Kelly Logo 01.jpg Club Owner

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Barry Kennedy
First Appearance: "You've Been Great, Goodnight"
Episode Count: 1

Put your hands together for your first comic, Brent Leroy.
— Kelly, "You've Been Great, Goodnight".

S06E19-Chuckle Barn.jpg
The Chuckle Barn.
Kelly is the owner of the Chuckle Barn, a comedy club, which Brent secretly does a stand up act at until discovered by his friends. Kelly meets Lacey, Hank and Wanda and knows who they are from references in Brent's act. However, he doesn't know who Davis and Karen are. Later, Kelly offers Brent a spot on a national comedy tour which Brent turns down. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")
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