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"Key to the Future"
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Season: Three — Episode: 2
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell — Aired: September 26, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: Hank dreams he can predict the future which Wanda and Brent have fun with until one of the predictions comes true for Wanda. Lacey decides to fix the town's pothole under Oscar's misguidance and Davis and Karen learn where you should never leave your keys.


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Who knows? You know, maybe Hank has tapped into some deep part of his subconscious mind that the rest of us can't access.
— Brent
Hanging outside Corner Gas, Hank complains to Brent about a classic cartoon not being realistic. Brent successfully uses the ruse in the cartoon on Hank. Inside Corner Gas, Lacey complains to Brent, Wanda and Oscar about the only pothole in town. She wonders why it's never been filled in as Oscar calls it a landmark. Outside town, at the police cruiser, having lost his keys, Davis asks Karen to open the trunk with her keys, since the automatic opener is broken. Karen is concerned with what she sees in the trunk. As Josh cooks at the Ruby Cafe, Lacey tells Brent that she's not going to fix the pothole as her plans to improve the town always backfire and then the townsfolk think she's eccentric.

S03E02-Karen Davis cruiser
Davis, could you come here?
Having found a shovel, lye and rubber gloves in the trunk, Davis explains to Karen they were all items various people asked him for which he didn't have. Feeling they were losing confidence in him, which would lead to anarchy, he stocked up on them. Brent tells Lacey that the townsfolk only resist big, sudden changes. Lacey remembers a number of trivial new things she introduced at the Ruby which Oscar, Emma and Davis all vigorously protested. At Corner Gas, Hank tells Wanda he had a vague dream that something bad is going to happen to Emma. Brent enters and learning of this, receives a call from Emma that she spilled the last can of tomato juice and asks Brent to bring one over before Oscar discovers it, but he does.

S03E02-Emma tomato juice
Brent, I need you to do something for me.
Brent relates what happened to Emma which scares Hank. Thinking he might be psychic, despite not being able to provide any specifics of what the future holds, Wanda supports Hank's notion. Hank leaves and Brent discovers that Wanda was just winding Hank up. Davis again asks Karen for her keys to get in the trunk but finds she left them in the trunk. As they walk back into town, Davis rebukes Karen and says at least he didn't lock his keys in the trunk. He worries this will cause a loss in their credibility. At the Ruby, Oscar critisizes Lacey when he finds out she plans to do nothing about the pothole. She insists there should be a town meeting about it but Oscar maligns her generation as being bureaucratic. Saying she just needs a few volunteers, Lacey asks Brian, who complains about one of the changes Lacey made at the Ruby, so Oscar volunteers.

S03E02-Hank Brent Wanda
There's some higher powers, using me as a tool.
Lacey and Oscar get two teens to fill in the pothole but when Emma arrives, she thinks it's strange Lacey had it filled in and asks why she didn't consult anyone. Lacey protests but Emma doesn't believe her, due to the changes Lacey made at the Ruby. To boot, Oscar supports Emma, totally changing his position on the advice he gave Lacey. Hank arrives and tells Lacey something bad is going to happen. Karen and Davis happen on the scene and asking to see a permit for the work, Lacey sarcastically says permits were never required in Toronto. Hank believes he's predicted the future and Davis sees the unlawful roadwork as a sign that the townsfolk have lost confidence in him and Karen. The next day at Corner Gas, Brent shows Wanda that the Howler has proclaimed Hank to have special powers. Lacey is happy there's no article on her and pothole.

S03E02-Pothole filling
Chaos and anarchy.
Emma tries to cross Main Street but since the pothole is filled in, traffic speeds along. Brent pretends to Wanda that he believes Hank has ESP and when Hank arrives at Corner Gas, Wanda continues to egg Hank along, which is accelerated when Hank sees the Howler headline. Emma brings Davis and Karen to the filled-in pothole to show them that cars are speeding. Oscar lies that he wanted a speed bump but Lacey wouldn't let him make one. Lacey says she'll arrange for one but Emma critisizes her for not consulting anyone. As a car speeds by, Emma demands Davis get in his car and chase after it. With the cruiser still outside town, Davis yells at the driver to slow down. Brent and Hank run into hairdresser Sondra who asks Brent to tell Wanda she needs to move Wanda's hair appointment. Brent sees a chance to make it seem Hank is psychic and tells Sondra to call Wanda at Corner Gas at 4:05pm.

Something came up.
After Brent preps Hank for the scheme, Hank walks into Corner Gas just after 4:00pm and tells Wanda he had a bad dream about her in which her hair was twisted in a clock moving forward. The phone rings and making an excuse to not pick it up, Brent watches Wanda get the call from Sondra. Wanda tells Brent and Hank that Sondra moved her hair appointment the next day from the afternoon to the morning. She looks at Hank with foreboding but Hank says he doesn't understand. The next day at Corner Gas, Wanda tells Brent that she slept badly as she pours through books on ESP in order to understand how Hank is predicting the future. On Main Street, Lacey and Oscar have one of the teens create a speed bump where the pothole was. At Corner Gas, Davis and Karen ask Hank to fix the trunk release on the cruiser. Wanda gets out of stacking wiper fluid as she's still looking through the books.

S03E02-Hank perplexed
I don't get it.
On Main Street, Emma admits to Lacey that the speed bump slows traffic but feels it's contrived and suggests something that looks more natural is required which Lacey surmises is a pothole. Brent continues to work while Wanda reads. Lacey jackhammers a pothole while Emma tells Oscar to fix a warning sign for the pothole. Lacey sarcastically likes Oscar's threat that he'll never help her again. Having fixed the trunk opener, Hank finds Karen's keys. Seeing a bag of lye, he asks Davis if he can have it and when Davis says yes, Hank lifts it up and finds another set of keys. Davis denies they're his even though there's a "D" keychain on them. At Corner Gas, Wanda reveals to Brent that she found out about his scheme involving Sondra and has been reading to get out of doing work around the station.

S03E02-Lacey jackhammer
It's better than that speed bump.


  • Brent's comment "Oh, those Russians" is a line from the song Rasputin.
  • Wendy Anderson, who portrays Sondra, also portrayed the undercover cop who dressed as a prostitute and arrested Davis. ("I Love Lacey")


"You'd have to be an idiot to take the Howler seriously."
"Maybe science should lighten up."


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