S01E11-Karen kisses Hank

"Hook, Line and Sinker"
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Season: One — Episode: 11
Director: David Storey — Writer: Mark Farrell, Paul Mather, Iain MacLean — Aired: March 31, 2004 — Viewers (millions): 1.31
Summary: Karen and Hank go on a fishing trip together and she learns that he's a different person when he fishes. Brent and Lacey engage each other in a battle of wits with the help of the new roadside sign. Oscar tries to prove that his memory is as good as it ever was, prompting Brent and the whole town to have a little fun at his expense.


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Kiss me fish man!
— Karen to Hank
At Corner Gas, Brent tells Wanda and Lacey that their advertising sign has arrived. Lacey hopes that Brent hasn't put up a sarcastic slogan insulting the Ruby Cafe which sends him scurrying outside to make a change to the slogan. At the Ruby, Karen tells Davis she's disappointed that he bowed out of a fishing trip, leaving her stuck to go on it alone with Hank. Hank arrives and immediately irritates Karen. Davis tells Karen cryptically that the trip with be OK as Hank is "different" when he fishes. At Corner Gas, Oscar complains to Emma that she picked up the wrong type of alphagetti and says her memory is going. Brent rebukes Oscar and says Emma's memory is fine. Oscar insults Brent's memory, says his is fine and then forgets his can of alphagetti on the counter.

S01E11-Oscar berates Emma
I'm still playing with a full deck.
After Brent changes the sign to another joke insulting the Ruby, Lacey says she's going to modify it. Brent comments that he chose the words carefully so the letters can't be rearranged to spell something embarrassing. Wanda instantly finds an offensive phrase using the letters. On their way to the lake, Hank drives Karen crazy talking about pop culture inanities. Brent checks Wanda's phrase and she comes up with another offensive one. After Brent points out there's no use for Wanda's skill, she implies he has none. Defending himself, he claims to be a great singer and imagines himself on "Canadian Idol", receiving accolades from the judges. Arriving at the lake, Hank describes it softly and poetically. This pleasantly surprises Karen.

S01E11-Brent Idol
If I could squeegee the sky.
At Corner Gas, Oscar arrives to pick up the can of alphagetti he forgot. Brent and Wanda fool with Oscar by claiming he already picked it up and then act sympathetically towards him as he rants that his memory is fine. At the lake, Hank continues his poetic descriptions, this time about fishing. As he cools down by squeezing water from a cloth onto his head, Karen becomes aroused and then catches herself. She awkwardly refuses bug spray when Hank offers it and again finds herself aroused as Hank applies it. Brent complains that Lacey's edit to the sign isn't funny, just a blunt statement insulting Corner Gas. As Hank continues his poetry about fishing, Karen finds herself entranced. When Hank says it's time to go, Karen begs him to keep talking about the lake. With his next phrase, Karen is overcome with desire and aggressively kisses Hank.

S01E11-Hank sprays
That was weird.
Brent's edit to the sign is an even blunter insult of the Ruby. At Corner Gas, Karen asks Wanda if there's any fishing magazines for sale. Overcome with guilt, she stammers that she kissed Hank but didn't sleep with him and wonders if there are any rumors about them. Wanda is shocked and thinks Karen is having a seizure. Hank arrives and asks Wanda if there's any expired products he can have for free. Embarrassed, Karen leaves to have a shower. At the Ruby, Oscar finishes lunch with Brent and Emma and emphasizes that his memory is fine. Brent and Emma continue their charade and tell Lacey that Oscar's memory is going. Moments after Lacey clears their plates, she brings a new meal to Oscar. Confused, he gets upset, claiming he already ate, which Brent and Emma don't support. Oscar leaves in a huff and Lacey tells Brent that she changed the sign, which now bluntly insults Brent.

S01E11-Brent is an ass sign
The sign is nigh.
Outside the Police station, Davis confesses to Karen that he didn't go on the trip because last time, he became aroused with Hank's fishing talk. Karen bluntly says she didn't sleep with Hank but Davis is more interested in hearing about the pop culture yammerings Hank made on the trip. Business is booming at Corner Gas as Lacey tells Brent that she took down the sign that puts Brent down. Wanda informs them that the reason they're so busy is that customers are coming by just to see the next sign. Brent and Lacey plan the next sign while Hank enters with Karen and tells her she's responsible for the rumor they slept together. Brent and Lacey are stunned and Karen runs out.

S01E11-Karen Davis tingly
I had tingly feelings.
The latest sign is a flop and so Brent and Lacey plan a new one. Wanda walks with Karen on Main Street and tells her that she has a problem. Karen tries to explain Hank's "fish talk" which makes Wanda think that Karen needs an intervention even though Karen protests she didn't sleep with Hank. Wanda returns to the Ruby to find Brent and Lacey still trying to come up with a new sign. Mentioning she was downtown taking to Karen, Brent asks who is watching Corner Gas. Wanda dismisses his concerns but Pamela Wallin is waiting for service, takes a candy bar and leaves without paying.

S01E11-Karen Wanda
The fish whisperer?!
Hank meets Karen in the police cruiser and tells her to stop bragging that they slept together. They work out their differences but as Hank waxes poetic again, Karen starts to get aroused and exits the car, telling Hank to stop. They agree to go back to being barely friends and as Karen tries to describe shooting a firearm like Hank describes fishing, Hank finds it disgusting. Emma and Oscar enter Corner Gas so Brent and Wanda continue toying with Oscar's memory. Emma gets Oscar to leave and tells them to stop as Oscar's paranoia is driving her crazy. Disappointed, they reveal they had a group of people in the station, planning a surprise party for Oscar, to see if they could trick him into thinking it's his birthday.

S01E11-No party
Well, that was a waste of time.
On the deck of the Ruby, Brent tries to apologize to Oscar and mentions the numerous way he and others tried to trick him. Oscar doesn't know what Brent is talking about and tells Emma. She offers to make him some alphagetti and they leave. Business is once again good with so many people lined up at the Ruby that Josh acts as a greeter. Davis credits the new sign which says that Karen slept with Hank. Looking at the sign with Karen, Hank calls her a bragger.

S01E11-Karen slept with Hank sign
It pays to advertise.


  • This episode has the most Celebrity Stars.
  • Tara Spencer-Nairn (Karen) commented on the scene at the lake with Hank that "What people don't know is that day was one of the hottest days ever, and there were so many bugs and aphids that while shooting, Brent was actually just off camera waving a script in a fan-like motion trying to blow all the bugs away so they would stay out of our mouths. I've never eaten so many bugs in my life!"


"The fish whisperer? Listen to you! You slept with Hank and you're not making any sense! That's why you need this intervention!"
―Wanda to Karen
"Last time I was fishing, Hank was...I had strange feelings, tingly feelings. I decided it would be better not to go."


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