Hank's house

Hank's house Logo 01.jpg Residence
Location: Dog RiverFirst Appearance: "An American in Saskatchewan" — Last Appearance: "R2 Bee Too"

All I got to eat here are pickles and pop rocks.
— Hank, "An American in Saskatchewan".

S02E12-Bill at Hanks.jpg
Bill at Hank's.
Hank's house is a farm house about ten miles outside of Dog River. Hank, Fitzy, Oscar, Karen, Lacey and American tourist Bill were all stranded at Hank's house for various reasons. ("An American in Saskatchewan") Hank can't live at home for two weeks after the asbestos insulation needs replacing. ("Doc Small") He built a scale model replica of Dog River using Legos. ("Block Party") Hank looks at his hair in the bathroom mirror and decides not to wash it as he's having a good hair day. ("Happy Campers") Helen and Mertyl knit with Hank, later joined by Emma. ("Knit Wit of the Month") He accidentally drove his truck through the house. ("Good Tubbin'") He plays with his robot Yarbie. ("R2 Bee Too")


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