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"Lacey Borrows"
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Season: Four — Episode: 15
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Andrew Carr — Aired: February 12, 2007 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: When Karen thinks that she and Lacey are past the point of asking to borrow things, it becomes open season on each other's possessions. Oscar, Emma and Wanda are aghast that Brent has never seen a horror movie and set out to scare him into manhood. Hank starts wearing cargo pants that can hold everything anyone could ever need.


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Let my pants surprise you. Come on, challenge me.
— Hank
At the Ruby Cafe, Hank and Davis play football with a coin and get confused about who will buy lunch. At Corner Gas, Brent is surprised to find that Emma and Oscar watch slasher movies. Admitting he's never seen one, Brent then relates that in high school, he took a girl to a drive-in theatre to see a horror movie and implies he missed it because they were making out. Wanda correctly deduces that Brent spent the whole time at the snack bar. At the Ruby, Lacey notices her jacket is gone and complains to Davis, who's too busy eating lunch and stealing Hank's fries. However, Karen arrives wearing Lacey's jacket. Karen explains that she felt she and Lacey are close enough that they can borrow from each other without giving notice. Lacey takes Karen's sunglasses off her head and then learns Karen borrowed $10 from her.

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He's not the kind to burp and tell.
Bemoaning that Brent's never seen a horror movie and worried he's a wimp, Emma orders Brent to watch one with them and Wanda invites herself along. At the Ruby, having waited ten minutes for Hank to find his debit card in his truck, Davis is exasperated when Hank returns with his cell phone. Imagining that a wallet would solve all of Hank's problems, Davis can't convince Hank to get one. However, after Davis tells Hank an exaggeration of the time he wastes finding things, Hank gives it second thought. At Corner Gas, Wanda tries to get Brent to pick a movie to watch but he spoofs them all and would rather watch Garfield. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Hank shows Davis and Karen his new cargo pants. Announcing that its many pockets make it easy for him to carry all he or anyone could ever need, they ask for several common items, but Hank doesn't have any of them.

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You're an embarrassment to your pants.
In front of the Foo Mart, Lacey learns about the video party for Brent from Emma and Oscar and tells them she borrowed Karen's sunglasses. Karen gives a ticket to a driver who laughs at Karen's vintage replacement sunglasses. At Corner Gas, Hank gathers many items to carry in his pants, feeling an obligation to be ready if anyone asks for anything. However, he forgot his money in his truck. At the Police station, Lacey returns Karen's sunglasses feeling she's taught Karen a lesson. However, Karen took Lacey's iPod without asking. To get Karen back, Lacey takes a cell phone off Karen's desk and threatens to make some expensive calls. Lacey leaves but it's Davis' cell phone she took. At the Ruby, Hank is able to produce jam, wipes and after challenging Brent to ask for anything from his pants, several types of pliers.

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Regular or needle nose?
At the Police station, Karen's laptop is missing and she thinks that Hank took it to add to the items he offers from his pants. However, Lacey took it so Karen scolds Davis for not stopping her. Karen hosts the slasher flick viewing and Emma compliments her on her hospitality. Brent is frightened at the slightest suggestion of any surprises from Wanda and Oscar, after asking many questions about the movie, falls asleep. Hank joins Davis at the Hotel bar where he produces a beer from his pants. Phil confiscates the bottle but this doesn't stop Hank from producing more booze from his pants. With the movie over and everyone terrified, Lacey arrives and demands to know why they're all in her house. Karen explains that she "borrowed" it for the movie viewing which Lacey is not happy with.

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Clean? There's blood everywhere.
The next day at Corner Gas, Hank asks Brent for more items for his pants, which have become a burden to him. Phil Mallett asks Hank for a thimble and he snaps. At the Ruby, Karen and Lacey argue, vow there'll be no limits to their borrowing and Karen finds that Lacey took her purse. At the Leroy's, Emma's too scared to go into the basement to get pickles and Oscar refuses to help her. At the Ruby, Hank complains to Lacey about how much effort keeping his pants full stocked is taking. She recommends "breaking up" with his pants but Hank is concerned it might hurt the pants' feelings. Having received a call from Emma to help get the pickles, Brent tells Wanda. Wanda makes fun of the Leroy's fear until Brent asks her to clean the stock room while he's gone.

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Sorry. I thought you were a psycho.
With Karen, Hank shreds his pants in a wood chipper, which Karen borrowed from Lacey. However, Hank forgot his debit card was still in the pants. At the Leroy's, Brent gets the pickles, having been desensitized by seeing the horror movie. Oscar's proud of Brent and asks him to get his rake from the shed as he's too scared to go in alone. By the police cruiser, Lacey returns Karen's curling iron. Karen won't back down from the continued borrowing so Lacey takes the cruiser. Wanda enters the darkened stock room with a broom and freaks out, swatting wildly. Brent arrives and is nearly hit by the broom. He calls an end to watching any more scary movies and has a movie night at Lacey's, featuring a chimp playing basketball. At the Ruby, Hank has no dental floss when Oscar asks for some and he shows Davis that he got a wallet.

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This way there's closure. It's not you, it's me.


  • Brent mentions he's never seen a horror movie but he's familiar enough with them that he tries to scare Tanner Dollard by dressing up as Jason from "Friday the Thirteenth" and mentions Freddy Kruger from "Nightmare on Elm Street." ("Oh Baby!")
  • The slasher movie watched is "The Long Weekend of Evil."


"So I could borrow anything of yours, anytime, no questions asked?"
―Lacey to Karen
"I'm not good at confrontation."


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