horseshoes. Who will challenge me?

–Lacey, "Blog River".

Season Overview

Lacey's upset with Wanda when she doesn't side with her in a dispute with Hank staining the Ruby's deck.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Hair Comes the Judge":

"Dog River Dave":

"Two Degrees of Separation":

"Just Brent and His Shadow":


"Jail House":

"I, Witness":

"Blog River":

"Outside Joke":

"One Piano, Four Hands":

"Kid Stuff":

"Mother's Day":

"Census Sensibility":

"The Good Old Table Hockey Game":

"Lacey Borrows":

"Potato Bowl":

"Seeing Things":

"Happy Campers":

"Gopher It":

Season 5

Too upbeat, a little needy, overly fastidious. Nope, same old Lacey.

–Karen, "No Time Like the Presents".

Season Overview

Lacey has creative differences with Emma and Wanda when planning a local cable show.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Cable Excess":

"Spin Cycle":

"Whiner Takes All":

"Dark Circles":

"Wash Me":

"The Eight Samurai":

"Buzz Driver":

"Classical Gas":

"Game, Set and Mouse":

"Knit Wit of the Month":

"Top Gum":

"The J-Word":

"Outside the Box":

"Contagious Fortune":

"No Time Like the Presents":

"Coming Distractions":

"The Accidental Cleanist":

"Bed and Brake Fast":

"Final Countdown":

Season 6

Who would have thought that inside that skinny, little frame lived the heart of a giant, gluttonous porker.

–Brent, "Full Load".

Season Overview

Lacey surprises everyone with her eating skills until she takes on Brent.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Full Load":

"Bend It Like Brent":


"Meat Wave":

"All That and a Bag of Chips":

"Good Tubbin'":

"American Resolution":

"Reader Pride":

"Rock Stars":

"Shirt Disturber":

"Cat River Daze":

"Super Sensitive":

"TV Free Dog River":

"Queasy Rider":

"R2 Bee Too":

"Crab Apple Cooler":

"Happy Career Day to You":

"Get the F Off My Lawn":

"You've Been Great, Goodnight":


  • She doesn't like children. ("Oh Baby!")
  • Once worked at a comedy club. ("Comedy Night")
  • Coached Dog River's hockey team, the Dog River Riverdogs, and used to nickname herself "Xanadu." ("Face Off")
  • Is a terrible liar and has globaphobia. ("Whataphobia")
  • Considers herself a sweetheart and secretly believes that she alone of the town's women deserves the "Woman of Distinction" award, which she wins. ("The Good Old Table Hockey Game")
  • She's a poor winner displayed when playing thumb-wresting with Wanda, ("Smell of Freedom") horseshoes with Oscar ("Blog River") and golf with Brent and Hank. ("Whiner Takes All")
  • It is implied that she and Brent Leroy have feelings for one another, although neither will admit or act upon them. However by 2014, this has changed, as Lacey and Brent have been a couple for several years. ("Corner Gas: The Movie (Film)")
  • Brent Butt named the character after Burrows, Saskatchewan.


"Brent as Lacey's boyfriend. Now that's something I'd like to see."
―Wanda, "All My Ex's Live in Toronto".
"You don't think I'm worth puttin' the moves on?"
―Lacey to Brent, "I Love Lacey".
"Well, I hate to say it, Lacey. But in this particular case, you're the dingle."
―Wanda, "Hair Comes the Judge".
"That was blue shirt Brent. Black shirt Brent would eat crunchy peanut butter right off a spoon. No bread. He's a bad boy and you like it."
―Wanda to Lacey, "Dark Circles".
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