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Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"

That's not media. That's Gus Tompkins. He's about as sharp as a sock full of soup. I don't think he's ever got a story right.
Emma Leroy, "Ruby Reborn".

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Home of the Howler.
The Dog River Howler is the newspaper of Dog River, Saskatchewan. Founded in 1905, its office is located on Main (later Centennial) Street in the Stewart Block Building, next to the Town Hall. Its office hours are 9:30-5:30, Monday to Friday (closed weekends). ("Ruby Reborn") Edited by Gus Tompkins, Wanda, Emma and Hank all wrote for the paper and Davis sometimes does a bridge column. The paper is free and subscribers get a calculator. ("Grad '68") A "newsmaker of the year" is chosen annually. ("Demolition") Oscar, Karen and Davis briefly wrote the senior's column ("Knit Wit of the Month") and Wanda wrote the horoscopes. ("Rock Stars") Its first appearance is in the Season 1 episode "Ruby Reborn".


S01E01-Howler Lacey.jpg
   "Ruby Reborn"
Featuring: Lacey

Seeing a Howler headline attacking her, Lacey is assured by Brent and Wanda that the newspaper owner is desperate for a story.

S01E01-Howler Death from above.jpg
   "Ruby Reborn"
Featuring: Wanda

To prove her point to Lacey that the owner of the Howler is desperate for a story, Wanda mentions that when a chicken was killed by a little space rock, Gus published a sensationalized headline.

S01E01-Howler Moose Jaw-horz.jpg
   "Ruby Reborn"
Featuring: Emma

During the grand opening of the Ruby Cafe, Lacey mentions she was attacked by the Howler for the design changes she made to the cafe. Emma says the Howler never gets a story right and a copy of the Howler announcing Moose Jaw getting an NBA team is shown.

S01E02-Howler Brent Lacey.jpg
   "Tax Man"
Featuring: Lacey and Brent

While Josh cooks, Brent reads the Howler as he argues with Lacey that he should receive unlimited free refills of coffee.

S01E05-Howler Grad 68.jpg
   "Grad '68"
Featuring: Karen

After solving the mystery of who painted the town's water tower, Karen offers the story to Lacey, who has been unsuccessful in being accepted to write for the paper. However, Karen writes the story.

S01E07-Howler Oscar.jpg
   "All My Ex's Live in Toronto"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Leroy's, Oscar reads the Howler while arguing with Emma that he doesn't want to go to the doctor.

S01E09-Howler Commerce.jpg
   "Cell Phone"
Featuring: Unknown person

After Lacey doesn't get into the town's Chamber of Commerce, the Howler publishes a story on the entries.

S01E10-Howler Wullerton call centre.jpg
   "Comedy Night"
Featuring: Brent

At the Ruby, Brent and Hank discuss the Howler's story that Wullerton is getting a call centre.

S01E12-Howler Oscar.jpg
   "Face Off"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Leroy's, Oscar reads the Howler as he lies to Emma that he fixed their car. The headline reads "Local resident concerned about mosquito problem."

S01E12-Howler Riverdogs.jpg
   "Face Off"
Featuring: Brent, Hank, Davis

In an issue dated July 30, 2003, the Howler touts the Dog River Riverdogs tie game with the Stonewood Saints.

S02E02-Howler Oscar.jpg
   "Wedding Card"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Leroy's, Oscar reads the Howler as Emma lies to Brent that she and Oscar were never married.

S02E02-Howler bylaw.jpg
   "Wedding Card"
Featuring: Lacey

After Lacey is embarrassed that she thought Oscar was illiterate, she hopes it's not written up in the Howler. However, she's reassured by Wanda that the new bylaw is the big story.

S02E05-Howler Davis.jpg
   "Lost and Found"
Featuring: Davis

At the Ruby, Davis reads the Howler as Karen annoys him by playing with her foot bag (hacky sack). The headline reads "Annual farm machinery expo a huge success."

S02E06-Howler Oscar naked.jpg
   "Poor Brent"
Featuring: Oscar

In an escalating battle with Emma over things they won't do around the house anymore, Oscar reads the Howler naked.

   "Hero Sandwich"
Featuring: Fitzy Fitzgerald

Mayor Fitzy tells Karen and Davis that Gus has assured him he'll print a gentle reminder about the new crosswalk in the Howler. However, the headline is the opposite of gentle.

S02E07-Howler Werewolfs.jpg
   "Hero Sandwich"
Featuring: Brent

While discussing the Howler's crosswalk story at the Ruby with Oscar, Brent tries to calm him down by recalling that coyotes who were killing cats in town was misreported as werewolves. Hank points out that "werewolves" was misspelt in the headline.

S03E02-Howler Hank Phycic.jpg
   "Key to the Future"
Featuring: Brent and Wanda

After several of Hank's vague dreams of bad events happening to Emma and Lacey come true, his ability is headlined in the Howler, but misspelled.

S03E10-Emma Fitzy Mertyl.jpg
   "Safety First"
Featuring: Emma, Fitzy and Mertyl

At the Ruby Cafe, after Hank learns he's a Libra from the Howler, Fitzy asks Emma and Mertyl to led a safety committee which Mertyl sluffs off on Emma. Mertyl is reading the Howler.

   "Block Party"
Featuring: Davis, Karen and Lacey

At the Ruby, Davis reads in the Howler that the provincial horseshoe champion is coming to Dog River's Centennial celebration and tells Karen and Lacey.

   "Block Party"
Featuring: Lacey, Brent and Emma

At the Ruby, Brent and Lacey read in the Howler that the horseshoe champion isn't coming to the Centennial, as he was arrested for drug use. They then discuss the renaming of Main Street with Emma.

   "Physical Credit"
Featuring: Hank

Hank pays the Howler to headline that he has a credit card.

S03E17-Brent Howler.jpg
   "Telescope Trouble"
Featuring: Brent

Brent reads the Howler at Corner Gas while Wanda guards her telescope.

Featuring: Davis

At the Ruby, Davis and Oscar argue who should be the Howler's newsmaker of the year. Davis reminds Oscar he arrested a barley thief, which Karen points out was spelt "barely" in the paper and jokes it wasn't a typo.

Featuring: Oscar

Oscar feels he deserves the newsmaker of the year award for warning kids about a mad dog. Davis refutes this as there was no mad dog, only a recording Oscar played of a dog barking near a group of kids. Oscar vows he'll win and leaves to talk to Gus.

Featuring: Karen

Oscar shows Davis, Karen and Wanda that Karen won newsmaker of the year. However, Karen is branded an idiot for endorsing the tractor explosion using Wanda's photo of her. Davis is glad he's not in the shot.

S04E11-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "Kid Stuff"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Leroy's, Oscar reads the Howler as he calls Brent pathetic for acting like a kid. He then asks Emma for a raise in his allowance. The headline reads "Locals want gravel paved."

S04E12-Brent Oscar Howler.jpg
   "Mother's Day"
Featuring: Oscar

At the Leroy's, Oscar reads the Howler and gloats as Brent confesses to Emma that he didn't bring a present for her on Mother's Day. This is made worse when Hank brings flowers for Emma.

S04E13-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "Census Sensibility"
Featuring: Oscar

As Oscar reads the Howler, he's bothered by Emma with a rumour that Davis and Lacey are involved. However, angry that Mayor Fitzy fired him and Hank from being census takers, Oscar imagines Fitzy being attacked by a bear.

   "The Good Old Table Hockey Game"
Featuring: Brent and Karen

The Howler covers the Table Hockey Summit Series between Brent and Karen and reports on game 5. The headline is a mistake and should have read 3-1-1 as game 3 ended in a tie.

   "The Good Old Table Hockey Game"
Featuring: Brent and Karen

Brent trails 2-3-1 after winning game 6.

   "The Good Old Table Hockey Game"
Featuring: Brent and Karen

With Brent winning game 7, the series is tied 3-3-1.

S04E17-Hank Howler1.jpg
   "Seeing Things"
Featuring: Hank

After Hank suggests the new police slogan be "No Crime Too Small" (which he overheard Emma say), at the Ruby, he proudly displays a copy of the Howler which thanks him.

S04E17-Hank Howler2.jpg
   "Seeing Things"
Featuring: Hank

Hank gets another slogan from Emma, "It's not just about the gas" for Corner Gas and at the Ruby, shows Lacey that the Howler has another positive headline about him.

   "Happy Campers"
Featuring: Davis

While camping with Brent and Oscar, Davis says he is good a keeping secrets. However, his loose lips result in a man in the witness protection program going missing which is chronicled in the Howler.

   "Happy Campers"
Featuring: Davis

While camping with Brent and Oscar, Davis says he is good a keeping secrets. However, his loose lips result in a man in the witness protection program going missing which is chronicled in the Howler.

   "Happy Campers"
Featuring: Davis

While camping with Brent and Oscar, Davis says he is good a keeping secrets. However, his loose lips result in a man in the witness protection program going missing which is chronicled in the Howler.

S05E10-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "Knit Wit of the Month"
Featuring: Oscar

Complaining he can't find the Senior's Beat in the paper, Emma points out to Oscar that the obituary of the column's writer, Mrs. O'Hanlon, is on the front page.

   "Top Gum"
Featuring: Brent

After Brent uses Emma's divination rods at a farm and believes he's found water, drilling reveals he found an old septic tank. Despite promising to not tell anyone, Emma calls the Howler as revenge for Brent calling her a witch.

S05E17-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "The Accidental Cleanist"
Featuring: Oscar

After Brent plants a tree as a tax break for Corner Gas, Oscar's angry that Brent is overshadowing his legacy. However, when a couple are caught drinking under the tree, Oscar's delighted to show Brent that the Howler has panned his tree.

   "The Accidental Cleanist"
Featuring: Brent

While walking with Emma, Oscar shoos off his bench two teens, who are kissing. Later at Corner Gas, Brent shows Oscar the latest Howler headline which says Oscar's bench has caused a decline in morals.

   "The Accidental Cleanist"
Featuring: Oscar and Brent

After Brent and Oscar move the bench to where the tree is and plant flowers, they admire the beautiful park they've made. However, three hours later there's a dozen people drinking beer and making out at the park which the Howler reports as a ghetto.

S05E18-Moen and Cup.jpg
   "Bed and Brake Fast"
Featuring: Travis Moen

Moen reads a copy of the Howler just before he talks about the Stanley Cup with Lacey.

S06E03-Karen Howler Wanda.jpg
Featuring: Karen

Karen complains that since the Weekly World News went out of business that the Howler has become a rag. She cites an article about Sasquatch going into rehab as proof.

S06E05-Howler Karen.jpg
   "All That and a Bag of Chips"
Featuring: Karen

After Karen accidentally leaves the Ruby without paying for a muffin and several people notice, Davis tells Lacey that he kept her name out of the paper. However, Karen's picture is splashed across the front page.

S06E07-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "American Resolution"
Featuring: Oscar

After tricking Oscar that he's an American citizen, Brent interrupts Oscar reading the Howler and has him correct several American phrases Brent uses at the Ruby to show he's Canadian.

S06E09-Davis Karen Howler.jpg
   "Rock Stars"
Featuring: Davis and Karen

Davis tries to read Karen's horoscope from the Howler. She's not interested but reveals she's a Virgo.

   "TV Free Dog River"
Featuring: Brent

In a contest with Wullerton to not watch TV for a week, Emma and Oscar are caught by Davis and Karen watching TV. After Emma suggests they lie, at the Hotel bar, Brent reads in the Howler that Dog River won.

S06E18-Oscar Howler.jpg
   "Get the F Off My Lawn"
Featuring: Emma and Oscar

As Emma is the winner of the town's jam contest for 15 years in a row, Oscar progressively hogs the picture of Emma with her ribbon each year.

S06E19-Oscar end.jpg
   "You've Been Great, Goodnight"
Featuring: Brent, Hank and Oscar

At the Ruby, Brent and Hank read that the band "Fast Exit" is on a reunion tour but is playing in Wullerton. Later, Oscar reads the Howler on the deck of the Ruby and exclaims Jackass!


  • By 2014, the Howler is no longer free and costs 50 cents. ("Corner Gas: The Movie (Film)")
  • The paper's front page indicates that besides Dog River, it serves Wullerton, Fort Hugh, Ianville, Crystal City, Saratown and Sarochanview.
  • The side of the Howler building has a mural map of Dog River with "You are here!" pointing out its location.


"The guy who runs the paper is desperate for a story."
―Brent, "Ruby Reborn".
"Are we at war with Switzerland again?"
―Brent mentioning a Howler article, "Safety First".
"This is the Howler after all. The info is sketchy at best."
―Brent, "Hero Sandwich".
"You'd have to be an idiot to take the Howler seriously."
―Wanda, "Key to the Future".
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