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"Knit Wit of the Month"
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Season: Five — Episode: 10
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: Norm Hiscock — Aired: January 28, 2008 — Viewers (millions): 1.18
Summary: To Wanda's dismay, Brent refuses to follow Lacey's example of employee recognition. She seeks appreciation at the Ruby only to find she can't live up to Lacey's expectations. Hank takes up knitting and hounds Emma to teach him a new stitch. Oscar takes over the senior's column in the Howler while Karen and Davis decide to help him to keep him off the streets.


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I mean, that man can pack it away. Oh, I'm talking like can eat. I mean, he can really pack it away.
— Lacey about Brent
At Corner Gas, as Brent works, Hank idles and then complains he doesn't have the time for a hobby. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey privately maligns Phil to Brent for having a cake for his one employee in appreciation of her service. Saying that it's lame, they both agree that extras aren't required for their staff. At the Leroy's, Oscar complains he can't find the Senior's Beat in the Howler. Emma points out that the obituary of the column's writer is on the front page. On Centennial Street, Oscar nags Mayor Fitzy about who's going to write the column. Oscar rejects all of Fitzy's proposals and then takes the job himself. At the Town Hall, Hank finds Emma, Helen, Mertyl and other seniors, knitting. At Helen's invitation, he joins their club, the "Knit Wits", over Emma's objections.

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Hey, look who's being appreciated.
At the Ruby, Brent is disappointed to find Lacey's hung an employee of the month picture up for her one staffer, Josh. Lying that Josh was whining about Phil's cake, Lacey really hung the picture to feel she's a good boss. In front of the Hotel, Karen and Davis are delighted when they learn from Emma that Oscar is writing for the Howler, as its stopped his constant complaining to them. At Corner Gas, Wanda unsuccessfully tries to get Brent to believe that a customer said that she should get the same recognition as Josh. In front of the Police station, Oscar points out his column in the Howler to Davis and Karen. Consisting of one derogatory sentence, he announces he's quit writing for the paper. Davis and Karen are concerned that without the column to keep him occupied, he'll start haranguing them again.

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Hey, Lace-a-roo.
At the Ruby, as the ladies knit, Hank invites himself into their booth. Emma hustles everyone out and evades Hank's questions about when the club will meet again. Davis and Karen convince Oscar to keep writing for the Howler by promising their help. At the Ruby, Wanda's jealous of Josh's award but Brent warns her having a picture of herself up will result in its defacement. Lacey challenges Brent to show he's a good employer so he gives himself an employer of the month award and posts his picture at the station. At Corner Gas, Hank congratulates Brent and asks if he's seen Emma. Lacey isn't happy that Brent's mocking her and Wanda points out she's working while Brent's being lazy.

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Maybe we should have some cake.
Hank catches up with the ladies at the Leroy's as Emma's blabbing about Oscar. Helen and Mertyl leave right away and Emma fakes a cramp to get Hank to go. He begs her to show him how to knit which she agrees to. Emma then talks for hours about Oscar as Hank knits. Not able to take it anymore, Hank makes an excuse to leave and evades Emma's questions about their next knitting meeting. At the Police station, after Oscar makes a list of things he hates, he chooses cats pooping on lawns as his next story. Davis wants to do a story on garbage cans, which Oscar nixes. Telling Karen to write the story, Oscar leaves for a nap. At Corner Gas, Wanda tells Brent that's she not upset anymore about his lack of recognition. At the Ruby, she shows Brent that Lacey's made her customer of the month and hung a picture of her up.

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I like Blondie's cat poop thing.
Brent's offended, given how much he eats at the Ruby and points out Wanda's rude behavior in the cafe. Lacey taunts Brent with her choice. Helen and Mertyl arrive at Hank's house and while knitting, relate that they weren't trying to get away from him, but from Emma's constant nattering about Oscar. After Emma unexpectedly shows up, the ladies are grateful when Hank gets them to escape out the back door while he lets Emma in. In front of the Police station, Fitzy congratulates Oscar on the cat poop article which Karen nearly takes credit for. To stop Davis constantly suggesting an article about garbage cans, Oscar agrees to let him write one. At Hank's house, Emma drones on about Oscar, causing Hank to daydream about knitting a scarf that would wrap around her mouth.

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Is there another way out?
At Corner Gas, Lacey tries to hide her distress that Brent hasn't been eating at the Ruby. She lies that things Wanda's picking up the slack with her eating at the cafe. Brent also lies that the lunches he's been making for himself are great as he bites into a pickle and jam sandwich. At the Police station, Davis and Karen are stumped what to write about Oscar and garbage cans. They ignore the ringing phone, which is a call from two seniors that have been robbed. At the Ruby, although Wanda's ordered a salad, Lacey brings her a chili cheese dog. Telling Wanda how much she's going to have to eat to match Brent's intake, Lacey admits missing him as a customer. Wanda's amazed at how much Brent eats but wants to retain being customer of the month.

They're not answering.
At Corner Gas, while Wanda looks for something to settle her stomach, Brent smells chili cheese dog on her and his stomach growls. On Centennial Street, the senior who was robbed asks Oscar to write an article that the police don't respond to calls from seniors. At the Police station, Oscar proposes the article to Davis and Karen, resulting in Karen quitting but Davis offering to write it. Emma runs into Hank on Centennial Street and tries to set a time to get together and knit. Saying the other ladies can't meet her, which she blames on them not liking Hank, Hank also begs off. Indicating he has a job shoveling manure, Emma accompanies him on the job and continues to go on about Oscar, boring Hank. In front of the Police station, Fitzy maligns the latest Senior's Beat article to Oscar. Discovering Davis wrote it, Fitzy threatens to fire Oscar unless he writes the column himself, so, Oscar fires Davis.

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At the Ruby, Wanda moans in pain while trying to eat a second chili cheese dog, made worse when Lacey brings her dessert. Brent arrives and teases Wanda for being a light weight. However, the olive and sour cream sandwich he's brought for lunch can't compare to Lacey's food so he proposes a deal. At Corner Gas, Wanda's thrilled that Brent's made her employee of the month and hung a picture of her up. Brent finishes Wanda's lunch and looks forward to several more dogs. Later, Hank sees Wanda's picture, which was defaced by Brent. Saying that Emma was banned from the manure shoveling job for talking too much, Brent wonders who she's going to talk to. At the Leroy's, Emma tells her stories about Oscar to Oscar but lies that they're about another man. Oscar tries to record them on a typewriter for his Howler column but can't type.

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Hey Lacey, you got a marker?


  • One of the pictures on Davis' desk is him as Constable McWoof. ("Dog River Vice")
  • Wanda proclaims her dislike of pie again. ("Hair Comes the Judge")
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it twice, once to Davis for not being able to find Oscar's column in the Howler and once unknowingly about himself, when referring to the person Emma is talking about in her stories.


"Emma drives us crazy. She goes on and on about Oscar."


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