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"Hurry Hard"
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Season: Two — Episode: 11
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt & Mark Farrell — Aired: January 17, 2005 — Viewers (millions): N/A
Summary: A schism in the Leroy family curling team sees Brent and Oscar skipping different rinks. When a local senior's hip replacement creates a shortage of female curlers, Lacey finds herself the hottest rookie prospect in the league. Karen is put in charge of safeguarding Dog River's famed curling trophy, the Clavet Cup, which turns out to be harder than she thought.


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Strategies? There's no strategy in curling. You just throw rocks.
— Oscar
At the Ruby Cafe, Brent and Hank startle Lacey with loud curling calls. She confesses that she doesn't know much about the sport and finds it boring. At Corner Gas, Emma argues with Oscar about the old curling broom she uses while Brent is unsuccessful in getting Oscar to step down as skip of their team, which includes Wanda. At the Police station, Davis shows Karen the Clavet Cup which he holds in great reverence but Karen isn't impressed with it. Davis warns Karen the Cup needs to be protected from the people of Dog River and that it's awarded to the winner of the town's annual mixed Bonspiel. Brent decides to form his own team and while Emma won't join out of loyalty to Oscar, despite being disappointed with his playing, Brent blackmails Wanda into joining.

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Some people say Archie Clavet could...
At the Ruby, Brent asks Hank to join his team but since Hank works at the Memorial Rink, he's worried people may think he'll tamper with the ice to help any team he's on. Oscar arrives and accusing Hank of his worry if he's part of Brent's team perturbs Hank into signing up with Brent. At the Police station, Davis offends Karen by mentioning that guarding the Cup is too big a job for her. Receiving a call from Emma to join Oscar's team, Davis apologizes to Karen and tells her she can guard the Cup, even though she doesn't want to. Rushing over to the Leroy's, Davis finds Emma trying to get a woman to complete their team. Emma calls Mertyl Runciman but discovers she's in the hospital recovering from hip surgery and is addicted to pain killers.

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That woman is forever gettin' new hips.
At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda rack their brains trying to think of a woman to complete their team, even though Lacey is right in the station. When she leaves, they realize they could ask her and rushing into the Ruby, they find Oscar and Emma have beaten them there. Wanda maligns the Leroy's team to Lacey but a glare from Emma results in her recanting her warning. Oscar declares Lacey belongs to his team but Lacey hasn't made up her mind and makes a lame joke about curling. This brings forced laughs from everyone to win her over but Lacey leaves to decide whose team to join. At the Memorial Rink, as leader (skip) of the team, Oscar insists he throw last, but due to her power, Emma points out she should.

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Throwing rocks at houses?
While carrying the Cup on Main Street, Karen is accosted by Hank whose reverence for the trophy she puts up to Hank's weirdness. At the rink, after Oscar yells at Emma for throwing her rock too hard, in private, Davis tells Oscar to compliment Emma so she'll ease up. Oscar delights in the idea of tricking Emma. At the Ruby, Hank pays half his tab to convince Lacey to join Brent's team and cuts her protest off. At the rink, watching Emma throw lighter, Brent compliments her until Oscar chases him away. Oscar compliments Emma's appearance which makes her suspicious. Outside the Ruby, Jane begs Karen to let her hold the Cup and Karen realizes Davis wasn't exaggerating the local's fascination with it. Wes also tries to grab the Cup resulting in Karen twisting his arm until he offers to take a picture of her with it.

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Oh, let me hold it.
Lacey arrives at the rink and tells Brent and Hank she's joining Oscar's team since they asked her first. Hank demands the money he gave Lacey for his food tab back. Inside the Ruby, Karen compliments Wes on the photos he's taken of her with the Cup while he complains about his hurt arm. Offering to take one last photo, Karen looks for the Cup on the counter but can't find it. At the rink, Lacey announces to Emma and Oscar she's joining their team and enjoys feeling wanted. However, after Mertyl hobbles in with a cane, Emma tells Lacey she's off the team and Oscar says her jokes aren't funny. Outside the rink, Karen eventually confesses to Davis that she lost the Cup. Lacey joins Brent's team and telling a bad joke brings derision from everyone now that there is no competition for her.

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We're all for jokes.
Karen rues losing the Cup and learns from Davis that Archie Clavet was a horrible person whose only redeeming quality was his curling skills. While curling, Lacey yells out "have a heart" instead of "hurry hard". Oscar tries to compliment Emma but gets the colour of her eyes wrong resulting in Emma throwing a rock hard. Brent's team gets knocked out of the tournament so Wanda tells Lacey that Mertyl is a better curler than she is. On the phone at the Police station, Karen receives directions from Davis to a drawer full of replica Clavet Cups. Admitting he's lost some over the years, he tells her to bring one down to the rink. Brent wishes his parents luck in the final and proposes Emma throw last. Pointing out a champion curling team employs the strategy, Oscar refuses until Emma agrees.

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Yeah, you can do that.
Later, Emma has to make one last shot to win the tournament. Oscar compliments Emma but pulling him aside, Davis tells Oscar Emma needs to make a hard shot to win and should make her angry. Oscar tells Emma he ruined her blender and her curling broom is stupid which leads to her furiously throwing a rock and winning the Bonspiel. At the presentation ceremony, Karen arrives in the nick of time with a Clavet Cup which Mayor Fitzy presents to Oscar's team. However, Oscar sees it's a replica and Karen is rebuked until Lacey says she uses the Cup Karen left at the Ruby to hold bacon grease. Everyone turns on Lacey who says to have a heart.

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The Clavet Cup.


  • At the rink, Lacey's outfit totally changes in the short time between being rejected from Oscar's team and joining Brent's.


"Some people say Archie Clavet could slide a cup of coffee down the length of the ice, draw it dead to the button, without spilling a drop."
"You might even say that the very spirit of Dog River is carried in this cup."


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