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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Darla Biccum
First Appearance: "Oh Baby!"
Last Appearance: "Good Tubbin'"
Family: Len (husband)
Episode Count: 13
My son sent ya, didn't he? All right, you've had your laugh. Now get outta here, smart gal.
— Oscar, "Oh Baby!".

Jane Kendal lives in Dog River and is a mother. Her husband's name is Len.


Season 1

After Oscar has an argument with Brent over impulse items on the counter at Corner Gas, Jane tries to purchase some licorice. Thinking Brent sent Jane to make fun of Oscar, he won't sell her the candy and rudely tells her to leave. ("Oh Baby!")

I said get out!

Season 2

As Karen brings the Clavet Cup into the Ruby Cafe, Jane begs Karen to let her hold it. ("Hurry Hard")

S02E11-Karen Jane cup.jpg
Is that the real Clavet Cup?

Season 3

At the Ruby, with her dishwasher broken, Lacey rebuffs Jane's comment about her glass being dirty and makes Jane use the same fork she used to eat her entree for her dessert. ("Dress for Success") She offers to swap doing dessert for main course with Davis for the town's potluck, as she can't use her oven to bake cupcakes. Karen offers the use of her oven but later, Karen deals with a fire in her kitchen with Jane. ("Mail Fraud")

S03E01-Jane w fork.jpg
Can't catch your own germs.

Season 4

After Wanda is picked to judge pies but confesses she can't because she hates pie, Jane says someone not liking pie is unnatural. ("Hair Comes the Judge") Jane pulls into Corner Gas and asks for Pam to serve her instead of Brent. ("Just Brent and His Shadow") After Davis is locked up in jail for a fundraiser and Hank won't leave him alone, a group of townsfolk, including Mertyl, crowd around the police cruiser. Mayor Fitzy donates $100 and Jane gives all the money from her kid's piggy banks to get Davis out. However, Hank arrives and announces Davis has been out for hours, causing everyone to glare at Karen. ("Jail House")

S04E06-Jane and Fitzy.jpg
Davis is out?
As Fitzy is about to unveil Dog River's population, Oscar interrupts and claims he's taken his own census, "the people's census." Saying the town has about 500 people, Jane agrees with Oscar and Wes proclaims Oscar a hero. ("Census Sensibility") After Lacey adopts "What's not to like?" as the Ruby's new slogan, Jane and Jenny write down things they didn't like on their bills. Lacey's peeved at Hank, who suggested the slogan, and then rebukes him when he blames it on Emma. ("Seeing Things") At the Ruby, as Hank learns Brent is selling Corner Gas and says he's going to be sick, Jane tells Josh she won't have whatever Hank ate. ("Gopher It")

No! Don't listen to Fitzy!

Season 5

At the Ruby, Hank sets up a gumball machine which is a failure. He and Oscar notice that once Karen blows a bubble with a gumball, Jane asks for a picture of her son with Karen. Hank announces that everyone who buys a gumball gets a free picture with Karen, which causes a stampede to the machine. Later after Karen sets up her own gumball machine, Hank and Oscar lie that her gum is tested on animals. Jane tells Karen she should be ashamed despite her protests that she's been slandered. ("Top Gum") At the Ruby, Lacey has Josh board up the entrance to getting under the deck. Telling Hank and Wanda that the deck is closed, Jane thinks she can't eat on the deck and then wonders if there was dining available under it. ("The Accidental Cleanist")

S05E11-Jane and Karen.jpg
Excuse me Officer...

Season 6

Curious where Hank is staying after his kitchen is wrecked, Brent asks many townsfolk including Jane, who denies Hank's staying with her. After Karen performs flips while wearing the "Safety Pete" costume, Davis can't repeat the performance. The crowd boos and when Davis holds his hand to his ear, Jane asks if he wants them to boo louder. Later at another performance where Davis shows the crowd a springboard and pummel horse, Karen cautions him which causes Jane to tell Karen that she's ruining the show. ("Good Tubbin'")

S06E06-Pete flips.gif
That's awesome!


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