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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Biski Gugushe
First Appearance: "Classical Gas"
Episode Count: 1
Look, I'm not proud of this but despite my gluttony and my awesome string collecting abilities, I do feel inadequate next to Jonathan. And I think he should leave.
— Brent, "Classical Gas".

Jonathan Zinella is a doctor from Kenya and was Emma and Oscar's foster child.


Season 5

While Brent, Emma and Oscar watch TV at the Leroy's, the doorbell rings. Answering it, Oscar discovers it's Jonathan, who the Leroys sponsored as a child. In Canada from Kenya, he decided to visit and thank them for their help. Oscar says "you're welcome" and closes the door in Jonathan's face. With Jonathan inside, the Leroys are thrilled to learn he's a doctor. At the Ruby, Brent and Oscar introduce Jonathan to Lacey and Hank. Hank bluntly tells Jonathan that he and Brent are like brothers. Oscar effuses about Jonathan which Hank thinks can't be easy on Brent. At Corner Gas, Oscar brings Jonathan and asks Wanda to add the cost of several items in her head. Wanda has Karen do it and verifies her answer. This impresses Oscar, who then belittles Karen, and confuses Jonathan.

S05E08-Jonathan Ruby intro.jpg
I have a brother & you don't even bat an eye?
At dinner at the Leroy's, Emma dotes over Jonathan and makes him have vegetables. Hank arrives with a ball of string Brent made in grade school and boasts it was second biggest in their class. No one's impressed and Oscar compliments Jonathan for saving a village. While leaving the Leroy's, Jonathan is forced to wear a sweater by Emma and call her "Mom." That evening at the Hotel bar, Hank plays Brent's generosity up to Jonathan. But after Brent can't lend Hank any money, Jonathan gives him $20. Hank then gives the $20 to Brent and asks to borrow it. To show Jonathan how sturdy Brent is, Hank runs into him while he's sitting. At the Leroy's, a family picture is taken with Jonathan. Emma and Oscar pressure Jonathan into agreeing to set up his practice in Dog River.

S05E08-Family photo.jpg
Who wouldn't want to live in Dog River?
At the Corner Gas pumps, Jonathan tells Brent he doesn't want to live in Dog River and that Emma's driving him crazy. Surprisingly, Jonathan's fine with Oscar but begs Brent for help. At the Ruby, Emma and Oscar show Jonathan the family photo, in which Brent is cut out. Claiming jealousy, Brent says he doesn't want Jonathan to stay which shocks his parents. Emma and Oscar try to work things out with Jonathan but Brent keeps his act up that he feels inferior when Jonathan's around. Jonathan announces he's leaving and looks at Brent with gratitude. Outside, Jonathan thanks Brent who believes that by getting Jonathan to return to Africa, he's saved many lives. Some time later at the Ruby, Brent shows Lacey a postcard from Jonathan, who is building a hospital in Nigeria. ("Classical Gas")

S05E08-Brent and Jonathan.jpg
I just don't measure up, Hank was right.



"Plus, your Mom's driving me crazy."
―Jonathan to Brent
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