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"Kid Stuff"
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Season: Four — Episode: 11
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: November 27, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.43
Summary: When Emma starts using Brent's old bedroom for sewing, she gives his old toys to Hank, causing Brent to feel sentimental. Oscar starts selling cookies door-to-door to make extra cash and has an eager assistant in Karen. Davis frustrates Lacey by trying to order off the kid's menu and Wanda gets folksy with the Corner Gas customers.


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You've given Hank my entire childhood. My ghost gun, my balloon cannon, my super slider snow skates.
— Brent to Emma
At Corner Gas, Emma finds Brent on the floor, ruing a rip in his jeans. Brent doesn't want to throw them away and imagines all the things he's done in the jeans, including an imaginary sword fight. After insulting Brent for having no significant other in his life who can help him, Emma says she'll patch the pants. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey gives Hank a simple explanation why worms only come out when it rains. Wanda provides the correct, scientific reason which Hank doesn't accept. Lacey tells Wanda that people are put off by her technical talk. At Corner Gas, Hank and Brent learn Oscar is buying a new wheelbarrow and that Emma gives him money every week. Oscar swears when he realizes he's on an allowance.

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Back, you scoundrel!
At the Ruby, Lacey won't let Davis order macaroodles, an item from the kids menu. Karen denies she's short on money but trying to eat a sandwich she brought in, Lacey takes it from her. At Corner Gas, Brent tells Hank that Emma is patching his pants so Hank checks to ensure Brent is wearing some. At the Leroy's, while Emma is setting up her sewing machine, Oscar tears into her for running the family budget. Emma teases Oscar that he can't manage money so he vows to make some. To escape Oscar, Emma moves her sewing machine into Brent's old room. Hank visits Brent's old room and asks Emma to sew up pants for him. Seeing all of Brent's toys brings back memories of playing with them as a kid and he gets Emma's blessing to take many of them.

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Does that mean you'll go with them?
At Corner Gas, Brent wonders why the radio isn't working so Wanda gives a detailed explanation. Accusing her of dropping it, she dumbs down the reason it's broken, Brent accepts this and plans to buy a new one. At the Leroy's, Emma tells Oscar she's turning Brent's room into a sewing room and discovers that Oscar's planning to sell cookies he got from Girl Guide Molly. At Corner Gas, as Karen buys chips with a lot of coins, she talks about the weather. Wanda gives several hillbilly weather analogies including one involving a nun's bum which Karen finds amusing. Going door-to-door, Oscar tries to sell cookies to a man who jokes that only little girls do this. Oscar calls him a jackass and he gets the door slammed in his face. Walking with Karen, Davis is miffed he can't get the macaroodles. A boy asks if they'll sponsor him in a walk-a-thon which Davis supports.

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It's a mind boggling affront to justice.
Karen makes excuses for not giving the boy money, including that he needs a license so, Davis scolds Karen. At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent is distressed finding that Hank is wearing a t-shirt from when he was a boy and, that he's taken his toys. At the Ruby, the boy orders macaroodles for Davis but Lacey sees through the ploy. At Corner Gas, Wanda is folksy with a woman who is taking her family camping. The woman asks Wanda if there's bears where they're going and Wanda jokingly advises her that rubbing a bear's belly will prevent any danger. In Brent's old room, Emma's sewn a 70's leisure suit which she has Brent try on. Outside the Dog River Hotel, Oscar unsuccessfully tries to sell Phil cookies to go with beer. Karen catches Oscar but she's intrigued to find she can make extra money and starts selling them.

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She gave me all kinds of your old stuff.
At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Lacey again refuses to serve Davis macaroodles. Davis asks Wanda if Lacey is being prejudice against him and they overhear on Davis' radio that a family went missing in bear country while camping. Wanda panics, thinking the woman she gave deadly advice to about bears is the one missing and curses being colloquial. Later, Wanda apologizes to a man she misled about politics. At Corner Gas, Brent complains to Emma about her giving his childhood items to Hank. Emma's patched Brent's pants with hippie flowers, which he wasn't expecting, but thanks her. At the Hotel bar, Karen counts her cookie earnings and demands a large cut from Oscar. She threatens to bust Oscar for not having a license to sell them and the little boy says Karen is serious.

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This folksy crap should not be taken lightly.
At Corner Gas, Hank plays with one of Brent's toys in front of Lacey and Brent. Lacey remarks that the toys are collectables and maybe valuable. At the Ruby, Wanda apologizes to a nun for her earlier joke about a nun's bum. At the Police station, still negotiating over Karen's cut, Oscar learns she wants the money as she lost her purse. Admitting this is embarrassing for a police officer, Oscar threatens to tell Davis if she doesn't accept a low percentage. Brent and Hank take pictures of all of Brent's stuff to an antique shop. The owner isn't interested in any of the toys but offers $800 for Emma's old sewing machine. At the Ruby, a man who found Karen's purse returns it to her. Since Oscar's blackmail threat is now useless, she demands a large cut again. Oscar admits he owes money to Molly, who he's frightened of, but agrees to Karen's demand.

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I want my money Leroy.
At Corner Gas, the camping woman returns, much to Wanda's relief. After hugging her, Wanda tells the woman to not rub a bear's belly and uses Latin and other complex terminology. The woman says she liked Wanda better when she talked like a hillbilly. At the Leroy's, as Oscar reads the Howler, Emma tells Brent that his bedroom is becoming her sewing room. However, once he informs her of the antique shop owner's offer, she quickly changes her mind. Brent makes a joke and Oscar maligns him for acting like a kid. He then asks Emma for a raise in his allowance and hearing the doorbell, hides and tells Emma that if it's Molly, he's not home. At the Ruby, Lacey gives in to Davis' begging and serves him macaroodles, which is macaroni noodles. Davis is disappointed, thinking it was oodles of macaroons. He then order peaches and cottage cheese which Oscar says is only for seniors.

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All right. I am tired of the whining.


  • Brent's Linda Ronstadt poster is greeted by Hank in his bedroom. Years before, Brent mentioned to Emma that the poster was still in his room. ("Mosquito Time")
  • Other items in Brent's bedroom include a poster of the Queen City Kids, a Sopwith Triplane model and a Mr. Potato Head.
  • Wanda says "Y'all come on back now, ya hear?" which is one of the catch phrases of Jed Clampett.
  • Tim Allen, who plays the man Oscar tries to sell cookies to, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it four times. Three times to and about a man who he's trying to sell cookies to (who says it back to him) and once to Davis for ordering peaches and cottage cheese at the Ruby Cafe.


"Holy hell! I'm on an allowance!"
"You think I'm going to let you run the budget? By the end of the end of the week we'd own a kangaroo farm."
―Emma to Oscar
"We're not authorized to use lethal force in cookie related situations."


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