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Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Fred Ewaniuk
First Appearance: "Ruby Reborn"
Nicknames: Dinglehank
Episode Count: 107
People aren't going to think less of you. Actually, it's a mathematical impossibility.
— Lacey, "Harvest Dance".

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Hank Yarbo portrayed by Fred Ewaniuck.
Richard Henry "Hank" Yarbo is Brent's often unemployed best friend and most likely candidate for Dog River's village idiot. He often hangs out at Corner Gas talking to Brent about whatever is on his mind. He constantly borrows money from others and rarely pays them back, nor does he pay his tab at the Ruby Cafe, and is always wearing a hat because of perpetual bad hair days. Hank has worked a range of jobs, from census worker to crossing guard to city accountant, never being able to hold any down. Hank has experience in many trades including auto mechanics, gardening, knitting, woodworking and plumbing. He's portrayed by Fred Ewanuick.

Season 1

Kiss me fish man!

–Karen, "Hook, Line and Sinker".

Season Overview

Lacey arrives in Dog River after inheriting her Aunt Ruby's café. She meets the town's quirky people including her business neighbour, Brent, owner of Corner Gas, and his friend Hank, who takes issue with the changes she makes to the Ruby Cafe. Hank takes exception to Brent wearing the same shirt as him. Karen solves a mystery that involves Brent and Hank having painted the town's water tower when they graduated in 1986.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Ruby Reborn": Lacey introduces herself to Brent, Hank and Wanda and shows them the Howler, where she's accused of ruining the cafe. Lacey has a grand opening at the cafe in which Josh buses tables. Hank openly complains and announces he's going to put the cafe out of business by boycotting it. Later, after Brent breaks Hank's boycott sign, Hank tells Brent he won't be intimidated and hates how the place is decorated. Lacey shows everyone her last change, installation of a sign naming the cafe "The Ruby" after her deceased aunt. Everyone, even Hank, approves and they go in for a coffee. However, when Brent finds out that Lacey isn't serving Brent's favourite, chili cheese dogs, he heads outside and carries a protest sign.

"Tax Man":

"Pilates Twist":

"Oh Baby!":

"Grad '68":

"World's Biggest Thing":

"All My Ex's Live in Toronto":

"Cousin Carl":

"Cell Phone":

"Comedy Night":

"Hook, Line and Sinker":

"Face Off":

"I Love Lacey":

Season 2

You've got a beautiful mind.

–Lacey, "Smell of Freedom".

Season Overview

Emma fights with Oscar after he steals money from her to buy a boat motor from Hank. Brent and Hank fight over a Darryl Sittler hockey card. Lacey is distressed when everyone beats Hank at Scrabble except her.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"The Brent Effect":

"Wedding Card":

"Smell of Freedom":


"Lost and Found":

"Poor Brent":

"Hero Sandwich":

"Security Cam"

"Bingo Night":

"Mosquito Time":

"Hurry Hard":

"An American in Saskatchewan":

"Pandora's Wine":

"Doc Small":

"Rock On!":

"Air Show":

"Slow Pitch":

"Harvest Dance":

Season 3

I mean the world needs more Hank.

–Brent, "Blog River".

Season Overview

Oscar grows frustrated when he continually loses to Hank while pretending to invest in stocks.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Dress for Success":

"Key to the Future":

"Dog River Vice":

"Will and Brent":

"The Littlest Yarbo":

"Mail Fraud":

"Fun Run":

"Trees a Crowd":

"Picture Perfect":

"Safety First":

"Hair Loss":

"Ruby Newsday":

"Merry Gasmas":

"Friend of a Friend":

"Block Party":

"Physical Credit":

"Telescope Trouble":

"Bean There":

"Road Worthy":

Season 4

Are you saying that you've had a bad hair day every day for 20 years?

–Wanda, "Happy Campers".

Season Overview

Hank has a disagreement with Lacey over staining the Ruby's deck.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Hair Comes the Judge":

"Dog River Dave":

"Two Degrees of Separation":

"Just Brent and His Shadow":


"Jail House":

"I, Witness":

"Blog River":

"Outside Joke":

"One Piano, Four Hands":

"Kid Stuff":

"Mother's Day":

"Census Sensibility":

"The Good Old Table Hockey Game":

"Lacey Borrows":

"Potato Bowl":

"Seeing Things":

"Happy Campers":

"Gopher It":

Season 5

Hank is not my fault!

–Lacey, "Buzz Driver".

Season Overview

Hank becomes the subject of Davis and Karen's crime stopper show for local cable.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Cable Excess":

"Spin Cycle":

"Whiner Takes All":

"Dark Circles":

"Wash Me":

"The Eight Samurai":

"Buzz Driver":

"Classical Gas":

"Game, Set and Mouse":

"Knit Wit of the Month":

"Top Gum":

"The J-Word":

"Outside the Box":

"Contagious Fortune":

"No Time Like the Presents":

"Coming Distractions":

"The Accidental Cleanist":

"Bed and Brake Fast":

"Final Countdown":

Season 6

You gotta understand, I built up too much ill-will in this town. I was born to annoy.

–Hank, "Cat River Daze".

Season Overview

Wanda and Hank battle after gaining ownership of each other's vehicles.

Logo 01.jpg Episodes
"Full Load":

"Bend It Like Brent":


"Meat Wave":

"All That and a Bag of Chips":

"Good Tubbin'":

"American Resolution":

"Reader Pride":

"Rock Stars":

"Shirt Disturber":

"Cat River Daze":

"Super Sensitive":

"TV Free Dog River":

"Queasy Rider":

"R2 Bee Too":

"Crab Apple Cooler":

"Happy Career Day to You":

"Get the F Off My Lawn":

"You've Been Great, Goodnight":



"What's he doing? Is he being Hank? Is he doing Hank type stuff?"
―Davis, "An American in Saskatchewan".
"What? You can't do this. This is who I am. When people think of trash, they think of me."
―Hank, "Outside Joke".
"Oh, yeah, I forgot to tell ya. You're an adjective now."
―Brent to Hank, "One Piano, Four Hands".
"Hank, you shouldn't feel guilty because you had a good idea. You should feel shocked or bewildered, but not guilty."
―Brent, "Gopher It".
"That's not fair. I don't just make fun of your plans. I make fun of your clothes and your truck. I make fun of how broke you are and the stupid things you say and the weird smell that comes off you sometimes. Don't I?"
―Wanda, "Dark Circles".
"Lacey, snap out of it! It's Hank! He uses chapstick as deodorant."
―Karen, "The J-Word".

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