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"I Love Lacey"
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Season: One — Episode: 13
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt, Mark Farrell, Paul Mather — Aired: April 28, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.10
Summary: On their way to the Grey Cup in Regina, the gang hits a few snags. Emma gets physical with a cashier while shopping with Wanda. Oscar and Hank visit Oscar's crazy old buddy who has a surprise for them. Karen and Davis try to buy tickets from a scalper. Brent realizes there may be more to his relationship with Lacey than he thought.


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You don't think I'm worth puttin' the moves on?
— Lacey to Brent
At the end of the day at the Ruby Cafe, the gang enjoy Lacey's apple crumble. This Hank to mention their trip to the Grey Cup. Everyone shifts uncomfortably and mentions what a great time they had, but that they couldn't sit together at the game. In flashbacks, their trip is revealed. Lacey and Brent run out of gas on a desolate road. Lacey jokes that Brent arranged this to seduce her but offers to call a tow truck. As the owner of a gas station, Brent doesn't want anyone to know their predicament and says they passed a farm and can get gas from there. In Regina, Hank and Oscar stop at the home of Oscar's friend Russell as he owes Oscar $20. Hank worries they'll be late for the game. Emma and Wanda shop at a dollar store before the game.

By splitting up into pairs, we got better seats.
Outside the stadium, Davis tells Karen he bought everyone's tickets to the game on his credit card to get the points. However, he can't find his and Karen's tickets and refuses to check his truck for them. At the farm, no one is home so Brent goes around back to look for gas. Left alone, Lacey calls for a tow truck. Receiving no answer at Russell's, Hank tells Oscar to see if the door's unlocked. Opening the door, Oscar calls out to Russell but gets no reply. Wanda tells Emma that she buys all her Christmas presents at the dollar store. When Emma asks if that includes a bracelet she gave her, which Emma's wearing, Wanda starts to stammer a reply and then fakes a distraction. Hank finds Russell dead on the floor.

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The glove compartment's for gloves.
Having found a gas can in the back of the farmer's truck, Brent tells Lacey they can leave. Lacey lies that she needs to call her mother but instead, calls the tow truck driver. With Brent listening in, pretending to talk to her mother, Lacey confuses the driver who decides to tow Brent's car. After calling the authorities and waiting an hour, Hank wants to leave a note about finding Russell dead. Oscar wants to stay out of respect and takes a shine to Russell's belt buckle. Emma brings items she wants to buy to the cashier. However, the cashier notices the bracelet Emma's wearing is the same as ones at the checkout. He implies she stole the bracelet which angers Emma.

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I don't like your tone.
Resigned that he's lost their tickets, Davis tells Karen he'll have to buy ones from a scalper. Karen points out a woman on a corner, who is dressed very provocatively, who she thinks is a scalper. Brent carries the gas can as he and Lacey walk back to his car. Pretending she's calling her Mom, but really trying to call the tow truck driver, Lacey can't get a signal. Oscar tries to get Russell's belt off but can't. To enlist Hank's help, he tells him that in 1963, Russell said he could have the belt. As the two tug at the belt, they are caught by police and emergency workers. Having walked for a while, Brent and Lacey can't find Brent's car and he opines it would have been better if she'd called a tow truck.

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Davis approaches the provocatively dressed woman. In general terms, he says he'd like to buy what she's selling. She reveals herself to be an uncover cop and arrests him for solicitation. Having landed in jail, Hank can't believe they've been arrested for trying to take Russell's belt. He imagines a funny version of the story Oscar told him in which Russell told Osccar in 1963 that he wanted him to have the belt. Brent believes his car was stolen but then realizes that Lacey called a tow truck. Telling her to call them to get the car back, Lacey's phone doesn't work. Brent leaves the gas can he took from the back of the farmer's truck on the side of the road and they walk back to the farm.

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I would like to buy some merchandise from you.
The dollar store cashier doesn't believe Wanda bought Emma the bracelet and demands to see it. Grabbing her wrist, Emma punches him in the face. Brought to the police station, Davis tells the undercover cop that he didn't think she was a prostitute. Saying he's also a police officer, she asks to see his badge which is in Davis' truck's glove compartment with the Greg Cup tickets. Karen arrives and Davis says he can't make bail as he maxed out his credit cards buying everyone's tickets. A cop tells Hank and Oscar they can leave but Oscar refuses unless given Russell's belt. Asking the cop what it'll take to get it, the cop asks for Oscar's jacket. Back at the farm, Brent and Lacey sit on a bench and he again jokes this is a ploy for them to make out. Lacey moves closer and kids back which makes Brent uncomfortable.

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I want my belt.
Threatening to call the police and have Emma banned from all dollar stores, Wanda bribes the cashier with their Grey Cup tickets. He agrees but wonders who to take to the game. At the jail, Karen agrees to pay Davis' bail in exchange for enough travel points to take a long-haul trip. As they approach the bail window, the phone rings. The teller answers and it's the cashier, asking her to the game. She agrees and closes the window, leaving Davis' bail still unpaid. Lacey continues flirting with a shy Brent. After Brent compliments her and makes her laugh, they move to kiss each other but are interrupted by the farmer, Pete Stevens. In line at the stadium, Hank asks Oscar for the tickets but he doesn't have them. The cop who has Oscar's jacket gives it to another cop who is serving Davis at the bail window. Finding Oscar's tickets in the pocket, they close the bail window, leaving Davis' bail unpaid again. Karen still insists on getting Davis' points.

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Then why not?
Stevens drives Brent and Lacey to get his car, but runs out of gas. Going to the back of the truck, he finds his gas tank is gone, which Brent took and left by the roadside. The flashbacks done, the gang leaves the Ruby and maintains the pretense that they all saw the game. Karen announces she's going on a Hawaiian vacation. Brent heads to Corner Gas to lock up and sweeps up outside, thinking about the near kiss with Lacey. Lacey approaches him but after Brent doesn't ask her out, she rues that sometimes things don't happen for a reason. Brent gets distracted by a passing car with Alaskan license plates and Lacey leaves. Brent is left staring at the Corner Gas sign.

S01E13-Brent and sign.jpg
She's a harsh mistress.


  • The title is a pun on the TV show I Love Lucy.
  • This is one of two episodes in which the interior of Corner Gas isn't seen. The other is when fireworks for Brent's birthday are planned. ("Final Countdown")
  • Debut of Pete Stevens, who plays the farmer. He also portrayed "Shy Pete" ("Happy Campers") and "Old Man Caruthers". ("All That and a Bag of Chips")
  • Tim Allen, who plays the cashier, had different roles in eleven episodes of the show.
  • Jackass!: Oscar calls Hank a jackass for complaining when they stop at the house of Oscar's friend, Russell, while on their way to the Grey Cup game.


"Hey, Oscar. Does your friend, Russell, like to lie on the kitchen floor with a phone in his hand?"


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