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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Josh Strait
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"
Episode Count: 92
I didn't even know he could talk.
— Brent about Josh, "Safety First".

S05E10-Josh employee
Josh portrayed by Josh Strait.
Josh is the cook and busboy who works at the Ruby Cafe. He is mainly seen cooking food while Lacey talks to the customers but he has spoken on numerous occasions. He's portrayed by Josh Strait.


Season 1

Josh buses tables at the Ruby's grand opening. ("Ruby Reborn") Josh cooks as Brent argues with Lacey that he should receive unlimited coffee refills. ("Tax Man") Josh cooks as Brent and Hank argue about having the same plaid shirt. ("Pilates Twist") Josh cooks as Lacey talks to Wanda about writing for the Howler. Later, he's cooking as Karen solves the mystery of "Grad '68" being painted on the town's water tower. ("Grad '68")

S01E02-Howler Brent Lacey
What's cookin' Josh?
Josh buses tables as Brent, Hank, Fitzy, Wes and Helen discuss what biggest thing to build. ("World's Biggest Thing") Josh cooks as Fitzy tells Lacey that she wasn't accepted into the Chamber of Commerce. ("Cell Phone") Josh serves Karen a coffee. ("Comedy Night") Brent and Lacey's advertising sign battle brings extra customers to the Ruby who Josh greets. ("Hook, Line and Sinker") Josh cooks as Hank tells Lacey about the town's hockey team, the Dog River Riverdogs. ("Face Off")

S01E11-Josh greeter
Josh the greeter.

Season 2

After Wanda believes that Lacey and Brent slept together, with Josh listening in, Lacey explains that she and Brent almost kissed. ("The Brent Effect") He's at the wedding rehearsal for Emma and Oscar. ("Wedding Card") He's cooking as Lacey plays Scrabble with Hank, ("Smell of Freedom") and while Lacey discusses her globaphobia with Brent. ("Whataphobia") Josh cooks as Hank tells Lacey that Brent owes him a favour, ("Lost and Found") and as Brent lets Fitzy buy him lunch as he's heard Brent's poor. ("Poor Brent") Josh cooks as Lacey gives Brent a sample of her new sandwich, the Ruby Club. ("Hero Sandwich")

S02E01-Josh and Lacey
Did you sleep with Brent?!
Josh buses tables as Davis pretends to be angry to audition for the new Corner Gas security cam. ("Security Cam") Josh cooks as Lacey tries to get Hank and Karen to buy freshly-made cookies. ("Bingo Night") Josh pours bacon fat into the Clavet Cup. ("Hurry Hard") Josh buses tables as the visiting American, Bill, asks Emma and Lacey about activities in Dog River. ("An American in Saskatchewan") Josh looks at an order as Lacey tells Emma and Oscar that she's saving money using Emma's meatloaf recipe. ("Pandora's Wine")

S02E08-Josh buses
This whole town's out of order!
Josh cooks as Davis, Emma and Karen tell Lacey she's been chosen to convince a new doctor to live in Dog River. ("Doc Small") Josh cooks as Lacey asks Davis and Karen if they know how Dog River got its name, ("Rock On!") and as Oscar talks about the upcoming air show with Brent. ("Air Show") Josh is a member of the Corner Gas Guzzlers softball team and wears #9. ("Slow Pitch") Josh cooks as Brent tells Lacey that he and Oscar have to scheme every year to get out of eating Emma's jelly salad. ("Harvest Dance")

S02E17-Josh w Guzzlers
Guzzler Josh.

Season 3

Josh cooks as Lacey tells Brent to not talk her into filling in the pothole on Main Street. ("Key to the Future") He cooks as Lacey teases Brent he's going through caffeine withdrawal ("Dog River Vice") and as Lacey tells Brent and Wanda the rules to the new bulletin board at the Ruby. ("Will and Brent") Josh cooks as Brent discusses with Lacey where their logos should go on travel mugs he's ordering. ("The Littlest Yarbo") He listens as Hank reads Brent's postcard from his "staycation." ("Mail Fraud") Josh cooks as Lacey asks for Brent's help opening a jar ("Trees a Crowd") and as Hank asks Lacey to be his "Trivia Zone" partner. ("Picture Perfect")

S03E06-Josh and Lacey
Josh hears about Brent's "staycation."
Frustrated that Lacey only sees him as a busboy, Josh quits and says he always wanted to be a llama farmer. Lacey asks Brent if he knew this about Josh but Brent comments it's the first time he's heard Josh speak. Later, Josh returns to the Ruby as a customer and asks Lacey for more coffee. Finally, after a llama bites Josh's fingers off on his right hand and they're reattached, he returns to work at the Ruby. Complaining of being in constant pain, he drops a stack of dishes in the kitchen. ("Safety First")

S03E10-Josh Lacey
That's all you see me as, a busboy?

S03E10-Josh coffee
Go farm a llama.

S03E10-Josh w cast
So they can just sew fingers back on, huh?

Josh cooks as Lacey performs a "magic trick" for Oscar. ("Hair Loss") Having decided to go to Toronto for Christmas, Lacey says goodbye to Josh and then informs Brent, who asks her to take him with her. ("Merry Gasmas") Josh cooks as Wanda complains to Lacey that everyone is planning a surprise birthday party for her. ("Block Party") As Brent tells Lacey that Wanda was denied a credit card, Josh cooks. ("Physical Credit")

I should be back in three, four days.
Josh cooks as Lacey tries to get Brent to try a coffee flavouring packet. ("Telescope Trouble") Desperate to find Lacey to get advice on what anniversary gift he should get Emma, Oscar asks Josh where Lacey is, but he doesn't know. Later, after Hank helps Lacey buy a new car, Josh gets Hank's car buyer's guide. ("Road Worthy")

S03E19-Oscar Josh
Where's Lacey? I need some advice.

Season 4

Josh cooks as Lacey complains to Wanda that Hank didn't stain the deck. ("Hair Comes the Judge") After Lacey is tricked by Emma into delivering an order, Josh tells Lacey that Fitzy called and placed an order, which distresses her. ("Dog River Dave") Josh cooks as Karen tells Lacey that she has to take a test for her driver's license. ("Two Degrees of Separation")

The Mayor just called for delivery.
Relaxing with a coffee in front of the Ruby, Josh tells Emma that everyone's gone to see Cecil's barn blow up. Emma's distressed to find that flowers she planted for Lacey are dying. Josh gives Emma advice on plant care which annoys her and she orders him to get water for the flowers. ("Demolition") As Karen arrives at the Ruby and can't get everyone's attention, Josh and all the customers look up when Karen asks if anyone owns a pickup truck with a cracked windshield. ("Jail House")

S04E05-Josh and Emma
Do I tell ya how to burn toast?
Josh tells Lacey that black goo is coming out of the dishwasher again. ("Blog River") Josh cooks as Hank warns Lacey that she'll experience depression when the second stage of her recovery from a broken arm ends. ("One Piano, Four Hands") Josh cooks as Davis tries again to get Lacey to serve him macaroodles. ("Kid Stuff") Josh takes plates from Lacey as she asks Davis what he's doing for Mother's Day. ("Mother's Day") He cooks as Lacey apologizes to Karen for commenting about her earrings ("Census Sensibility") and as Lacey calls Francine to nominate Emma for an award. ("The Good Old Table Hockey Game")

S04E08-Josh goo
I have goo to deal with.
Josh cooks as Hank shows Davis and Karen his new cargo pants ("Lacey Borrows") and as Lacey gives Hank tips on telling a good story. ("Potato Bowl") Josh cooks as Lacey laughs at the tape on Brent's glasses and offers to fix them. ("Seeing Things") Josh cooks as Lacey and Wanda argue about whose job is harder. ("Happy Campers") At the Ruby, as Hank learns Brent is selling Corner Gas and says he's going to be sick, Jane tells Josh she won't have whatever Hank ate. ("Gopher It")

S04E19-Selling CG
I won't have what he's having.

Season 5

Josh cooks as Hank confesses to Oscar that he egged the cable van ("Cable Excess") and as Hank orders a salad and explains he's upping his exercise regime. ("Spin Cycle") After Davis offers to get Karen to cancel a parking ticket she wrote Wanda up for, he accepts breakfast as a bribe from Wanda. He orders eggs wrapped in a pancake from Josh. ("Whiner Takes All")

S05E03-Josh Wanda Davis
How's laughing now?

Josh hands two pieces of pie to Davis as he tries to get Oscar and Emma back together. ("Dark Circles") Josh is the bartender at the "Sleeping Davis" sketch exhibition held at the Ruby until it's shut down for not having a liquor license. ("Wash Me") After Oscar takes a samurai sword sent to Emma by Dog River's Japanese twin town, it passes through several hands. Josh uses it as a sandwich slicer. Lacey, as part of a program to go green, replaces the light bulbs in the Ruby with energy efficient ones. Brent notices the cafe is darkened and asks Josh about it. He then changes all the bulbs to old ones and turns on the AC. ("The Eight Samurai")

S05E04-Josh pie Davis
Pie time.

S05E05-Josh Lacey Brent
Bartender Josh.

S05E06-Josh and Brent
Is there a total solar eclipse today?

Josh cooks as Brent jokingly punches Davis in the arm and then asks Lacey to throw Hank a bone and hire him to advertise the Ruby on his truck. ("Buzz Driver") Josh cooks as Brent plays acts to his parents that he feels inferior to Jonathan and wants him to leave. ("Classical Gas") Josh cooks as Lacey tells Brent and Hank that Wanda's back is hurt and asks them to watch over her while she calls a doctor. ("Game, Set and Mouse") After Phil has a cake at the Ruby for his one staffer, to feel she's a good boss, Lacey makes Josh employee of the month. She justifies this to Brent and touts that it's improved Josh's morale. ("Knit Wit of the Month") Josh cooks as Lacey notices a flyer for a house sale that Wanda is the realtor of. ("Top Gum")

S05E10-Josh points
Hey, Lace-a-roo.
Josh cooks as Lacey tells Brent the results of her tarot card reading ("The J-Word") and as Lacey bemoans to Brent, Karen's nosiness over the contents of a sealed box. ("Outside the Box") Josh cooks as Oscar demands more Dog River Dollars from Lacey and is confused when she tells him the food he'll have to buy to get some. ("Contagious Fortune") Josh cooks as Hank tells Lacey that he's tired and she wonders why daylight savings time isn't used in Saskatchewan ("No Time Like the Presents") and as Emma and the "Purple Hats" invite Lacey into their club. ("Coming Distractions") Lacey has Josh board up the entrance to getting under the deck. ("The Accidental Cleanist") Josh cooks as Travis Moen has coffee. ("Bed and Brake Fast") Josh helps prepare for Brent's 40th birthday party at the Ruby and is at the celebration. ("Final Countdown")

S05E17-Josh closes deck
The deck is closed.

Season 6

Josh cooks as Brent gets Lacey to agree to an eating contest in exchange for him shingling the cafe's roof, if she can beat him. ("Full Load") Josh cooks as Davis tries to talk to Brent about soccer but confuses him by calling it "football." ("Bend It Like Brent") After the customers grow tired of Lacey forcing them to use the buffet, Josh dismantles it. ("Self-Serving") After Lacey finds a virtual pet which she and Wanda become attached to, its owner, a boy, comes to get it. They both lie they haven't seen the toy but Josh brings it out. ("Meat Wave") Josh cooks as Davis asks Lacey to put the muffins away, as Karen is still rattled by a misunderstanding in which she left without paying for one. ("All That and a Bag of Chips")

S06E04-Josh vpet
Here it is.
Josh cooks as Lacey gives Hank free coffee for wearing his Rider jersey and painting his face green. ("Reader Pride") Josh cooks as Davis brings flowers for Lacey, having been tricked by a horoscope Wanda wrote in the Howler. ("Rock Stars") Josh is dressed as "Pops" in Brent's pain pill induced Archie dream. ("Cat River Daze") Josh and Fitzy refuse to go in on a group gift with Lacey to celebrate Karen's promotion. Later, they buy Karen a novelty police badge as their gift. ("Shirt Disturber")

S06E10-Josh and Fitzy
Josh is dressed as "Pops" in Brent's pain pill induced Archie dream. ("Cat River Daze") Josh cooks as Brent makes fun of Lacey for being superstitious ("Super Sensitive") and as Brent and Lacey both lie that they're doing fine not watching TV. ("TV Free Dog River") After Davis and Karen do all the work helping Lacey move, they guilt her into making pizza for them at the Ruby with Josh's help. ("Queasy Rider") Josh cooks as Lacey maligns Brent for ordering chili dogs everyday. He later makes a dog for Brent which stops him from critiquing the Ruby's food. ("R2 Bee Too")

Josh dances at the sock hop.

Lacey presents a piece of cake to Davis and sings him a birthday song while Josh bangs on a pot. Later, Josh acts like a pirate and brings a plate of nachos on a dirty hubcap to a kid's party at the Ruby. ("Happy Career Day to You") Josh watches as Emma tastes the jam Karen picked as the winner at a jam contest which reveals that Helen used Emma's recipe. ("Get the F Off My Lawn") Josh attends the party for Brent at the Ruby when everyone thinks he's going away on a national comedy tour. ("You've Been Great, Goodnight")

S06E17-Josh Lacey cake
Happy, happy birthday, Davis. Woo!

S06E17-Josh pirate
Maybe you should have washed it first?

S06E19-Surprise Josh Fitzy



"That's all you see me as, a busboy? You don't know that I've always wanted to work on a llama farm."
―Josh, "Safety First".


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