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"Just Brent and His Shadow"
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Season: Four — Episode: 4
Director: Robert de Lint — Writer: David Storey — Aired: October 9, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.33
Summary: Brent and Lacey mentor a couple of high-school students in a job shadow program only to prove they are less than inspirational leaders. Hank gets a fondue pot and inadvertently upsets Davis, an avid fondue enthusiast. Emma, unnerved by a friend's recent divorce, decides to be nicer to Oscar with unexpected consequences for Wanda.


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You've done a bang up job here. Because of that, people will expect a higher level of service. It's just settin' them up for disappointment. I can't do that to my customers.
— Brent to Pam
At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda talk with Emma and Oscar about friends of the Leroys who recently divorced due to arguing constantly. Emma and Oscar disagree over the meaning of "bicker" and "dicker" and Emma starts to worry their marriage may be in trouble. At the Ruby Cafe, Hank is concerned when he sees a teen in Lacey's kitchen. Explaining the teen, Pam, is her job shadow from the high school, Lacey praises Pam. Brent is put off and says he doesn't need a student at Corner Gas. Hank indicates that one of the pumps is out of order and he put up a sign for Brent. Later, Hank bothers a kid having a yard sale so much that the kid gives Hank a fondue set just to leave.

It's nothing if you just leave now.
At the pumps, Emma tries being nice to Oscar which surprises Brent. Seeing the sign Hank put on the pumps, Emma says Brent could use a job shadow. Brent decries the idea until Emma teases Brent that working at Corner Gas would be a waste for the student. Hank brings the fondue set to the Ruby and gets confused as Karen and Lacey explain what it's used for. Wade shows interest in the conversation and Davis is enthusiastic about fondue. At the Leroy's, Emma gives Oscar a drink and proposes going for a walk together. Oscar is so put off that he leaves to think about it. At the Ruby, as Karen talks about a fondue recipe requiring Kirsch, Lacey says she has some, but doesn't reveal she tried to give it to Brent as a Christmas gift, which he refused. Mayor Fitzy and Wade comment on the conversation.

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I thought it was French for somethin'.
At Corner Gas, Brent introduces Davis to Kyle, his job shadow. Brent fibs that the high school was desperate to place someone at the station but actually Wanda fielded a call from the principal in which the opposite was true. On Centennial Street, Lacey asks Emma to come to Karen's for a fondue party. Emma refuses, indicating she's trying to be nicer to Oscar and is planning to spend the afternoon with him. She thinks Oscar is coming around but at Corner Gas, Oscar tells Wanda that Emma is losing it. Wanda insults Oscar several times and he enjoys each one more and more. On the street, Davis asks Hank why he wasn't invited to the fondue party at Karen's. Hank insists it wasn't a party but his description contradicts his assertion.

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Look deeper, you'll find it was insulting.
At the Ruby, Wanda tells Lacey that she couldn't get rid of Oscar and wonders if she's losing her edge. Lacey reassures her and Pam calls Wanda abrasive, which she takes as a compliment. Oscar arrives and despite several hurtful comments from Wanda, he beams at her causing Lacey to wonder if Oscar has a thing for Wanda. At Corner Gas, Brent tries to impart wisdom to Kyle, who's not interested. Brent fakes nonchalance at several of Wanda's insults and Kyle agrees with Wanda that school is looking good. At the Leroy's, Oscar goes on about Wanda to Emma, who asks if he has a crush on her. Emma insists she doesn't want to argue and Oscar admits that Wanda managed to evade him. At the Ruby, Lacey mildly rebukes Pam for being short $1.25 for the day. Brent laughs at Lacey's oversight and in contrast, lets Kyle operate with little guidance. Kyle lets a customer have a bag of items for free.

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I mean it's not perfect.
Outside the Ruby, Davis tries to find out from Karen and Hank what happened at the fondue party. He's told it's not a group and what happens at fondue, stays there. Pleading that he can add a lot to the next party, he pushes too hard asking when the next gathering will be. At the Ruby, Brent complains about Kyle to Hank and then finds Kyle's decides to work at the Ruby. Brent feels snubbed, but when Pam indicates she'd like to work at Corner Gas and complains Lacey is high maintenance, Brent is thrilled. Lacey isn't happy and calls Pam, "the good one", insulting Kyle. Pam immediately makes a good impression at Corner Gas and Davis comments she provides service that Brent never does. At the Leroy's, Emma makes a special lunch for Oscar but he's not there.

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I don't know about this Kyle kid.
At Corner Gas, Wanda lies to Oscar that Paul's indicated he'll get free beer if he goes to the Hotel bar but Oscar isn't interested. At the Ruby, Lacey tells Karen she isn't impressed with Kyle. However, Kyle gives Karen soup he made which she finds delicious. Emma confronts Oscar and Wanda at Corner Gas, accusing Oscar of having a mid-life crisis and Wanda of giving Oscar reasons to like her. Wanda protests vigorously that she's tried to repel Oscar many times but Emma still warns her. Davis catches Hank on the street with the fondue set and doesn't believe him when Hank indicates there's no party and he's just loaning it to Emma. At the Corner Gas pumps, Wanda wonders how to get rid of Oscar. Pam advises being nice to him and then serves Jane, who prefers Pam's service to Brent's.

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Okay, this has got to stop.
At the Leroy's, Hank gives Emma the fondue set which she plans to use for a romantic lunch with Oscar. Oscar's not happy to be there and Davis believes Hank that there's no party. Karen and Lacey arrive with Kyle, who they say is a fondue expert. Emma wants privacy but Oscar's given her the slip. At Corner Gas, Pam shows a customer that Brent sold him the wrong air filter. Brent lets Pam go as her level of service is too high for the station. She's non-plussed and offers to fill out her termination slip. In front of the Foo Mart, Oscar sneaks up on Wanda who takes Pam's advice and is sweet towards him. Oscar is confused, then disgusted and leaves. Wanda shudders at the effort it took to be nice to Oscar. Everyone's impressed with Kyle's fondue but Davis doesn't have a skewer and feels left out. Kyle finds one and throwing it to Davis, it sticks in the palm of his hand.

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I respect your commitment to mediocrity.
Outside the Leroy's, a paramedic attends to Davis' wound and asks what happened. Wanting to show his commitment to the fondue group, Davis repeats Hank's adage that what happens at fondue, stays at fondue. Kyle's Dad and Mother, Francine, arrive at the Ruby asking for Lacey. Initially thinking they've come to thank her, Lacey surprised to discover that they're angry with her. Desiring that Kyle become a pro hockey player, they're distressed that he now wants to be a chef. Kyle's Dad orders Kyle into their car and Francine calls Lacey a bad person. Emma and Oscar poke fun at Lacey, who insults Oscar. Oscar likes the barb and warms to Lacey until Emma intervenes.

S04E04-Paramedic and Davis.jpg
So, a fondue accident?



"Teach a kid that if he doesn't work hard in school he could wind up workin' in a place like this."
"I'm not blaming you, Wanda. But I am warning you. Stop cutting my grass."


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