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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Deanna Milligan
First Appearance: "Harvest Dance"
Episode Count: 1
Hey, you guys, did ya hear? Hank's going out with a girl from Wullerton.
Emma, "Harvest Dance".

Heather was Hank's girlfriend. She's a road worker and lives in Gimli, Manitoba.


Season 2

At a road construction site, Hank flirts with Heather, who's holding a sign. Hank finds they have the same sensibilities and she accepts his offer to go to the Harvest Dance together. At the Dog River Hotel, arriving with Heather, Hank introduces her. Heather mentions she has to call her parents in Wullerton to which everyone in the bar spits and glares at her. Hank seeks Wanda's advice, who says he doesn't have to break up with Heather. At the Ruby, Hank says bye to Heather and seeks Lacey's advice how to dump her. Hank misinterprets Lacey and believes he should get Heather to dump him. At the Ruby, Hank fakes ambivalence and when Heather notices, he asks if she wants to dump him.

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You want me to proceed with caution?
Davis tells Heather he's OK "with this" until dragged away by Karen. Lacey then drags Hank away and encourages him to stay with Heather which Hank accepts. Heather thinks Lacey is Hank's ex which he doesn't correct. At the dance at the Town Hall, Hank tells Heather the townsfolk hate her because of where she's from. Wanda stops the dance and announces that Lacey has been chosen as the "Harvest Honey." Feeling accepted, Lacey offers to share the honour with Heather, who she feels needs acceptance too. Overjoyed, Heather explains she's from Gimli and her parents are living in Wullerton for the summer. With the misunderstanding cleared up, everyone cheers. Hank thanks Lacey for the gesture towards Heather but plans to dump her, as since she's not from Wullerton, she's not taboo anymore. ("Harvest Dance")

S02E18-Heather and Lacey
This is so nice of you, considering that I stole your boyfriend.
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