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"I, Witness"
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Season: Four — Episode: 7
Director: Mark Farrell — Writer: Mark Farrell — Aired: October 30, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.26
Summary: Following a traumatic experience, Hank decides to live out his life-long dream of becoming a rodeo clown. Karen dreads giving a speech for the local police association on the subject of eyewitness testimony, and Wanda's help isn't helping. Oscar gives up on being Emma's bridge partner, leaving an unsuspecting Lacey to take his place.


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I'm just laughin' at Lacey. She was playin' bridge with your mother and caught a glimpse of her dark side.
— Oscar
After working for free driving the cart that picks up balls at the golf driving range, Hank runs to Corner Gas and tells Brent he had an epiphany. Later at the station, Davis tells Brent and Wanda that he assigned Karen to do a talk on eyewitness testimony for a police conference. While Davis thinks this constitutes a trick, Wanda relates she knows a lot about the subject and should help Karen. However, Brent tells her to stop lording her knowledge over everyone. At the Ruby Cafe, Karen tries to complain to Lacey about her assignment but Lacey's trying to overhear Emma and Oscar's conversation. Lacey interrupts and finds Oscar is refusing to be Emma's bridge partner anymore and he leaves. Wanda arrives and just about to offer to help Karen, hears her say that she thinks Lacey's a know-it-all. Wanda agrees with Karen and leaves.

I'm not playing bridge with you anymore.
At Corner Gas, Wanda tells Brent and Hank she's concerned Karen may think she's a know-it-all. She's decided to show Karen how much she knows about psychology so Karen will ask for her help. As Brent notes the irony of Wanda's plan, Hank relates that a second epiphany has made him decide to be a rodeo clown. At the Ruby, Emma asks Lacey if she knows how to play bridge. Lacey lies she does and reinforces the lie by relating a flippant remark her mother made about her card sense when she was a child. Lacey doesn't know what card conventions are and lies that she calls them something else. As Karen is reading up on eyewitness testimony, Wanda interrupts her with a psychology experiment involving the words for colours written in different colours. Wanda takes Karen through the experiment but Karen isn't impressed.

S04E07-Wanda card Karen.jpg
This could be called Wanda Interference.
At the Leroy's, as Emma goes over bridge strategy with Lacey, Oscar is delighted to see Lacey's confusion and teases her. At Corner Gas, Brent tells Wanda to just be direct and offer her assistance to Karen. Oscar arrives and complaining that Lacey is acting like a know-it-all with Emma, this puts a damper on Brent's suggestion to Wanda. Responding to a complaint in an outdoor basketball court, Davis tells a group of kids to stop throwing balls and making noise. The kids turn on Davis and pummel him with balls until Hank arrives, hooting and wildly moving his body. The kids think he's crazy and leave. Davis thanks Hank who feels he's really living. At the Ruby, Oscar confronts Lacey and accuses her of not knowing how to play bridge. Lacey, who has been reading about the game, lies she does so Oscar asks her several questions and imparts his wisdom, which Lacey doesn't understand.

S04E07-Davis Hank.jpg
Thanks Hank.
At Corner Gas, Karen and Brent get roped into another psychology experiment by Wanda. She explains they'll yell out a wrong answer to a math question and see how long it takes before an unsuspecting participant complies with their answer. They try this on Oscar, who continually yells out a different wrong answer. Mayor Fitzy and a local interrupt and yell out the right answer so Wanda ends the experiment. Oscar wants to continue with a different question, which he poses and then yells out another wrong answer. At a bridge tournament, Lacey notes that no one will speak to them which Emma attributes to Oscar's past participation as her partner. At the Police station, Davis asks Hank to continue being a rodeo clown and help the police.

S04E07-Lacey Emma bridge.jpg
Your Oscar? I don't believe it.
At the Corner Gas pumps, Karen can't avoid Wanda who starts talking about psychology again. Brent's had enough and gets Karen to ask Wanda if she'll help with her presentation, which Wanda accepts. At the bridge tournament, Lacey's poor play causes her and Emma to lose, resulting in Emma tearing into Lacey. Oscar accosts Davis on the street, demanding he do something about his neighbour's dandelions. Hank intercedes doing his rodeo clown act and distracts Oscar enough that Davis is able to slip away. At the Ruby, Emma finishes rebuking Lacey for her poor bridge playing. Oscar's glad Lacey's taken his place and says that she's now experiencing Emma's competitiveness. As Davis gives a warning to a local in his car, Hank does his routine and won't stop, despite Davis saying it isn't required.

S04E07-Brent Karen pumps.jpg
You're really in a rush.
At the Police station, Karen's nerves are made worse as Wanda says she's having a panic attack and describes it in detail. At Corner Gas, Davis asks for Brent's help getting Hank to stop being a rodeo clown. Brent agrees and Davis chalks this up as another one of his "tricks." Lacey arrives and after explaining the situation with Hank, Brent plans to be blunt when he tells Hank to stop. Inspired, Lacey decides to do the same with Emma but Brent is distracted and doesn't listen to her. At the police conference, Karen uses the excuse that Wanda did all the work on the presentation to leave. Brent gets Hank to stop being a rodeo clown and for a moment, Hank ponders driving the golf ball picker cart until he remembers the trauma he suffered earlier.

S04E07-Hank clown.jpg
What? Give up my dream?
At the conference, Wanda wears Karen's uniform and introduces herself as Karen before launching into her presentation. In attendance, Davis doesn't understand the talk and is lulled into a stupor. At Corner Gas, Brent learns from Oscar that Lacey's been Emma's bridge partner and realizes if Lacey confronts Emma, a blow-up will result. At the Leroy's, Emma thinks Lacey wants to apologize but Lacey says Emma's too competitive and that she, not Oscar, is the problem on their bridge team. Emma begins to erupt but Hank intervenes, doing his rodeo clown act, and Lacey's able to escape. Brent meets Lacey outside and hurries her away, leaving Hank to his fate with Emma. At the Ruby, Davis congratulates Karen on the speech and doesn't believe her when she says Wanda gave it. At another bridge tournament, Wanda is Emma's new partner. Wanda delves into bridge strategy and Emma calls her a know-it-all.

S04E07-Wanda as Karen.jpg
Hello. I'm Officer Karen Pelly.


  • Davis writes a bridge column for the Howler so it's puzzling that Emma didn't try to get him for a partner. ("Grad '68")
  • Mark Farrell both wrote and directed this episode.
  • Jackass!: Oscar says it twice while Wanda and Karen say it once each. At Corner Gas, he calls Brent, Karen and Wanda jackasses when Wanda proposes a math quiz. Wanda protests being a jackass while Karen thinks she is one for participating. Later, Oscar calls Hank a jackass for doing his rodeo clown routine.


"That stupid Lacey. She's always buttin' her nose into other people's business."


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