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"Hair Comes the Judge"
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Season: Four — Episode: 1
Director: David Storey — Writer: Brent Butt — Aired: September 18, 2006 — Viewers (millions): 1.18
Summary: Brent accepts the offer of a haircut from Karen who discovers that Emma is territorial about Brent. Hank promises to stain Lacey's deck but doesn't, forcing Lacey to get Wanda to act as judge. Davis is after Oscar to replace his car's loud muffler.


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Well, I hate to say it, Lacey. But in this particular case, you're the dingle.
— Wanda
At Corner Gas, Brent feels he needs a haircut which Karen offers to give to him. Mentioning that Emma usually cuts his hair, Wanda teases Brent. At the Ruby Cafe, Lacey's miffed with Hank as she paid him $100 to stain the Ruby's deck, but he hasn't done it. Complaining that his back is aching and making it sound that it might be years before he gets around to it, Lacey takes Hank's lunch. Outside Corner Gas, Oscar's car makes a horrible racket which Emma decries. Indicating the muffler has a hole in it, Oscar's not concerned. Entering the station, Emma is distressed to see Karen cutting Brent's hair, leaves and yells at Oscar to follow her.

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There isn't really much to work with.
At the Ruby as Josh cooks, Lacey tells Wanda about her issue with Hank and posits she should get a refund. Wanda initially agrees but changes her mind when she discovers that Lacey had no agreement in place with Hank. Outside Corner Gas, Davis is startled when Oscar starts up his car and it roars. He yells that Oscar has to get it fixed but Oscar and Emma can't hear Davis over the noise. In Corner Gas, as Wanda is holding a hammer to hang up a picture, Lacey asks her to reconsider her opinion. Lacey flatters Wanda, calling her the closest thing Dog River has to a judge. Hank protests but using the hammer like a gavel, Wanda bangs it on the table and grants Lacey an appeal. At the Ruby, Brent talks to a woman who doesn't know Brent about his haircut.

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Can't hear ya!
Davis and Karen attend the Leroy's where Oscar hides from them. Ordering Emma to get the car fixed, she indicates it's in Oscar's name and she doesn't have to do anything. At Corner Gas, Wanda asks Lacey if she has a receipt for the money she paid Hank. Lacey protests and insults Hank, which he considers harassment. Wanda tells Lacey to zip it and seeing she has no receipt, upholds her previous "ruling." Hank is overjoyed, while Lacey glares at Wanda. While driving in town, two teens hear Oscar's car and convey their approval. Karen tells Davis that she thinks Emma is mad at her, but she can't figure out why. Davis tells her it must be pretty bad and recommends she apologize. At the Ruby, Brent is more interested in talking about his haircut than listening to Lacey gripe about Wanda and Hank.

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Having pulled over and lifted his car hood, Oscar tries to show he's cool to the two teens by yelling at Davis, who's ticketing a car across the street. Once one of the teens, Toby Dillems, tells Oscar the slang used for cops, he rebukes them and leaves. In front of the Post Office, Lacey finds Hank laying on the hood of his truck. He explains he's treating his back with heat after revving his truck up. Lacey advises alternating hot with cold but refuses to give Hank anything frozen from the Ruby. At Corner Gas, Oscar complains to Brent that the latest car magazine is from last month. Wanda hears Oscar and acting like a judge, tells Brent to give her the magazine. Brent complies and acts like her bailiff. Telling Oscar that new magazines come later to small towns, she chastizes him and declares herself in recess.

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Your sarcasm's not workin'.
In front of the Police station, Davis encourages Karen to apologize to Emma. Seeing Oscar speed by, Davis hops in the police cruiser and drives after him. Chase music is heard being played on guitar by Jake but Karen tells him to not play on the street. Brent finds Hank laying on the grass in front of Corner Gas. Hank explains that he's lying on a bag of frozen peas he took from the station, having accepted Lacey's advise to alternate treating his back with hot and cold. Hank tries to get Brent to stain Lacey's deck for $25 but Brent refuses and easily tricks Hank into revealing Lacey paid him $100. At the Ruby, Mayor Fitzy finds Wanda and acknowledging her judgment skills, says the town need it on a matter involving pie. At the Leroy's, Karen tells Emma she'll never cut Brent's hair again. Emma speaks of Brent's naive nature but lashes out at Karen and says forgiving her will take some time.

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Don't be a thieving, conniving wench.
Davis pulls Oscar over and threatens to impound his car if he doesn't fix the muffler in a week. Using 1960's lingo, Oscar calls Davis uncool. At the Ruby, after Brent talks to a stranger about his haircut, the stranger scares Brent by challenging him to a race. Lacey tells Brent that she has a surprise for Hank that'll get her the justice she's been denied. On the deck of the Leroy's, Karen pleads with Emma to not be angry at her anymore. Karen asks for Emma's help learning new hair up-dos which gladdens Emma, who offers to show her some. A crowd of people have gathered in the town in front of a table full of pies. Fitzy announces that Wanda will be the judge, which she thinks is a pie eating contest. Telling her she's there to taste the pies and pick the best one, she admits she hates pie. The townsfolk, including Francine and Jane, find this weird and unnatural.

S04E01-Fitzy Wanda pies.jpg
Just start tasting the pies.
While eating fries at the Ruby, Hank is given a bill for $200 by Lacey. Telling Hank to check the fine print on the tab, that prices are subject to change without notice, Lacey declares victory. Oscar explains the lingo he used to call Davis uncool. Davis reiterates the deadline for Oscar to repair the muffler and Oscar offers to tell Davis what kids call cops. At the Corner Gas pumps, Brent bores Mertyl by talking about his haircut. Karen arrives with a wild hairdo and tells Brent that Emma's still angry with her. Having agreed to stain the deck, Hank follows Lacey outside but drips mustard from his sandwich. Wanda indicates that technically Hank has "stained" the deck with mustard but having heard about Wanda not liking pie, Hank doubts her credibility. Jake plays a tune on guitar and comments on Wanda's situation and she threatens him so he leaves.

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The hair can make a big difference.


  • Wanda's mannerisms are a parody of Judge Judy.
  • Jake plays several loud ditties on electric guitar without an amplifier.
  • The word "dingle" is a pejorative which would re-surface during the Season 6 episode "Happy Career Day to You" in the guise of the snack cake "Dingle Puff".
  • Jackass!: At Corner Gas looking for the latest hot rod magazine, Oscar calls Brent a jackass when he gets the month wrong.


"Look out the window. Do you see the Empire State Building? No? Just dirt and tractors? It must mean we live in a small farming town."


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