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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Shane Bellegarde
First Appearance: "Picture Perfect"
Episode Count: 1
Why can't we have normal neighbours?
— Oscar, "Picture Perfect".

S03E09-Helen's house.jpg
Helen's house.
Helen (not to be confused with Helen Jensen, grandmother of Fitzy Fitzgerald, Mayor of Dog River) was Oscar and Emma's neighbour. She loves lawn ornaments.


Season 3

After Oscar is perturbed with the lawn ornaments on Helen's front yard, wanting to keep an eye on Helen, Oscar is convinced by Emma to rake the leaves in the front yard. Helen arrives home with another ornament, causing Oscar to exclaim out loud. When Helen asks Oscar what he means, he takes off. Later, Oscar sneaks over to Helen's and steals one of her ornaments, a gnome. At home while showing it to Emma, they hear Helen at the door. Oscar hides with the gnome while Emma says she's giving it back to Helen. Answering the door, Helen accuses both Emma and Oscar of theft and threatens to call the police if the gnome isn't returned. Angry that Helen called her a thief, Emma lies they don't have it and tells Helen to get lost. Oscar takes back the gnome but steal another one that looks like Emma. At the Ruby, Helen shows Karen pictures of Oscar and Emma returning the Emma gnome to her yard. Helen brings out the two gnomes which Karen finds creepy. ("Picture Perfect")

S03E09-Helen Oscar outside.jpg
This ends now.


  • Years after the lawn ornament incident, Mertyl Runciman lived in the house next to the Leroy's meaning Helen must have moved.


"You and your crazy husband stole one of my lawn ornaments. And if you two petty thieves don't give it back this second, I'm calling the police."
―Helen to Emma
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