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Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Tax Man"

Jackass is my thing!
Oscar Leroy, "Block Party".

S01E09-Oscar hotline.jpg
I get it, jackass!
Jackass! is Oscar's favorite thing to call everyone. He said it 91 times during the series. This page details what episodes the word was said in, how many times and by who. When Brent tried to get Oscar to stop saying "jackass", it resulted in an explosion of its use, the most in any episode. ("The J-Word") All Main Characters have said the word except for Hank and Davis. Brent said it 13 times, Wanda 6 times and Emma, Karen, Lacey once each. Others who said it (once each) are Paul, a delivery guy ("Spin Cycle") and Corky Dillems. Episodes in which the word wasn't said do not appear in the list below. It was first said in the Season 1 episode "Tax Man".


S01E02-Oscar yells at Drey.jpg
   "Tax Man"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar's first use of the J-word is when he tells Emma that "some jackass" from Canada Customs and Revenue called.

S01E07-Oscar w handcuffs Davis.jpg
   "All My Ex's Live in Toronto"
Featuring: Oscar

After Brent asks Oscar how his doctor appointment went, Oscar says he's fine and calls Brent a jackass. Davis had to take Oscar to the doctor in handcuffs.

S01E08-Helen and Oscar.jpg
   "Cousin Carl"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Brent a jackass for talking to Helen Jensen instead of pumping his gas.

S01E09-Oscar hotline.jpg
   "Cell Phone"
Featuring: Oscar and Paul

Oscar says it three times. First, to Paul for getting rid of the shuffleboard table (Paul calls him a jackass back). Second, he decries a gambling addiction hotline as being staffed by jackasses and lastly, he calls the man on the hotline a jackass.

S01E10-Watching TV.jpg
   "Comedy Night"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it to Brent after he starts to repeat a story Oscar heard while watching TV with Brent.

S01E12-Brent no gear.jpg
   "Face Off"
Featuring: Brent

Brent chastises his hockey team, the Riverdogs, for allowing Rocket Ronnie to always score, making goalie Brent look like a jackass.

S01E13-Oscar Hank caught.jpg
   "I Love Lacey"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Hank a jackass for complaining when they stop at the house of Oscar's friend, Russell, while on their way to the Grey Cup game.

S02E03-Wes Daddys dead.jpg
   "Smell of Freedom"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Brent a jackass after he reveals to Wes that his father died in the Korean War. The town conspired to tell Wes that his father ran off with the circus.

Featuring: Oscar and Emma

Oscar calls Stan, owner of the local mini-putt, a jackass for not believing he broke the course record. Oscar's banned from the mini-putt (which Stan let him play for free). Later, Emma punches Stan and refers to him as a jackass.

S02E05-Oscar w pants.jpg
   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: Brent

After Oscar shows Brent and Wanda a pair of pants that he found by the road side, Wanda teases Brent that he's becoming more like Oscar every day. Going along with the kidding, Brent calls her a jackass.

S02E06-Howler Oscar naked.jpg
   "Poor Brent"
Featuring: Oscar and Brent

After Davis and Hank set up a curse jar at Corner Gas, both Oscar and later, Brent ask whose jackass idea it was.

S02E12-ATM Crowd.jpg
   "An American in Saskatchewan"
Featuring: Oscar

After Wes gets an ATM for the Liquor store, he asks Oscar if he knows what it is. Oscar says he does and calls Wes a jackass.

S02E17-Brent w plan.jpg
   "Slow Pitch"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Brent a jackass when he tries to distract Wes at a softball game by claiming there's a bear behind Wes.

S02E18-Leroy kitchen.jpg
   "Harvest Dance"
Featuring: Oscar

Acting for years that they like Emma's jelly salad, Oscar calls Brent a jackass when Lacey tells Emma the truth.

S03E01-Mertyl phone.jpg
   "Dress for Success"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it three times. Twice to Hank when losing to him while playing an imaginary investment game and once to Mertyl Runciman on the phone, though he thinks he's swearing at Hank.

S03E03-Oscar Emma dance.jpg
   "Dog River Vice"
Featuring: Oscar

After Oscar speaks some Ukrainian which Brent thinks it Hawaiian, Oscar calls him a jackass.

S03E04-Old Brent.jpg
   "Will and Brent"
Featuring: Oscar

While dreaming about himself 22 years in the future, Brent is greeted by Oscar who calls him a jackass and says he's him in 23 years.

S03E05-Hobo Oscar Brent.jpg
   "The Littlest Yarbo"
Featuring: Oscar

After Oscar is caught by a dog at the Corner Gas pumps trying to leave without paying, he calls Brent a jackass for not calling the crime a "gas and dash."

S03E10-Davis Oscar roof.jpg
   "Safety First"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it two times to Davis. Once when telling him to follow his lead while climbing up a ladder onto the Leroy's roof and after Davis kicks the ladder off the roof, stranding them, as payback for the times Oscar knocked the ladder over.

S03E12-Oscar paperboy.jpg
   "Ruby Newsday"
Featuring: Oscar

Having become a paperboy, Oscar gives a paper to a man who protests he doesn't subscribe to it and calls him a jackass.

S03E13-Hank Oscar Emma.jpg
   "Merry Gasmas"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Leroy's, Hank comes by to pick up a tree Oscar is throwing out and trying to take their good tree, Oscar calls him a jackass.

S03E14-Connie Oscar.jpg
   "Friend of a Friend"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Ruby Cafe, after Connie complains to Davis that Oscar is harassing her, Davis doesn't know who Connie is referring to. Oscar tells Davis Connie's talking about him and calls Davis a jackass.

S03E15-Karen Oscar Hank Brent.jpg
   "Block Party"
Featuring: Oscar and Wanda

Oscar says it three times and Wanda once. Oscar calls Karen and Davis jackasses after he couldn't find them earlier to file a complaint. When Brent spoils Oscar being quiet, Wanda and Oscar call him a jackass and then Oscar tells Wanda that the word is his thing to say.

S03E16-Davis Fitness Guide.jpg
   "Physical Credit"
Featuring: Oscar

After Davis can only jump three feet during the Canadian Fitness Award test, Oscar calls him a jackass.

S04E01-Oscar teens.jpg
   "Hair Comes the Judge"
Featuring: Oscar

At Corner Gas looking for the latest hot rod magazine, Oscar calls Brent a jackass when he gets the month wrong.

S04E05-The barn.jpg
Featuring: Oscar

While trying to tear down a barn by pulling the support beam down with a rope attached to a truck, Oscar gets the truck stuck in the mud, calls Brent and Hank jackasses and tells them to push the truck out.

S04E06-Wanda ruined bathroom.jpg
   "Jail House"
Featuring: Oscar

After Wanda destroys the Leroy's bathroom, Brent finds them using the ones in Corner Gas. Oscar greets him with "what's up, jackass?"

Corner Gas-s04e07-I, Witness 1.gif
   "I, Witness"
Featuring: Oscar, Wanda and Karen

Oscar says it twice while Wanda and Karen say it once each. At Corner Gas, he calls Brent, Karen and Wanda jackasses when Wanda proposes a math quiz. Wanda protests being a jackass while Karen thinks she is one for participating. Later, Oscar calls Hank a jackass for doing his rodeo clown routine.

S04E10-Karen Oscar.jpg
   "One Piano, Four Hands"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it twice, once to Brent when telling him his air pump is broken and once to Hank when complaining that he's filling his tires with air too slowly.

S04E11-Karen Phil Oscar.jpg
   "Kid Stuff"
Featuring: Oscar and Cookie Man

Oscar says it four times. Three times to and about a man who he's trying to sell cookies to (who says it back to him) and once to Davis for ordering peaches and cottage cheese at the Ruby Cafe.

S04E12-Brent Hank start.jpg
   "Mother's Day"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it two times to Hank. Once by the Corner Gas pumps when telling Hank he's not coming for Mother's Day dinner and when he places Hank in front of the garden at the Leroy's to make it look to Emma as if Hank worked on it.

S04E13-Fitzy bear.jpg
   "Census Sensibility"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar tells Emma that Fitzy's a jackass for firing him from being a census worker. Oscar then imagines Fitzy being attacked by a bear.

S04E14-Game 7.jpg
   "The Good Old Table Hockey Game"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Davis a jackass for asking how the telecast of the table hockey game came to be in black and white.

S04E16-Oscar Harvesters.jpg
   "Potato Bowl"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it four times, all to or about the Harvesters after they kick Oscar out of their club.

S04E18-Brent Oscar guns.jpg
   "Happy Campers"
Featuring: Oscar and Brent

While driving in Brent's car, Oscar tells Davis they're not going camping and calls him a jackass. Davis is confused so Brent explains the situation and reminds Davis that Oscar called him a jackass.

S04E19-Oscar pumpngo.jpg
   "Gopher It"
Featuring: Oscar and Lacey

In Hank's dream, Oscar calls Brent a jackass when made the new manager of the Pump N' Go. As Lacey says her goodbyes, she calls Oscar a jackass.

S05E01-Oscar rants.jpg
   "Cable Excess"
Featuring: Oscar

As Oscar makes his pitch for a local access TV show, he calls the producer a jackass.

S05E02-Delivery Guy.jpg
   "Spin Cycle"
Featuring: Oscar and Delivery Guy

Oscar says it twice, both while receiving calls on the phone he stole from Corner Gas. One of the callers, a delivery man, calls Brent a jackass, thinking it was him on the phone.

S05E08-Family photo.jpg
   "Classical Gas"
Featuring: Oscar

While setting up a camera to take a family photo with Jonathan, Oscar tells Brent he knows what he's doing and calls him a jackass.

S05E09-Oscar Davis traps.jpg
   "Game, Set and Mouse"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it twice, once to Hank for questioning that he saw a mouse in Corner Gas and once to Davis after he takes Oscar's mouse traps.

S05E10-In police stn.jpg
   "Knit Wit of the Month"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it twice, once to Davis for not being able to find Oscar's column in the Howler and once unknowingly about himself, when referring to the person Emma is talking about in her stories.

S05E11-Gumball world.jpg
   "Top Gum"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Hank a jackass when he tries to chew on a rubber ball, having mistaken it for a gumball.

Corner Gas-s05e12-The J Word 2.gif
   "The J-Word"
Featuring: Oscar and Brent

Oscar and Brent each say it ten times. This episode has the highest jackass count by far as Brent tries to get Oscar to stop saying jackass by calling him "hammerhead."

Corner Gas-S05E16-Coming Distractions 1.gif
   "Coming Distractions"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it twice. After Fitzy nearly hits Oscar with his car, Oscar calls him a jackass. When Brent glibly says Oscar's sidewalk is going to be rectangular, he calls him a jackass.

S05E17-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "The Accidental Cleanist"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Brent a jackass before showing him the bench he's donated to the town as his legacy.

S06E02-Wanda as Oscar.jpg
   "Bend It Like Brent"
Featuring: Wanda and Oscar

Wanda says it four times on video and Oscar once while watching an old college tape of Wanda doing an impression of Oscar.

S06E03-Brent sign Davis.jpg
Featuring: Oscar and Brent

Oscar says it twice to Brent about the self-service at Corner Gas while Brent says it once, wondering why Oscar called him a jackass.

S06E06-Lacey Leroys tub.jpg
   "Good Tubbin'"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it twice to Brent. Once when Brent plays dumb that his parents have a hot tub and again when Brent asks Oscar if Hank is staying at the Leroy's.

S06E07-Bill Jackaus.jpg
   "American Resolution"
Featuring: Oscar and Emma

Oscar says it three times, once to a Customs official whose name is Bill Jackaus and twice to Brent for tricking him to appear to be more Canadian. Emma tells Oscar to stop saying jackass which Brent advises changing to "jack-bum."

S06E08-Brent Hank cheer.jpg
   "Reader Pride"
Featuring: Oscar

While watching the Riders on TV at the Hotel bar, Oscar calls Brent a jackass for suggesting he has dementia. Oscar insists that Joe Dementia played baseball.

S06E09-Corky Dillems.jpg
   "Rock Stars"
Featuring: Oscar and Corky Dillems

Oscar says it four times while arguing with Corky Dillems' son. Later, Corky threatens Oscar for calling his family "a whole bunch of jackasses."

S06E13-Spit vote.jpg
   "TV Free Dog River"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Town Hall, Oscar calls Hank a jackass for agreeing with Emma's proposal to enter into a contest with Wullerton to not watch TV for a week.

S06E17-Dingle Puff.jpg
   "Happy Career Day to You"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar calls Brent and Hank jackasses as they're looking for the missing 30 year old Dingle Puff at Corner Gas.

S06E19-Oscar end.jpg
   "You've Been Great, Goodnight"
Featuring: Oscar

Oscar says it once while reading the Howler. Oscar said it 91 times during the series.


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