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"Harvest Dance" was the 18th and final episode of the second season of Corner Gas, and the 31st overall episode in the series' history. It premiered on the CTV Television Network on March 28, 2005.

Synopsis: Dog River's annual Harvest Dance is quickly approaching. Hank has found a date: an attractive girl named Heather, who seems to be a female version of Hank. But the town turns on Heather when she reveals something they can't stand. Lacey wonders whether or not to stop trying to fit in when no one asks her to the dance. Karen will try anything to get Davis to give her a pay raise. And it's that time of year for Brent and Oscar to plan their excuses to not eat Emma's jelly salad, with Brent drafting Lacey to help out.

The episode drew 1.9 million viewers on its first airing.


Cold openEdit

At Corner Gas, Brent and Wanda are at their usual spot behind the counter. Lacey walks in, and, upon noticing a flyer for the Harvest Dance taped to the front of the cash register, asks if Brent and Wanda know anything about this "Harvest Dance thing." Brent responds in his usual sarcastic manner, "Well, there's a harvest, and then we have a dance. Not sure where we came up with the name." Wanda explains, "It's symbolic, really. The year's toil is done, so we celebrate, with music, cheap booze, and a couple of pointless fistfights." "Sometimes there's cake," Brent adds. Lacey asks to confirm that the dance is on the upcoming weekend. Wanda pleads for Lacey to not say that she doesn't know about the dance, and to not make her usual remarks about not fitting in with the community, being a big city girl from Toronto. Lacey responds with a simple "No", leading Wanda to state, "Good. 'Cause it's gettin' a little old," before getting up and walking away. Lacey then turns to Brent and says that she didn't know about the dance, and that she doesn't fit in with the community, leaving Brent puzzled.

After the opening creditsEdit

Lacey is back behind the counter at the Ruby Cafe, when Brent walks in, trying to reassure her about Wanda's previous remarks. Lacey counters that Wanda is right, that Lacey mopes around, trying to fit in, only to screw up every time. Brent asks her if she wants in on something almost no one knows about, drawing Lacey's interest. He tells her about the many years of Emma making jelly salad, causing Lacey to respond with a sarcastic "Wow." Brent tries to increase her interest by saying that Emma thinks Brent and Oscar actually like it. Completely uninterested, Lacey attempts to return to work, until Brent finally gets her interested by talking about he and Oscar's annual competition to come up with the best excuse to get out of eating the jelly salad, while trying to keep up the charade of liking it. Lacey decides she's in when Brent tells her that he doesn't think anyone else knows about it. They come up with the simple plan of tricking Emma.

Meanwhile, Davis and Karen are leaving the police station to go on patrol. Karen says she deserves a pay raise, saying that Davis finds money in the budget for other things, such as the wedding of Oscar and Emma, Tasers, and bikes. Davis counters that all of those things had a police application, causing Karen to raise the question about this being applied to Oscar and Emma's wedding. Davis replies that Oscar is one of the police department's biggest customers.

Near one of the neighborhoods in town, part of a road is being worked on, requiring people to help with traffic. Standing in front of one side of the construction is a blonde woman, wearing a hard hat, white uniform and high visibility vest, holding a two-sided sign, one side being a Stop sign, and the other side being a Proceed with Caution sign (the work is being done on one side of the road with orange arrows to direct oncoming cars around the work). The Stop sign is currently being pointed at a line of four vehicles. Hank is walking alongside the sidewalk, and approaches the woman, saying her job looks like fun. By this, he means having the power to make people proceed with caution. The woman states she wishes people could have signs like the one she's holding in real life, so if someone is talking to her and she didn't want them to, she could get them to stop without having to say so, or if she wants someone to watch what they're saying to her, then turn the sign to the proceed with caution side. She accidentally does this, causing the vehicles to move. She catches her mistake, and turns the sign back around, drawing a horn honk from one of the vehicles. The woman and Hank laugh off the error.

At the Leroy residence, Emma is in the kitchen, preparing to mix together the ingredients for the jelly salad. Oscar walks in, and tells her that he's booked a doctor appointment for a flu shot. Emma finds it strange that's he voluntarily getting a flu shot, much less voluntarily going to the doctor. Oscar insists he's getting the shot, leaving Emma to think alone in the kitchen.

Back at the road work site, Hank asks the blonde woman for her name, which turns out Heather. Hank points out that both their names start with "H", which Heather finds to be cool. They both seem to think that fate is around them.

At the Ruby, Karen sits at the counter, loudly sighing to try and get Lacey's attention. Lacey approaches, asking Karen what the problem is. Karen explains about Davis not giving her a raise, and that she feels she's not moving forward. Lacey tries to compare Karen's problem to her problem about not fitting in, only for Karen to stop Lacey, and wanting to stick to the subject at hand.

Back at Corner Gas, Wanda is helping Brent restock potato chips. Wanda asks Brent what's in store for what she calls "Operation Jelly Fib." Brent tells her about bringing in Lacey. Wanda responds that Lacey is terrible liar, which Brent counters. Flashbacks are shown in which Lacey doesn't hold back her opinions about Brent's appearance: in one, she tells him he looks brutal after asking if he got enough sleep the night before; in another, she asks Brent if he's ever considered a nose job; and finally, she tells Brent his skull is "enormous." Back to Brent and Wanda, where Brent says Lacey is "always fibbing like that." Wanda looks at Brent's head, and replies, "Yeah, you have a tiny skull," leaving Brent wondering.

Back at the road work site, Hank begins to ask Heather to the Harvest Dance with him. He momentarily pauses when he sees her Stop sign pointed at him. Heather reassures Hank the sign isn't for him, and she turns it to the proceed with caution side, although Heather points out she has limited options with the sign. Hank finishes asking Heather to the dance, and she happily accepts.

Later that night, at the bar inside the Dog River Hotel, Brent and Wanda are having a drink, when the subject of Hank meeting a girl comes up. "One he doesn't have to blow up?" Wanda sarcastically asks. She laughs at her own joke, then fumes that Hank wasn't around to hear it. She asks Brent to set her up, but he pretends to not know what he said. Lacey enters the bar, and sits down with them. The conversation quickly turns to Lacey complaining about not fitting in. Brent assures her she is a pillar of the community. She asks Paul the bartender for her usual, but he doesn't know what she means. Lacey becomes discouraged, but Wanda tells her not to judge by Paul. as he had called Wanda the week before to ask what her phone number was. Lacey begins to mention the trick she and Brent are playing on Emma, but stops to ask if Wanda knows about the jelly salad. Wanda answers in the affirmative, but quickly pretends to have just found out. Lacey tells Brent she doesn't think she can keep it a secret from Emma. Brent begins to tell Lacey not to back out, when Hank and Heather, who's now wearing out-on-the-town clothes, walk in. Hank introduces Heather to Brent, and she knows about the jelly salad now. Heather then turns to Hank, and says she needs to call her parents. He asks where they live, and she responds, "Wullerton." Everyone in the bar, except Lacey and Heather, spit on the floor, and the music playing in the bar even stops. Heather looks on in confusion, while Hank has a look of fear on his face.

The next day, Emma is across the street from the Foo Mart, loading up groceries, when Karen and Davis approach. She asks if they've heard about Hank and Heather. With Karen and Emma watching, Davis admonishes a passing-by Hank for dating a girl from Wullerton. All four of them spit on the ground. Karen asks to change the subject, because she's running out of spit.

Back at Corner Gas, Wanda is restocking candles. Hank asks for advice on Heather. Wanda says she seems sweet, but Hank has to dump her. Hank states that it will hurt, but Wanda responds that she was kidding. Hank, however, thinks she was being her sarcastic self. He again says he'll have to dump Heather, but Wanda advises him not to, saying they can work around the fact that she's from Wullerton. They both spit on the floor, and Wanda advises Hank to teach himself not to do that anymore.

Back at the Leroy household, Emma pours water into a bowl for the gelatin portion of the jelly salad. Oscar comes in, and breaks bad news to his wife: the doctor says his sugar count is high, and that means no sweets, including the jelly salad. Oscar tells Emma just give his portion of the salad to Brent.

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