Joe Logo 01.jpg Deliveryman

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Richard Quesnel
First Appearance: "Wash Me"
Episode Count: 1
You a homo man, Joe?
— Wanda, "Wash Me".

Joe is a milk deliveryman who Wanda has a crush on. His mother lives in Calgary.


Season 5

At Corner Gas, Wanda's smitten with Joe, and is pushed by Brent to ask him out. Extremely nervous, she starts an inane milk conversation with Joe and dreams about him, but he leaves before she can get his phone number. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey points out Joe to Wanda but he leaves before she can talk to him. At the Corner Gas pumps, Wanda engages Joe again and to show that she's fun, she writes "wash me" on Hank's truck. This angers Hank, who considers the truck his notepad, and washing it would mean losing all the notes he's made to himself. Outside Corner Gas, Joe's on the phone with his mother, who has lost her cat. Learning this, Wanda starts looking for it and doesn't hear Joe say his mother lives in Calgary.

S05E05-Joe Wanda milk.jpg
Ah, 2%.
In order to protect his truck from the rain, Hank parks it under the Corner Gas overhang just as Wanda is asking for Joe's number. Hank teases Wanda, who gets rid of him by grabbing his nipple. Joe gives Wanda his number but changes it several times. Wanda's pen doesn't work so she writes the number on Hank's truck. Hank's truck gets washed so Wanda loses Joe's number. Two years later, at Corner Gas, having tried every combination of phone numbers she could remember, Wanda finally gets a hold of Joe. Having changed delivery routes shortly after he gave Wanda his number, he tells her that he's married with children. Wanda hangs up and tells a mustachioed Brent that she dialed a wrong number. ("Wash Me")

S05E05-Wanda Hank Joe.jpg
Like you like, like him?


  • Wanda's mentioned a milk deliveryman several times before Joe appears. She asked Brent if the "one who looks like George Clooney" was delivering milk when he was dealing with Marvin Drey. ("Tax Man") She also talked with Brent about the milk delivery when she was venting about a noisy neighbour. ("Mobisodes")


"You still crazy about milk?"
―Joe to Wanda
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