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"Harvest Dance"
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Season: Two — Episode: 18
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt and Mark Farrell — Aired: March 28, 2005 — Viewers (millions): 1.90
Summary: Dog River's annual Harvest Dance is quickly approaching. Hank has found a date, an attractive girl named Heather, but the town doesn't approve of her. Brent and Oscar plan their excuses to not eat Emma's jelly salad. Still feeling she doesn't fit in, Lacey discovers her inability to lie helps nearly everyone, especially Karen and Davis.


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You have found someone who likes you for you, which is beautiful and mind boggling. Don't let it slip away.
— Lacey to Hank
At Corner Gas, Lacey asks Brent and Wanda about the Harvest Dance, having just learned about it. Wanda shows irritation that Lacey once again doesn't know what's going on in Dog River and feels she doesn't fit in. At the Ruby Cafe as Josh cooks, Brent apologies for Wanda and to make Lacey feel included, tells her that every year he and Oscar hatch a scheme to get out of eating Emma's jelly salad. Claiming their hatred for the salad is a secret, he asks for her help tricking Emma. Outside the Police station, Karen complains to Davis when he won't give her a raise. At a road construction site in front of the Post Office, Hank flirts with a sign holder, Heather.

S02E18-Lacey Brent counter
It's pretty hush-hush.
At the Leroy's, seeing Emma making the jelly salad, Oscar lies that he has to go to the doctor for a flu shot. Hank finds that he and Heather are very much alike. At the Ruby, a glum Karen tells Lacey she's not getting a raise but doesn't want to hear about Lacey feeling left out of the community. At Corner Gas, Wanda asks Brent his plans to get out of eating the jelly salad. Mentioning Lacey's helping him, Wanda points out Lacey's a terrible fibber. Brent points out several times Lacey made accurate observations about himself as times she lied. Heather accepts Hank's offer to go to the Harvest Dance together.

S02E18-Hank Heather road
You want me to proceed with caution?
At the Dog River Hotel, Wanda laughs as Brent says Hank met a girl. Lacey asks bartender Paul for her usual drink and when he doesn't know what it is, it deepens her alienation. Arriving with Heather, Hank introduces her and Lacey discovers that everyone, even Heather, knows Brent hates Emma's jelly salad. Heather mentions she has to call her parents in Wullerton to which everyone in the bar spits and glares at her. Across from the Foo Mart, Emma, Davis and Karen talk about Hank dating Heather. As Hank walks by, Davis calls him an idiot for dating her. Hank seeks Wanda's advice, who says he doesn't have to break up with Heather.

S02E18-Karen Davis Emma glare
I'm running out of spit.
At the Leroy's, Oscar lies to Emma that the doctor found he has high blood sugar and that he can't have her jelly salad. Oscar says Brent can have all the salad. At the Ruby, Hank says bye to Heather and seeks Lacey's advice how to dump her. Hank misinterprets Lacey and believes he should get Heather to dump him. At Corner Gas, Emma tells Brent why Oscar can't have the salad but Brent is able to foil this by mentioning the doctor called the station to report Oscar's blood sugar is normal. Brent then lies that Lacey has him on a diet that forbids sugary foods which Lacey awkwardly confirms. At the Ruby, Karen confides to Lacey that she's close to accepting a job in Wullerton. At the Ruby, Hank fakes ambivalence and when Heather notices, he asks if she wants to dump him.

S02E18-Station fib
Maybe Mom should phone the doctor.
Davis tells Heather he's OK "with this" until dragged away by Karen. Lacey then drags Hank away and encourages him to stay with Heather which Hank accepts. Heather thinks Lacey is Hank's ex which he doesn't correct. At Corner Gas, as Brent vouches for Lacey's fibbing ability with Wanda, Lacey arrives and admits she told Emma that Brent and Oscar hate her salad, which insulted Emma. Oscar arrives angry with Lacey for revealing the secret to Emma and he and Brent leave to hatch a new scheme. Lacey then lets slip to Wanda that Karen is taking a job in Wullerton. At the Police station, having been told by Wanda, Davis is initially angry with Karen. Davis caves and gives Karen a raise to stay his partner. At the Leroy's, Brent and Oscar scheme fails with Emma and they're forced to eat the salad.

S02E18-Leroy kitchen
With the Harvest Dance having started, a grubby Lacey is at the Ruby cleaning the oven. Wanda arrives and insists Lacey has to come to the dance but won't tell her why. At the Town Hall, Hank tells Heather the townsfolk hate her because of where she's from. Wanda escorts Lacey to the dance where Lacey complains she doesn't fit in. Davis tells Oscar it'll cost him $10 every time he calls the police, in order to help pay for Karen's raise. Wanda stops the dance and announces that Lacey has been chosen as the "Harvest Honey." Feeling accepted, Lacey offers to share the honour with Heather, who she feels needs acceptance too. Overjoyed, Heather explains she's from Gimli and her parents are living in Wullerton for the summer. With the misunderstanding cleared up, everyone cheers.

S02E18-Heather and Lacey
This is so nice of you, considering that I stole your boyfriend.
Having promised everyone she could get Lacey to the dance, Wanda thanks Lacey for not making a liar out of her. Emma tells Lacey she's always known Brent and Oscar hated her jelly salad and thanks Lacey for the added bonus of watching her squirm. Karen thanks Lacey for blabbing about her job offer, which she was counting on, and reveals the offer was fake. Davis thanks Lacey for the tip and Lacey says she needs to tell him something later. Hank thanks Lacey for the gesture towards Heather but plans to dump her, as since she's not from Wullerton, she's not taboo anymore. Oscar sarcastically thanks Lacey for snitching to Emma. Telling Brent that everyone thanked her for something except him, Brent asks Lacey to dance and thanks her when she accepts. Lacey comments that Brent can't dance which he thinks is a fib.

S02E18-Karen at dance
What took you so long?


  • When demanding a raise from Davis, Karen mentions he finds money in the police budget for Emma's and Oscar's wedding, ("Wedding Card") taser guns ("Security Cam") and bikes. ("Air Show")
  • Oscar voluntarily going to the doctor is unusual, given that Emma had to get Davis to force Oscar there in handcuffs. ("All My Ex's Live in Toronto")
  • Hank mentions to Lacey "that Toronto guy" (Stephen), dumped her. ("All My Ex's Live in Toronto") He also says Brent dumped her which Lacy refutes. ("The Brent Effect")
  • When Heather tells everyone at the dance that she's from Gimli, a musical flourish is heard. However, the band members are clapping and aren't playing the flourish, which they did earlier.
  • Jackass!: Acting for years that they like Emma's jelly salad, Oscar calls Brent a jackass when Lacey tells Emma the truth.


"Don't go. You're the first partner who hasn't quit in...ever."
―Davis to Karen
"People aren't going to think less of you. Actually, it's a mathematical impossibility."
―Lacey to Hank


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