Karen Pelly
Karen Pelly
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blond
Eye colour Green
Skin colour Light
Personal Information
Job Cop

Constable Karen Pelly (Tara Spencer-Nairn) is the ambitious and sometimes neurotic junior police officer in Dog River. Before becoming a police officer, she ranked fifth in Canada in the sport of static apnea, with a personal best of more than six minutes. She’s a very good cook, but does not want others to know, as she fears she may be stereotyped. She is also at least ten years younger than most other characters on the show. She also may or may not (with most evidence pointing towards the former) have slept with Hank. Karen plays a mean table hockey game using a fast-paced style of game. Along with her excellent style of play, she is apparently an expert on the different types of table hockey games, as she describes the year and model of the game.

In Corner Gas: The Movie, Karen is married; her husband is a Canadian Forces soldier (but is not actually shown in the film). She is also pregnant with the couple's first child.