Karen Pelly

Karen Pelly Logo 01.jpg Police Constable

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Tara Spencer-Nairn
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"
Nicknames: Special K
Episode Count: 107
I don't know if you've noticed Wanda, but Davis and I don't really do anything.
— Karen, "Happy Campers".

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Karen Pelly portrayed by Tara Spencer-Nairn.
Karen Pelly is the ambitious and sometimes neurotic junior police officer of Dog River. For many years until promoted, she was referred to as "Rookie" by her superior officer, Sergeant Davis Quinton. Hard-nosed, she's a perfect foil to Davis' sensitivity. Born in 1979, ("Shirt Disturber") before becoming a police officer, she ranked fifth in Canada in the sport of static apnea, with a personal best of more than six minutes. A fitness buff, Karen is also a super table hockey player. By 2014, Karen is married and pregnant with her first child. She's portrayed by Tara Spencer-Nairn.

Season 1

I don't know what you heard but I didn't sleep with him. Yes, maybe we made out and maybe it was incredible, but I didn't sleep with Hank.

–Karen, "Hook, Line and Sinker".

Season Overview

Karen and Davis argue about whose police cruiser is "Car One" and are thrilled that Lacey has opened the Ruby Cafe and is serving good coffee. Lacey offends Davis when she overturns her Aunt Ruby's free coffee policy for Dog River's police officers, which places Karen in an awkward position when she offers to pay for coffee. Karen solves a mystery that involves Brent and Hank having painted the town's water tower when they graduated in 1986.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Ruby Reborn":

"Tax Man":

"Pilates Twist":

"Oh Baby!":

"Grad '68":

"World's Biggest Thing":

"All My Ex's Live in Toronto":

"Cousin Carl":

"Cell Phone":

"Comedy Night":

"Hook, Line and Sinker":

"Face Off":

"I Love Lacey":

Season 2

I'm not drunk. I don't know how to ride a bike.

–Karen, "Air Show".

Season Overview

Karen launches an investigation after Davis admits to firing his weapon at crows.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"The Brent Effect":

"Wedding Card":

"Smell of Freedom":


"Lost and Found":

"Poor Brent":

"Hero Sandwich":

"Security Cam"

"Bingo Night":

"Mosquito Time":

"Hurry Hard":

"An American in Saskatchewan":

"Pandora's Wine":

"Doc Small":

"Rock On!":

"Air Show":

"Slow Pitch":

"Harvest Dance":

Season 3

We just found out that Karen played in a freak sport.

–Brent, "Block Party".

Season Overview

Davis tries to get back at Karen for making his queasiness worse.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Dress for Success":

"Key to the Future":

"Dog River Vice":

"Will and Brent":

"The Littlest Yarbo":

"Mail Fraud":

"Fun Run":

"Trees a Crowd":

"Picture Perfect":

"Safety First":

"Hair Loss":

"Ruby Newsday":

"Merry Gasmas":

"Friend of a Friend":

"Block Party":

"Physical Credit":

"Telescope Trouble":

"Bean There":

"Road Worthy":

Season 4

I used to really admire you and your way of life and I kinda modelled myself after you. But now, I'm gonna live my life like Karen.

–Hank to Brent, "The Good Old Table Hockey Game".

Season Overview

Brent accepts a hair cut from Karen which gets her in trouble with Emma.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Hair Comes the Judge":

"Dog River Dave":

"Two Degrees of Separation":

"Just Brent and His Shadow":


"Jail House":

"I, Witness":

"Blog River":

"Outside Joke":

"One Piano, Four Hands":

"Kid Stuff":

"Mother's Day":

"Census Sensibility":

"The Good Old Table Hockey Game":

"Lacey Borrows":

"Potato Bowl":

"Seeing Things":

"Happy Campers":

"Gopher It":

Season 5

No, you're a pretty face behind the big bubble.

–Hank, "Top Gum".

Season Overview

Hank becomes the subject of Davis and Karen's crime stopper show for local cable.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Cable Excess":

"Spin Cycle":

"Whiner Takes All":

"Dark Circles":

"Wash Me":

"The Eight Samurai":

"Buzz Driver":

"Classical Gas":

"Game, Set and Mouse":

"Knit Wit of the Month":

"Top Gum":

"The J-Word":

"Outside the Box":

"Contagious Fortune":

"No Time Like the Presents":

"Coming Distractions":

"The Accidental Cleanist":

"Bed and Brake Fast":

"Final Countdown":

Season 6

Davis, get a picture of me with the meat. I've never won anything before.

–Karen, "Meat Wave".

Season Overview

Karen's auctioneering mistake results in Wanda gaining ownership of Hank's truck.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Full Load":

"Bend It Like Brent":


"Meat Wave":

"All That and a Bag of Chips":

"Good Tubbin'":

"American Resolution":

"Reader Pride":

"Rock Stars":

"Shirt Disturber":

"Cat River Daze":

"Super Sensitive":

"TV Free Dog River":

"Queasy Rider":

"R2 Bee Too":

"Crab Apple Cooler":

"Happy Career Day to You":

"Get the F Off My Lawn":

"You've Been Great, Goodnight":



"The way you drift in and out of people's lives without leaving any permanent roots, you'd make a perfect undercover agent."
―Hank to Karen, "Friend of a Friend".

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