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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Shannon Jardine
First Appearance: "The Brent Effect"
Episode Count: 8
It can never work out. We work at two different car dealerships.
— Jenny to Bill, "Road Worthy".

Jenny portrayed by Shannon Jardine.
Jenny is a Dog Riverite who has had several jobs, including working at the Edmonton airport, a car dealership and as a spin instructor.


Season 2

After Oscar steals money from Emma to buy a boat motor, at the Corner Gas pumps, she chases Oscar around Jenny's car. Brent offers Jenny service but she's so alarmed at Oscar and Emma that she drives away. ("The Brent Effect")

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I just want outta here.

Season 3

Trying to get to Toronto during a snowstorm, Lacey is continually shuttled westward. In Edmonton, Jenny recommends that Lacey fly to Vancouver and catch the red eye to Toronto from there. ("Merry Gasmas") As Hank tries to help Lacey buy a new car, the dealer he's been negotiating with, Bill, is dumped by Jenny, who works at another car dealership. Bill is so distraught that Hank ends up getting Lacey $1000 off their best offer. ("Road Worthy")

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This isn't Calgary. We don't talk like that.

Season 4

After Lacey adopts "What's not to like?" as the Ruby's new slogan, Jane and Jenny write down things they didn't like on their bills. Lacey's peeved at Hank, who suggested the slogan, and then rebukes him when he blames it on Emma. ("Seeing Things") During Dog River's mayoral election, Fitzy has a press conference where he proclaims he's adopting Hank's idea to paint statues of prairie dogs and put them around town to increase tourism. Jenny thinks it should be gophers instead. Emma then announces she's entering the election and intends to bring a casino to Dog River. Jenny asks if the casino will be big or small. ("Gopher It")

Hank's right.

Season 5

Jenny replaces Hank as the spinning class instructor and works everyone hard. She gives Davis 10 extra minutes riding for talking with Karen. Showing no favouritism to Karen, as Hank did, she gives Karen 20 extra minutes. ("Spin Cycle") Jenny and her husband consider buying a house that Lacey and Davis are flipping. However, Jenny offends Lacey by critisizing the colours she's painted the walls. Lacey refuses to sell to them and ushers them out of the house. ("Top Gum")

Hey over there!

Season 6

With a ban on watching TV in Dog River for a week, Brent gathers a crowd to watch Hank and Wanda fight. Jenny asks if the "show" is starting but they're all disappointed when Hank and Wanda play act a fight while showing merchandise from several of the town's businesses. ("TV Free Dog River")

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The Hank and Wanda Show...
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