S04E18-Good hair day

"Happy Campers"
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Season: Four — Episode: 18
Director: David Storey — Writer: Paul Mather — Aired: March 5, 2007 — Viewers (millions): 1.79
Summary: Brent and Oscar have to take Davis on an annual camping trip Emma forces them to do, which complicates what they actually do each year. Hank has a once-in-a-lifetime good hair day and does his best to hold on to it. In an effort to prove to each other how difficult their jobs are, Lacey and Wanda decide to switch.


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Good hair day!
— About Hank
At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey learns that Brent and Oscar are forced to go on an annual camping trip by Emma. Davis overhears and wants to join in but is refused until Emma makes Brent and Oscar accept. At Hank's house, Hank wakes and looking at his hair, he doesn't put his baseball hat on. Later at Corner Gas, he shows Wanda his hair and effuses that it looks terrific, for the first time in 20 years. He shares his good mood with those he meets while walking down Centennial Street, plays with a puppy and reads to a boy in the hospital. At the Leroy's, Brent and Oscar argue over tying down a canoe on top of Brent's car and try to leave before Davis arrives. Davis shows though, fully decked out in camping gear and excited to go.

S04E18-Wanda Hank
Hmm, not bad.
At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Wanda places an order and asks Lacey to provide it quickly, claiming to be busy with Brent away. Lacey disagrees and they get into an argument over whose job is harder while Karen tries to order fries. In Brent's car, Davis excitedly talks about what he's planned for the trip. However, Oscar says they're not going camping, dashes his hopes. At the Ruby, Hank is surprised to find Wanda taking his order, as she and Lacey switched jobs. Proclaiming he's a new man due to his hair, he orders a slightly different sandwich than usual. At a roadside stop, Brent and Oscar explain to Davis that when forced to go camping by Emma, they actually head to Regina. Oscar indicates he goes to the library and hangs out with intellectuals, including "Shy Pete", but Brent says the guys are hobos. Brent won't say what he does, which is playing board games.

S04E18-Brent DnD
I'll show him who's vorpal.

Davis says he can keep their secret but recalling how the Howler reported that his loose lips were responsible for a man in the witness protection program going missing, Oscar proposes making Davis dig his own grave and killing him. Brent realizes they'll actually have to go camping, which elates Davis. After camping overnight, Brent and Oscar wake up cranky, made worse when Davis tells them to get wood to make a fire. At the Corner Gas pumps, Lacey finds Hank asleep in his truck. He explains that he didn't sleep the night before and plans not go to bed again in order to preserve his good hair. At the Ruby, Karen sarcastically tells Wanda she's doing a good job. Wanda believes Karen and belittles a drink order from Alice. Karen offers to help Wanda cook and points out that she and Davis don't do much.

He decided to go home.

S04E18-Brent Oscar guns
Look into your hearts.

S04E18-Davis goes camping
Davis goes camping!

While portaging a canoe, Oscar takes off. Brent catches up to him in the car but Oscar can't drive away, as Brent has the keys. At Corner Gas, Emma learns that Lacey traded jobs with Wanda and says it's the dumbest thing she's ever done. However, Lacey remembers several other bad decisions, including moving to Dog River. At the pumps, Lacey can't fuel up Emma's car and doesn't realize the gas comes from a reservoir. Emma offers to call the gas truck and Lacey asks for more help. While around a campfire, smoke continually blows into Oscar's eyes and Davis bores him with sing-alongs. They realize Brent's taken off, but Oscar has the car keys. At Corner Gas, Hank keeps nodding off on the cash register and Lacey's oblivious that Emma's running the station and wearing Brent's work shirt.

S04E18-Lacey w hose
This part?
Waking up on their second day of camping, Davis makes waffles which Brent and Oscar fight over. After witnessing Brent and Oscar squabble and bother each other, Davis takes off. At the Ruby, Lacey discovers that Karen is running the cafe while Wanda takes the credit. Lacey lies that Corner Gas is operating smoothly because of her. Hank arrives and announcing that he slept and took a shower, Lacey and Wanda agree that his hair looks terrible. Brent and Oscar stop Davis from leaving by blocking the car. They end the camping trip and head to Regina where Davis joins Brent in playing a board game and Oscar introduces everyone to "Shy Pete." At the Ruby, Emma and Karen argue over whose job is easier and they end up switching, which Wanda protests.

S04E18-Oscar and Pete
You gonna eat that?
Hank tries to share his good mood as before but is bit by a dog and in the hospital, makes a boy patient cry. At the Ruby, Emma's made many meatloafs which she forces the customers, including Mayor Fitzy, to eat. Karen has difficulty at Corner Gas so Wanda quits the Ruby to help her. Lacey then offers to help Emma while everyone ignores Hank, who has learned that a good hair day can't be forced. At the Hotel bar, Wanda and Lacey still maintain that they're better at each other's jobs. Emma sets them straight that she's better at Wanda's job and Karen is better at Lacey's. The guys return and woodenly, tell the ladies that they enjoyed camping. However, Emma doesn't believe them and Davis quickly caves and tells the truth. Oscar tells Brent to get a shovel.

S04E18-Karen CG shirt Lacey
Wanda, I broke the foamy.


  • As Brent and Oscar imagine making Davis dig his own grave, Davis quotes from the movie Miller's Crossing.
  • Jackass!: While driving in Brent's car, Oscar tells Davis they're not going camping and calls him a jackass. Davis is confused so Brent explains the situation and reminds Davis that Oscar called him a jackass.


"Are you saying that you've had a bad hair day every day for 20 years?"
―Wanda to Hank
"Aw, Hank, grow up. An actor's not a job."
"If Emma finds out, she'll really make us go camping and that'll ruin our quality time away from each other."
"I don't know if you've noticed, Wanda, but Davis and I don't really do anything."


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