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"Happy Career Day to You"
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Season: Six — Episode: 17
Director: Brent Butt — Writer: Kevin White & Dylan Worts — Aired: March 30, 2009 — Viewers (millions): 1.12
Summary: When Emma inadvertently finds herself a substitute teacher at the elementary school she asks Karen and Wanda to talk to the kids about their careers, causing tension to erupt. Lacey's attempt to make the Ruby more birthday friendly goes too far. Brent and Hank panic after they suspect Oscar has eaten a 30-year-old snack cake.


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But I thought everyday was a birthday at Lacey's shack of insanity.
— Davis
At Corner Gas, Wanda fails to clean behind the cooler and Brent finds a 30 year old "Dingle Puff", a snack cake, behind it. Emma volunteers at Dog River school and watches as a teacher takes off for good. The school principal asks Emma to fill in until he can find a substitute. At the Ruby Cafe, Davis tells Lacey he's going to a fun restaurant for his birthday. Lacey promises if he comes to the Ruby instead, she'll serve Davis a festive meal. At Corner Gas, Brent and Hank call the company that makes Dingle Puffs. Oscar arrives, complaining that he's been waiting for gas but is shushed by Brent. Engrossed with the call, Brent and Hank don't notice Oscar eavesdropping that the Dingle Puff shouldn't be eaten nor that he takes it as he leaves.

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Whatever you do, don't eat it.
At the Ruby, Emma asks Karen and Wanda for ideas to keep the school class busy. Wanda suggests a career day with guest speakers which Emma loves. However, Wanda's hurt when Emma asks Karen to come speak and not her. Karen relates that being a gas station attendant is just a job. At the Ruby, Lacey presents a piece of cake to Davis and sings him a birthday song while Josh bangs on a pot. At Corner Gas, as Brent and Hank search for the Dingle Puff, Oscar arrives and they notice him chewing. Oscar tells them that he ate the Puff which evokes worried looks. At the school, Karen gives a talk to Emma's class but starts to bore them. Oscar heads to his car but showing signs of illness, Brent offers to drive him home.

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Happy, happy birthday, Davis. Woo!
At the school, Wanda interrupts Karen's boring talk with candy and comic books. The students are delighted and Wanda pitches that being a gas attendant is a fun career. At the Ruby, Lacey is convinced by Davis and a woman to sing a birthday song for the woman's son. At the Leroy's, Oscar shows Emma both the empty Dingle Puffs wrapper and the 30 year old Puff. He confesses he's faking he ate the old cake to play a joke on Brent and Hank. Lacey hosts another kid's birthday but the mother is disappointed that the food come on plain plates. Dressed as a pirate, Josh pries a dirty hubcap off a car and serves nachos on it. At Corner Gas, Karen maligns Wanda's job while Wanda implies Karen is boring. Emma arrives with the students who are on a field trip to see Wanda in action.

Did someone say candy?
At the Leroy's, Oscar plays up being sick and gets Brent and Hank to dote on him, including a foot rub from Brent. At the Ruby, Lacey is offering many gimmicky items on the menu which doesn't impress Emma. The cafe has taken on a perpetual party atmosphere which Davis enjoys. At Corner Gas, Wanda has her hands full with the kids until Karen arrives and entices them away by allowing them to go in the police cruiser. At the Leroy's, Brent finds the 30 year old Dingle Puff. He and Hank watch Oscar hallucinate and realize it's an act. At the Ruby, Davis grows tired of the noise and mess as there are continuous birthday parties there. The kids love hanging out with Karen and aren't interested in Wanda, despite her bribing them with candy. However, Karen is called away to deal with cows on the road so they reluctantly head back into the station.

Boot of infinity fries, Davis?
At the Leroy's, Brent and Hank confront Oscar who admits he didn't eat the old Dingle Puff. However, when they show him a 30 year old wrapper from his jacket pocket and a new, unopened Puff, he believes he ate the old one and starts feeling sick. At the Ruby, Lacey gets sick of the mess on the floor, which Emma adds to. Emma enters Corner Gas where the kids are bored to be with Wanda. Karen returns, angry that the call was a false alarm, made by Wanda. She and Wanda compete for the kid's attention with crazy promises. Outside the Ruby, a bedraggled Lacey confesses to Davis that she wants her old restaurant back. At Corner Gas, Emma stops Karen and Wanda's fighting by insulting their jobs. She then describes being a homemaker, which sounds easy, and the kids follow her out of the station.

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That can't be, let me see that.
At the Leroy's, Brent adds worry to Oscar's psychosomatic illness but threatening to pump his stomach with a vacuum while Hank sports a drill. Emma arrives so Brent and Hank confess to playing a prank on Oscar. However, their glee turns to concern as they discover that Emma ate the old Dingle Puff that they left on the kitchen counter. To help Lacey, Davis announces to the Ruby's patrons, including Mayor Fitzy, that he's shutting down the cafe for health reasons. To repay Davis, Lacey takes him to a fun roadhouse where the waiters celebrate Davis' birthday. Lacey's happy to not have to clean up after the meal but is scolded by a waitress for throwing popcorn on the floor.

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Isn't this place great?


  • Lacey's wrong about Davis' birthday being the same as Abraham Lincoln's, who was born on February 12, given that it's summer during this episode.
  • Several years before, "dingle" was used as a pejorative in describing Hank who was called "Dingle Hank" by Wanda. ("Hair Comes the Judge")
  • Episode writer Dylan Worts portrays the "Dingle Puffs Rep" while series executive producer Virginia Thompson portrays "Birthday Woman."
  • Jackass!: Oscar calls Brent and Hank jackasses as they're looking for the missing 30 year old Dingle Puff at Corner Gas.


"Har, these are your nachos, me harties."
"I don't want bottomless ribs, I don't want a boot and I don't want you to sing me a song. Just ribs and a root beer."
―Emma to Lacey
"Brent, Brent. Don't leave me alone with the leprechaun. I think he and the monkey are planning something."


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