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"Jail House"
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Season: Four — Episode: 6
Director: Jeff Beesley — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: October 23, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.49
Summary: In an effort to raise money for charity, Karen locks Davis in the jail cell and won't let him out until she has raised a thousand dollars, a challenge made difficult when Hank insists on keeping Davis company. Brent resists Lacey's attempt to spruce up Corner Gas. Wanda won't let a lack of know-how interfere with her attempt to fix Oscar and Emma's toilet.


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Look, these walls, they're, they're closin' in on me. I, I can't breathe...pulse racing...mind busy.
— Davis
At the Ruby Cafe as Lacey hangs up new curtains, she asks a reluctant Hank for his opinion of them. Lacey implores Hank who finally opines that since the Ruby is attached to Corner Gas, which is junky, everyone expects the Ruby to be the same. Lacey is peeved and denies Hank service. At Corner Gas, Brent chides Wanda for being late. Relating that her car broke down and she can't afford the repairs, Brent laughs when she asks for a raise. At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Karen announces she's raising money for Telemiracle by putting Davis in jail until $1000 is donated. This intrigues Hank, who is concerned for Davis but earlier, Karen ensured that Davis had many comforts while in the cell. Lacey makes a small donation and asking Karen what she thinks of the new curtains, Hank whispers to say nothing.

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We're putting the fun in fundraiser.
At the Leroy's, Emma demands Oscar buy a new toilet but he refuses as the bathroom is his sanctuary to escape Emma's demands. At the Ruby, Karen is ambivalent to the new curtains and Lacey's concern that Corner Gas is junky-looking. Karen orders a cola, even though it's morning and doesn't tell Lacey that Davis always nags her about drinking them. At the Police station, Hank sits outside the jail cell and warns Davis about the trauma of being locked up, which Hank's only seen in movies. At Corner Gas, Lacey tells Brent the station needs sprucing up but Brent believes it should be rough around the edges. Outside the Ruby, Karen asks Wanda for a donation who, not wanting to reveal she needs money, lies that she's also raising funds for a charity. At the jail cell, Hank annoys Davis by continually nattering at him.

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Isn't there someplace you could go?
At Corner Gas, Wanda overhears Emma and Oscar talking about getting a new toilet and offers to install it for them. Relating that she used to date a handyman and is an expert, she did go out with Mike Holmes, but ignored all his teachings. After hearing Oscar wants to do the installation and that Wanda will charge little, Emma hires her. In front of the Foo Mart, Karen asks Oscar for a donation but hearing Davis has a working toilet in his cell, Oscar refuses. Over Brent's objections, Lacey puts a vase of flowers by the Corner Gas cash. A customer asks to buy them but when Brent says they're not for sale, the customer thinks that's stupid. At the Leroy's, Wanda starts working but doesn't inspire confidence when she quickly gets soaked with water.

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Hey, are you listening?
Karen wakes from a nap in the police cruiser and is glad Davis isn't there. At the cell, Hank is driving Davis crazy and refuses to leave. When Davis discovers that Hank will leave to get help if he succumbs to going stir-crazy, Davis plays acts he's in distress and Hank runs to get Karen. At the Leroy's, Karen halfheartedly canvasses Emma for a donation and Emma realizes that Karen likes working alone. Emma confides how she spends her time when Oscar's not around but is interrupted by Wanda needing a bandage. Brent is distressed when Lacey insists on putting up a modern art print at Corner Gas, covering a hockey poster. Oscar arrives and is outraged causing Lacey to back off. Hank tells Karen to get Davis out but she insists not enough money has been raised, though the donation bucket is overflowing.

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Are there any large Band-Aids?
At Corner Gas, Brent lends Hank a metal file, lends Wanda a bucket of tools and without even looking up, tells Lacey she can't paint the station. At the cell, Hank tries to file a bar on the door but drops the file. Davis retrieves the file and opening the door, tells Hank the lock is broken and he could have left at anytime. This makes no impact on Hank, who continues filing a rod. On Centennial Street, Oscar runs into Karen and figures out she likes working alone. Relating what he does when Emma's not around, when he learns Hank is with Davis, he gives Karen $10 out of sympathy. At Corner Gas, Lacey lights an incense stick which Brent doesn't like the smell of as it reminds him of hippies. At the Leroy's, Emma and Oscar discover that Wanda's destroyed the bathroom and shut off the water to the house.

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Let the aroma envelope you.
Oscar mentions that Davis is cooped up with Hank, making Wanda and Emma wish they'd given a donation. With Oscar needing to go pee and Emma wanting to wash her hair, they both leave. A group of townsfolk, including Mertyl, crowd around the police cruiser after hearing Hank is with Davis. Mayor Fitzy donates $100 and Jane gives all the money from her kid's piggy banks to get Davis out. However, Hank arrives and announces Davis has been out for hours, causing everyone to glare at Karen. Brent finds the his parents are using the bathrooms at Corner Gas, since Wanda wrecked theirs. At the Ruby, Brent returns Lacey's incense, having sprayed bug repellent to cover the smell. With Davis and the crowd, Fitzy discovers Karen raised over $2000. Lying she intended to give the extra money to the charity Wanda mentioned, Karen suggests locking Davis up again.

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Davis is out?
However, the townsfolk decide to put Karen in the cell with Hank inside. Davis ensures that the lock on the door is fixed and intends to raise money for charity. At the Leroy's, Wanda has a solution to the broken toilet, she asks Mike Holmes over to fix it. Holmes repairs everything and begs Wanda to go out with him, but she turns him down. At the Ruby, Davis asks Lacey for a donation to keep Karen in jail with Hank. Lacey can't support this but after Davis compliments her on the new curtains, she changes her mind. Davis then tells Lacey that the worse Corner Gas looks, the better the Ruby does. At Corner Gas, Davis tells Brent that his plan worked and Lacey won't be bothering him anymore. Brent donates to Davis' charity but given the favour Davis has performed, he shakes Brent down for more.

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Have an egg.


  • The bathroom at the Leroy's totally changes since Oscar was seen taking a shower ("Poor Brent") with the tub/shower moving from the right to the left.
  • Davis reads a Hardy Boys book while in jail. The last time Davis was seen reading one was when Oscar made him take the Canadian Fitness Award Program. ("Physical Credit")
  • Emma mentions going to bingo, which she is an avid player of. ("Bingo Night")
  • Jackass!: After Wanda destroys the Leroy's bathroom, Brent finds them using the ones in Corner Gas. Oscar greets him with "what's up, jackass?"


"Karen and this charity have driven you to the point of madness, where you lash out at me. I'm not gonna leave ya, buddy. Not when your mind is startin' to comprehend the cage."
―Hank to Davis
"Denial of denial is one of the first signs of denial."


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